Presentation to Board of Trustees


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Presentation to Board of Trustees

  1. 1. Graduate School Quarterly Meeting Department and Graduate Studies Chairs October 19, 2010 Patrick S. Osmer Vice Provost and Dean of the Graduate School October 19, 2010 1Graduate School Autumn Quarter Meeting
  2. 2. Graduate School Summer Highlights • National SROP Conference at Ohio State • Semester conversion work • Roll-out of new Graduate School website – Portal for graduate education at Ohio State • Global Summit on Graduate Education – Brisbane, September • Release of NRC Assessment of Research Doctoral Programs October 19, 2010 2Graduate School Autumn Quarter Meeting
  3. 3. Graduate School Graduate School Initiatives Context • The Path Forward: The Future of Graduate Education in the United States – – Increased national pressure – Attrition problem – Do our graduate programs meet the needs of students, the state, and the nation? October 19, 2010 3Graduate School Autumn Quarter Meeting
  4. 4. Graduate School Strategies Devolving from NRC Project • Ongoing attention to graduate program quality at Ohio State – Identify principle factors in each field necessary for high national rankings – Examine the NRC rankings and dataset for how they can help your program improve in quality – Promote indicators of excellence – Plan thoughtfully to recruit and retain students October 19, 2010 4Graduate School Autumn Quarter Meeting
  5. 5. Graduate School Strategies, con’t. • Thoughtful, strategic recruitment and retention – University Enrollment Plan: Graduate Component • Add 400 students in targeted Master’s programs – Professionally Oriented Master’s Programs • Professional Science Master’s (PSM) – Processes at the local graduate program level October 19, 2010 5Graduate School Autumn Quarter Meeting
  6. 6. Graduate School Strategies, con’t. • Professional Science Master’s (PSM) – Terminal degree – “Science plus” – Prepares for science careers in business, government, nonprofits – Combines rigorous study in science or mathematics with training in communications, analysis, business – Curriculum includes courses, internships, projects October 19, 2010 6Graduate School Autumn Quarter Meeting
  7. 7. Graduate School Strategies, con’t. • PSM at Ohio State – No official PSM programs; approximately a half dozen existing and developing programs meet characteristics – Graduate School role as central resource and support for PSM proposals from graduate programs – Member of National Professional Science Master’s Association (NPSMA) October 19, 2010 7Graduate School Autumn Quarter Meeting
  8. 8. Graduate School Strategies, con’t. • Many guidelines for PSMs are valuable for other programs, both master’s and doctoral, including non-science areas – Graduate School will provide support – Developing good presentation, writing, and communication skills. Ability to work in teams and on projects – _practices.pdf October 19, 2010 8Graduate School Autumn Quarter Meeting
  9. 9. Graduate School Environmental Sciences and Life Sciences Update • Top level goals – Increase visibility for Ohio State efforts – Identify and pursue major external funding opportunities October 19, 2010 9Graduate School Autumn Quarter Meeting
  10. 10. Graduate School Program Council – Joe Steinmetz, Arts and Sciences* – Bob Brueggemeier, Pharmacy* – Bobby Moser, Food, Agriculture and Environmental Science – Lonnie King, Veterinary Medicine – Catherine Lucey, Medicine – Greg Washington, Engineering – Carol Whitacre, Research October 19, 2010 10Graduate School Autumn Quarter Meeting
  11. 11. Graduate School Faculty Advisory Committees – Linda Weavers, chair, environmental sciences – Kathleen Boris-Lawrie, chair, life sciences October 19, 2010 11Graduate School Autumn Quarter Meeting
  12. 12. Julie Carpenter-Hubin Director Institutional Research and Planning 12October 19, 2010 Graduate School Autumn Quarter Meeting
  13. 13. Elliot E. Slotnick Associate Dean Graduate School 13October 19, 2010 Graduate School Autumn Quarter Meeting
  14. 14. Graduate School Fellowship Programs and Support for Graduate Education • Graduate School Fellowship Program – University Fellowships (competition and college allotted) – Graduate Enrichment Fellowships – Summer Research Opportunities Fellowships (SROP) – Presidential Fellowships • Graduate School Matching Tuition and Fees Authorization Program • J. Parker and Kathryn Webb Dinius Fellowship Program October 19, 2010 14Graduate School Autumn Quarter Meeting
  15. 15. Graduate School Fellowship Programs and Support for Graduate Education (con’t.) • Graduate School Matching Tuition and Fees Authorization Program • Pelotonia Fellowship Program • Fulbright Fellowship Program • National Science Foundation Fellowship Program (NSF) • Howard Hughes Medical Institute Fellowship Program (HHMI) • Presidential Management Fellowship Program (PMF) • Jacob K. Javits Fellowship Program October 19, 2010 15Graduate School Autumn Quarter Meeting
  16. 16. Graduate School October 19, 2010 16Graduate School Autumn Quarter Meeting
  17. 17. Graduate School Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP) Graduate School Fellowships • Up to 10 SROP Graduate School fellowships awarded annually to former SROP students • Nomination deadline: November 30 • Eligibility and nomination materials: October 19, 2010 17Graduate School Autumn Quarter Meeting
  18. 18. Graduate School Presidential Fellowship • Recognizes outstanding scholarly accomplishments and potential of graduate students entering the final phase of their dissertation research or terminal degree project • 15 fellowships available each competition • 2 fellows are funded by Elizabeth Clay Howald endowed fund • 1 fellow funded by SBC endowed fund October 19, 2010 18Graduate School Autumn Quarter Meeting
  19. 19. Graduate School Graduate School Matching Tuition and Fee Awards • Approximately 250 awarded each quarter to support prestigious fellowships or grants awarded to students when that fellowship or grant does not provide tuition and fees or provides only partial fees • Eligibility requirements and request procedures may be found at: October 19, 2010 19Graduate School Autumn Quarter Meeting
  20. 20. Graduate School J. Parker and Kathryn Webb Dinius Fellowship • Endowed Graduate School fellowship • Support to graduate and professional students who earned an undergraduate varsity letter (with priority given to football players) at Ohio State • Fellowship competitions are held only when sufficient funds exist • Currently supporting 3 students (Public Policy, Neuroscience, Nursing) October 19, 2010 Graduate School Autumn Quarter Meeting 20
  21. 21. Graduate School Pelotonia Graduate Fellowship 2010 • 22 post-candidacy doctoral students received awards Chemical Engineering MCDB (4) Chemical Physics Microbiology Computer Science and Engineering Molecular Genetics (6) Food Science and Nutrition Physics IBGP (3) Psychology Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy • Tenure begins Winter Quarter 2011 • Stipend at program’s standard level • Graduate School provides fee authorization and HR support October 19, 2010 21Graduate School Autumn Quarter Meeting
  22. 22. Graduate School Fulbright U.S. Student Program Calendar May 1 U.S. Student Fulbright Program application opens Sept. 17 Campus application submission deadline Oct. 4-7 On-campus “interviews” Oct. 18 U.S. Fulbright Commission application deadline Jan. 31 Finalists announced; applications moved to countries for selection April Awards announced October 19, 2010 22Graduate School Autumn Quarter Meeting
  23. 23. Graduate School Fulbright U.S. Student Program Ohio State Graduate Level Application Data • 13 graduate-level and one professional applications submitted • Two GTA applications: Mongolia (Environment and Natural Resources) and Georgia (Slavic and East European Studies) • 12 full research grant applications – Anthropology (Tanzania); Art (Israel); Education (Austria, Kenya); Geography (Ecuador); History (Japan, France, Norway); History of Art (China); Music (United Kingdom); Spanish and Portuguese (Spain); Veterinary Medicine (Nepal) October 19, 2010 23Graduate School Autumn Quarter Meeting
  24. 24. Graduate School National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships • National competition for 3-year portable fellowships • $30K annual stipend and $10,500 in tuition and fee support • Graduate School provides tuition and fees needed beyond the $10,500 • Ohio State has 21 NSF fellows in 12 different graduate programs October 19, 2010 24Graduate School Autumn Quarter Meeting
  25. 25. Graduate School Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) International Student Research Fellowships • Eligibility: International pre-doctoral students in biomedical and related science graduate programs (including physical and mathematical sciences) • Up to three years of support to fund dissertation research • Nominations to Graduate School by October 25 • Graduate School to submit up to 10 nominees to the HHMI by December 1. Awards announced May 2011 • Stipend: $30,000 per year October 19, 2010 25Graduate School Autumn Quarter Meeting
  26. 26. Graduate School Presidential Management Fellowship (PMF) Program • Annual two-year paid fellowship • Succession planning for various federal agencies • Competitive pay and benefits • Graduate School coordinates nominations October 19, 2010 Graduate School Autumn Quarter Meeting 26
  27. 27. Graduate School Jacob K. Javits Fellowship Program • Funded by U.S. Department of Education • Up to four years of financial assistance • Doctoral and M.F.A. students in arts, humanities, and social sciences • Open to high-achieving students in financial need • Graduate School administers award and provides some tuition/fee support October 19, 2010 27Graduate School Autumn Quarter Meeting
  28. 28. Steven S. Fink Associate Professor of English Co-Chair, Semester Conversion Coordinating Committee 28October 19, 2010 Graduate School Autumn Quarter Meeting
  29. 29. Cyndi Freeman Director Graduate Student Recruitment & Diversity Initiatives 29October 19, 2010 Graduate School Autumn Quarter Meeting
  30. 30. Graduate School Summer Research Opportunities Program 2010 Cohort Snapshot • 51 Students: 69% Female, 31% Male • Average GPA: 3.62 • 60% are Pell eligible • Our students represent: – 32 different schools – 27 different majors – 19 states and Puerto Rico October 19, 2010 30Graduate School Autumn Quarter Meeting
  31. 31. Graduate School Summer Research Opportunities Program 2010 Cohort Snapshot October 19, 2010 31Graduate School Autumn Quarter Meeting Broad Disciplines % Science, Technology, Engineering, Math 46 Social and Behavioral Sciences 17 Arts and Humanities 14 Education and Human Ecology 17 Business 4 Social Work 2
  32. 32. Graduate School Summer Research Opportunities Program National Conference 2010 July 23-25, 2010 Ohio State Summary • 464 visiting undergraduates • Average GPA of 3.45; 60% above 3.4 • 74 schools across the U.S. and Puerto Rico • More than half are potentially yieldable for Autumn Quarter 2011 October 19, 2010 32Graduate School Autumn Quarter Meeting
  33. 33. Graduate School Summer Research Opportunities Program Fellowship Update • 5 awarded in the 2009-2010 cycle • 10 awards available for 2010-2011 cycle • 26 SROP ‘09 and ‘10 participants eligible for nomination • Announcements sent to department and graduate studies committee chairs, faculty mentors, and SROP students • Nomination deadline: November 30 October 19, 2010 33Graduate School Autumn Quarter Meeting
  34. 34. Graduate School Retention • Recruitment without retention is wasted effort – Advisor, mentor, cultural informant • A process must be in place to train, develop, and assist students in being successful in our graduate program environments • That process must gauge their success, provide intervention as required, and provide resources October 19, 2010 34Graduate School Autumn Quarter Meeting
  35. 35. Graduate School Recruitment Travel Autumn 2010 and Winter 2011 • 14 institutions and professional conferences between September and January • Big Ten Graduate School Expo, Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans (SACNAS), Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students, American Indian Science and Engineering Society, North Carolina A&T National McNair Conference • Puerto Rico, Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, North Carolina, New Jersey, Virginia, California October 19, 2010 35Graduate School Autumn Quarter Meeting
  36. 36. Graduate School Ohio State Activities Autumn 2010 • New GRE launch date: August 2011 – Graduate School staff attending GRE training workshops regarding new test format – ETS will visit campus April 19, 2011 • Three campus workshops on applying to graduate school and applying to summer research programs (November) • Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP) application opens November 1 • Graduate and Professional School Visitation Day: November 7-8 October 19, 2010 36Graduate School Autumn Quarter Meeting
  37. 37. Graduate School Summer Research Opportunities Program 25th Annual CIC/SROP Summer Research Conference July 15-17, 2011 The Ohio State University October 19, 2010 37Graduate School Autumn Quarter Meeting