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Other resources about aging, seniors for the elderly - North Shore ...

  1. 1. OTHER RESOURCES FOR SENIORS, FAMILY MEMBERS & PROFESSIONALS ALPHABETICAL LISTING OF WEBSITES: Access America for Seniors - Access to government services electronically. Administration on Aging (AOA) - A great source for information on aging, including links to useful sources. AOA Profile on Older Americans - AOA's latest statistics on older Americans in 13 key subject areas. It includes both narrative and statistical charts. AARP's Internet Resources on Aging - Browse or search AARP's database on Internet resources and link to more than 900 of the best sites for people age 50+. Age Line Database - A free resource for searching the literature of gerontology. AgeSource/AgeStats Worldwide - Describes clearinghouses, databases, libraries, directories, statistical resources, bibliographies and reading lists, texts, and web “metasites” focused on aging or closely allied subjects. Aging Well - Devoted to helping mature New Yorkers maintain proper health. AHCPR's World Wide Web site - The Agency for Health Care Policy and Research features information to help consumers and their health care practitioners make informed health care decisions and research on what works best in health care. Alliance for Aging Research - A national non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and accelerating the pace of medical discoveries to improve the universal human experience of aging and health. Alzheimer's Association - A good resource for persons seeking general information, caregiver resources, and medical information about Alzheimer's disease. Alzheimer's Disease Education and Referral Center - The National Institute of
  2. 2. Aging's page on Alzheimer's disease and related dementias. Alzheimer's Disease Research - The American Health Assistance Foundation's page on Alzheimer's disease. Alzheimer's Foundation of America was founded by a consortium of organizations to fill the gap that existed on a national level to assure quality of care and excellence in service to individuals with Alzheimer's disease and related illnesses, and to their caregivers and families. American Federation for Aging Research - is America's leading private organization supporting new investigators conducting biomedical aging research. Also see AFAR new educational website InfoAging American Foundation for Suicide Prevention - Supports research and education needed to prevent suicide. The American Geriatrics Society - The Web page of the American Geriatrics Society, an organization of professionals in the field of geriatrics. American Health Care Association - Provides consumer information on services, financing, public policy issues concerning nursing facilities, assisted living and sub acute care. American Health Quality Association - Represents Quality Improvement Organizations (QIOs) and professionals working to improve the quality of health care in communities across America. American Medical Association is a partnership of physicians and their professional association dedicated to promoting the art and science of medicine and the betterment of public health. American Nurses Association American Psychological Association Office on Aging is a coordination point for APA activities pertaining to aging and geropsychology (the field within psychology devoted to older adult issues). The Office on Aging also supports the work of the APA Committee on Aging.
  3. 3. American Society of Law, Medicine & Ethics - Multidisciplinary organization that promotes study and dialogue on issues of healthcare. American Society on Aging is a professional organization working towards enhancing the knowledge and skills of those working with older adults and their families. Assisted Living Directory lists numerous facilities and, at times, other senior care options, organized by state, and then by city. Alzheimer's Foundation of America was founded by a consortium of organizations to fill the gap that existed on a national level to assure quality of care and excellence in service to individuals with Alzheimer's disease and related illnesses, and to their caregivers and families. Benefits Checkup - Developed by the National Council on Aging to help seniors and their families connect to federal and state programs available to help them. CARE: Giving and Receiving (Nurturing in the Age of Aging) - It is packed with resources, information and how to’s so the care giver can maintain a balance in his/her life while at the same time providing quality care to the care receiver. It was written for the non-professional who is taking care of a family member or a friend. Census Bureau - The Census Bureau's home page offers access to a variety of data and information on aging and the older population. Centenarian Sibling Pair Study - Division on Aging at the Harvard Medical School is conducting a genetic study of aging. Center for the Advancement of Health - promotes the science that explores the dynamic relationship among behaviors, biology, emotions, and social context, and to turn that knowledge into practical health care solutions. Center for Medicare Education - A resource for public agencies and private organizations that provide consumer education about Medicare and Medicare
  4. 4. health plan options. Center to Advance Palliative Care - An on-line resource for hospitals and health systems interested in developing palliative care programs. Community Health Course - An online Community Based Health Promotion Programs for Older Adults. Community Transportation Association of America is an association or organizations and individuals committed to improving the mobility of all. ConsultGeriRN.org is the clinical nursing website of the Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing, New York University College of Nursing and the NICHE program (Nurses Improving Care for Healthsystem Elders). ConsultGeriRN.org is an evidence-based online resource for nurses in clinical and educational settings. ConsultGeriRN.org has geriatric protocols, evidence-based for managing common geriatric syndromes and conditions, linkage to specialty nursing associations, hospital competencies, opportunities to acquire continuing education materials and much more! ConsultGeriRN.org is funded in part by a grant from The Atlantic Philanthropies (USA) Inc. and The John A. Hartford Foundation. The Consumer Coalition for Quality Health Care - is dedicated to protecting and improving health care for all Americans. Council on Social Work Education - National organization that preserves and enhances the quality of social work education. CRISP - Computer Retrieval of Information on Scientific Projects is a searchable database of federally funded biomedical research projects conducted by universities, hospitals and research institutions. End of Life Special Interest Group - is sponsored by the National Institutes of Health. It provides a means for all DHHS Agencies interested in end-of-life research to coordinate planning activities and to communicate these DHHS activities to the broader community. FirstGov for Seniors - will help users access all government sites that provide services for senior citizens, such as SSA, Health Care Financing Administration,
  5. 5. the Administration on Aging, the Department of Veterans Affairs, etc. There are also links to all federal agencies and all 50 States. FundSource - A research tool for research funding in the behavioral and social sciences. Generations United - A national organization that focuses solely on promoting intergenerational strategies, programs, and policies. Generation Watch - News and views of America's living generations. Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center - The Center supplies specialists to answer patients' questions by phone, mail, email, or fax. The center provides information about specific illnesses from existing public domain sources, including Web sites, brochures, and books. The center does not offer genetic counseling, diagnostic testing, referrals, medical treatment, or advice. 1-888-205- 2311, gardinfo@nih.gov GeroWeb - An online resource for researchers, educators, practitioners, and others interested in aging and older individuals. Health Insurance Information, Counseling and Assistance - Provides free, confidential health insurance information, counseling and assistance to Medicare beneficiaries and their families. Home Modification Action Project is designed to increase the awareness and availability of home modification so that people can live independently in their own homes. Healthfinder - is a gateway consumer health and human services information web site from the United States Government. Health, Geriatrics and Aging - Listing of resources around the globe. Health Resources & Service Administration a U.S. Government agency and good source government grant information. Healthy People - is the prevention agenda for a nation of healthy people. It is a statement of national opportunities to prevent preventable threats to health.
  6. 6. Infoaging - Educational website sponsored by the American Federation for Aging Research. Injury Prevention Web - Provides data on injury occurrences and useful information about prevention. Supported by the Center for Injury Prevention Policy and Practice at San Diego State University. Institute for Geriatric Social Work- IGSW is a five-year grant to educate practicing social workers in a broad range of aging issues. The Institute for Health & Aging - The Institute fosters multidisciplinary collaborative research, education, and public service in the fields of aging and health. The International Council on Active Aging - is a community of like-minded professionals who share the goals of changing society's perceptions of aging and improving the quality of life for aging baby boomers and older adults within the six dimensions of wellness. The council supports these professionals with education, information, resources, tools, so they can achieve optimal success. International Association of Gerontology - is a category III non-governmental organization with respect to the United Nations. Members are national multidisciplinary organizations concerned with research and training in gerontology. International Longevity Center - is a research and education organization whose mission is to help societies address longevity and productive ways and highlight older people's productivity and contributions to their families and society as a whole. Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations' mission is to improve the quality of health care. It is the nation's oldest and largest standard setting and health care accreditating body. Last Acts - A national coalition to improve care and caring at the end of life. Last Chapters - Offers a collection of inspiring stories and video interviews of people who are facing death or chronic illness. These stories shed light on a range of issues about quality of life, including: spirituality, talking about dying,
  7. 7. managing pain, care giving, coming to terms with grief and more. The Last Chapters Forum is a discussion board where site visitors can comment on featured stories and share their own experiences, concerns and encouragement. LCAO - Leadership Council of Aging Organizations is a coalition of national non- profit organizations concerned with the well being of America's older population and committed to representing their interests in the policy- making arena. The Medicare Rights Center - is a national, not-for-profit organization that helps ensure that older adults and people with disabilities get good affordable health care. National Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases Information Clearinghouse (NAMSIC) - Information on arthritis and musculoskeletal and skin diseases. National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) - Recent reports and list of publications from NCHS available on the Internet. Visit NCHS's "Aging Activities" website at http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/agingact.htm National Center on Elder Abuse contains many resources and publications to help achieve NCEA's goals. National Council on the Aging - A national, non-profit organization committed to "promoting dignity, self-determination, well-being and contributions of older persons, and to enhancing the field of aging through leadership, service, education and advocacy." National Council of Senior Citizens serves as an advocacy group for the elderly for such areas as housing, eldercare, consumers affairs, etc. National Gerontological Nursing Association National Health Information Center - is a federal health information and referral service from the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization - Provides information on local hospice and palliative care programs in the United States.
  8. 8. National Institute on Aging - The National Institute on Aging (NIA) is one of the National Institutes of Health. The NIA promotes healthy aging by conducting and supporting biomedical, social, and behavioral research and public education. Some of the more recent NIA press releases and publications can be seen at http://www.nih.gov/nia/news/ NIA Centers on the Demography of Aging - The National Institute on Aging (NIA) has established eleven centers on the Demography of Aging to provide innovative and policy-relevant research on health, social factors, economics, and other issues that affect the U.S. older population. National Institutes of Health - The National Institutes of Health is the principal biomedical research agency of the United States Government. National Library of Medicine - the world's largest biomedical library. National PACE Association - The National PACE Association works to advance the efforts of Programs of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) to support, maintain, safeguard and promote the provision of quality, comprehensive and cost-effective health care services for frail older adults. PACE programs provide and coordinate care and services for seniors with chronic care needs. National Resource Center on Supportive Housing and Home Modification - The National Resource Center on Supportive Housing and Home Modification is a non-profit organization dedicated to promote aging in place through supportive housing and home modification. Northeastern Illinois Area Agency on Aging - Serves as an information gateway on aging resources and services for eight northeastern counties in Illinois. Nutrition Screening Initiative - A broad multidisciplinary effort led by the American Academy of Family Physicians, The American Dietetic Association and over 25 national health, aging and medical organizations including the Gerontological Society. Office of Disability, Aging and Long-Term Care Policy (DALTCP) - Responsible for developing and evaluating HHS policies and programs which support the independence, productivity, health and long-term needs of those with disabilities.
  9. 9. The Retirement Research Foundation - The nation's largest private foundation whose grant making is focused solely on older adults and aging issues. The Robert W. Johnson Foundation - The nation's largest philanthropy devoted exclusively to health and health care. Sage Crossroads - Where public policy and the science of aging meet, that's where you'll find SAGE Crossroads. Check out this exciting online new opportunity to learn about the frontiers of 21st Century politics, where new scientific possibilities collide with traditional views on aging, health and the human condition. With new debates on critical issues every month, the site offers opportunities to interact with policy makers, scientists, and the public in addressing the complex concerns surrounding aging. More information at www.sagecrossroads.net. Register today at www.sagecrossroads.net. Senate Special Committee on Aging Society of Geriatric Cardiology - is dedicated meet the problems resulting from cardiovascular diseases in the increasing numbers of aging men and women in the United States and throughout the world. Social Security Administration Home Page - Lots of interesting stuff here about age and retirement. See also www.socialsecurity.gov, which contains an array of Medicare outreach products including fact sheets, worksheets, posters and instructional materials. Third Millennium - is a national, non-partisan, non-profit organization offers solutions to long-term problems facing the United States. U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging - A new and improved website for senior citizens, including those who read Spanish. USDA Human Nutrition Centers - Human Nutrition Center on Aging at Tufts University and the Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Center.