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CV - HCC Southwest Learning Web

  1. 1. Curriculum Vitae Name: Dr. Luis Salinas Work Address: Department of Social Sciences, 10041 Cash Road, Stafford, Texas 77477 Office Telephone Number: 713-718-7777 Institutional Email Address: Education: · Ph.D. Sociology, University of Arizona, Houston, TX, 1981 · A.M. Demography, Brown University, Providence, RI, 1976 · B.A. Sociology, University of Houston, Houston TX, 1974 Teaching Experience: Instructor, 1989 – Present Houston Community College District, Southwest College Courses: Introduction to Sociology, Sociology of the Family, Social Problems Instructor, 1991-Present University of Houston Courses: Introduction to Sociology, Sociology of the Family, Mexican American Family, American Minorities Professor and Provost, 1983-1986
  2. 2. Houston International University Courses: Introduction to Sociology, Social Statistics Professor, 1981-1983 University of the Americas Courses: Introduction to Sociology, Social Statistics, Demography, Research Methods Teaching Associate, 1978-1980 University of Arizona Courses: Introduction to Sociology Instructor, 1977-1979 Central Arizona College at Arizona State Prison Courses: Introduction to Sociology Instructor, 1978-1980 Pima Community College Courses: Introduction to Sociology Instructor, 1978-1980 Tucson Police Academy Courses: Introduction to Sociology
  3. 3. Lecturer, 1975-1976 Brown University Courses: Introduction to Sociology Professional, Technical, and Work-related Experience; “Current Face of Latino Demographics” in Sociology, John Macionis, Prentice Hall, 2007 Review of “The Making of the Mexican Border: The State, Capitalism, and Society in Nuevo Leon, 1848-1910.” Journal of American Ethnic History, Summer 2002, volume 21, number 4. “Getting and Maintaining Student Attention in The Classroom,” 1994 ERIC Clearinghouse. "A Migration-Role Learning Model," in 1979, Proceedings of the Social Statistics Section. American Statistical Association annual meetings1979. "Type of Clergy Authority: Their Measurement, Location, and Effects," with Philip Hammond and Douglas Sloan in Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, 1978, 17, 241-253. Review of "Birth Control and Foreign Policy; The Alternatives to Family Planning," by Nicholas J. Demerath, Sociology and Social Research. Vol. 52, No. l, l978. RESEARCH REPORTS & TALKS “Demographic Changes in the Hispanic Population,” Transcultural Conference, TAMK, February 2010 “Bringing Web-Images into the Classroom,” International Visual Sociology Conference, Buenos Aires, Argentina. August 2008 “Educating the Hispanic Population,” Texas Methodist Pastors Conference, Houston, TX March 2007
  4. 4. “Changes in the Hispanic Population in Pasadena Texas,” HEB, Woodlands, TX, September 2006. “Impact of Immigration on the Hispanic Family,” Vernacular Conference Puebla, Mexico, October 2006 “Immigration, Culture and Demographics among Hispanics,” Texas A&M, February 2006 “Hispanic Demographics and Culture in Texas,” Texas A&M, February 2005 “Changes in the Mexican American Family,” Texas A & M, March 2004 “Demographic Profile of the Hispanic Family,” Texas A & M, April 2003 “Is the SABE ProgramFulfilling its Mission?” CMAS, University of Houston, March, 2003 “Demographic Changes in the Hispanic Population,” TAMAK, February, 2003 “PrivateSocial Service Provided to Immigrants in Nuevo LaredoMexico,” IRC, University of Houston, December, 2002 “Changes in the Hispanic Family,” Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, November, 2002 “Are Hispanics becoming a New Racial Group?” University of Alaska, Anchorage, August 2002. “Demographic Changes in the US Hispanic Population,” TAMAK, Multicultural Seminar, February, 2002 “Racialization of Hispanics, presented Southwest Social ScienceMeetings, New Orleans 2001 “Latino Family Issues,” Hispanic Women in Leadership International Conference, March 2001. “Latino Family Culture,” Texas State University, March 2001 “College Preparation, Admission and Selection,” Houston Hispanic Forum, February 2001. “Demographic Diversitybetween Hispanic Groups,” Texas Department of Health and Texas Health Foundation, December 2000. “Cultural Components of the Mexican American Family,” Internal Revenue Service, University of Houston, August 2000. “Factors Affecting Student Performance: SABE Program,” December 2000.
  5. 5. “Issuesand Obstacles faced by Mexican Citizens Living in the United States,” December, 2000. “Cancer, Programs and Changing Populations in Houston” September 2000. “SABE Evaluation Project,” with Rosa Davila and Karl Eschbach, October 1999. “Hispanics and Religion for Native and Foreign Born” Universityof Houston, Houston, Texas April 1999. Trends in the Population bases of Hispanic Groups, Immigration and Naturalization Service, Houston, Texas 1999 “Hispanics in Houston,” Jewish Community Center, 1999. “The Timing of Student Enrollment at Southwest College of Houston Community College,” 1998. Demographic and Sociological Perspectives of Hispanic Women, Houston TX 1997 “Multicultural Considerations in the Work Environment”, Department of Health and Human Services, Dallas Texas, 1994 Current Demographic Profile of Hispanic Families in the United States and Texas, Hispanic Women in Leadership, Houston TX 1996 Intergroup Relations between Hispanics and African Americans in Harris County, University of Houston, Houston TX 1996 “Mexican Culture in Texas", Spring Lecture Series at Texas A&M University, Galveston, Texas, March 1991. “Educational Non-Achievement in HISD by Hispanics", Hispanic Educational Summit, St.Thomas University, Houston Texas, May 1990. "Immigrations Laws and the Future of the Hispanic Community". Symposium on Impact of Texas Hispanic in Houston in the 21st. Century. Houston, Texas, October, 1989. "Impact of Hispanics on Culture in Houston". Symposium on Impact of Texas Hispanic in Houston in the 21st. Century. Houston, Texas, October,1989. "Culture, Family and Hispanic Women", Hispanic Women's Leadership Conference, Houston, Texas November, 1988.
  6. 6. "Employment Patterns of Mexican Americans in Houston circa 1900" Houston Hispanic Historical Symposium, Houston, Texas, January l986. "Economic Development in the Third, World". Inroads National Meetings, Fort Worth, Texas, August, l985. "Post-Conquest Population declinein valley of Mexico," Southwest Social Science Association Meeting, Houston, Texas, March, 1984. "The Mexican Population in the 16th Century," Social Study Meetings, Puebla, Puebla (Mexico), May 1983. "Causes of Out-Migration fromPuebla, Mexico," at Southwest Social Science Association Meetings, Houston,Texas, March, 1983. Discussant, session on Mexican Americansand Justice, Southwest Social Science Association, Dallas, Texas, March 1981. Testified, House Sub-Committee on Population," Academic, Economic and Political Needs for a Complete Count," Phoenix, Arizona, November 30, 1980. Plenary Address to Conferenceon Better Utilization of Census Bureau Data, Title "Census Data Programs: Past and Present," July, 1980. Testified, Select Commission on Immigration and Refugee Policy, "I.N.S. and Census Bureau--A Case of Role-Conflict," Phoenix, Arizona, February 4, 1980. "A Migration-Role learning Model," at American Statistical Association Annual meetings, Washington, D.C., August, 1979. Chaired session on Education and Employment at American Statistical Association annual meetings", Washington, D.C., August, 1979. "Fertility Patterns of Chicanos in the Southwest", "Population Association of American" annual meetings, St. Louis Missouri, 1977. Discussant, Mexican American Session, American Sociological Association annual meetings, New York, New York, August 1976. Reviewer: Social Science Quarterly McGraw-Hill Publishing Company W.W. Norton & Company Pearson Publishing Wadsworth Publishing Harcourt College Publishers
  7. 7. Dissertation Supervised: “A Cultural Perspective On The Role Of Self-Determination In Personal Relationships” by Aruni Nanayakkara, 1999. Dissertation Read: “Theoretical Issues in Capital Punishment,” by Edmond Herod, 2004 Thesis Supervised: “Grupo Para Mamas: An Ethnography of an Immigrant Women’s Group” by Deborah Muniz, 1998. “Opinions on Crime and School by Lisa Miller” by Lisa Miller 2001 “Hispanic Ethnic Identity, Language and Anxiety Levels: Factors of Counselor Preference,” by Angelica Melissa Garza, 1994 InternshipsSupervised: Joy Smith, American Kidney Foundation, 1998. Dolores Mendiola, Oneida Project, 1999. Ruben Macias, Communities in Schools, 1999. Nayra Martinez, Campo del Sol, 2000. Myrna Saliba, SFX-Entertainment, 2001. Samanda Rubin, 2004 Karry Canyer, 2004 Janette Sauer, Texas Medical Center, 2005 Adrienne Reed, Search, 2005 Laura Yelverton, YWCA, 2006 RESEARCH EXPERIENCE Data Manager, Survey of HISD, High School Seniors for Nativity Status and Plans for College, Center for Mexican American Studies, 2001 Principle Investigator, “ Assessment of Greatest Problems encountered by Mexican Citizens while living in the US and upon returning to Mexico, President Fox transition team, 2001 Statistical Consultant, Black-Brown Relations, Center for Mexican American Studies, University of Houston, 2000-2001 Technical Advisor, “Causes and Trends in Migrant Deaths along the U.S.-Mexico Border,” Center for Immigration Reform, University of Houston, 2001 Researched Demographic Trends in Houston for American Cancer Society FiveYear Strategic Plan, 2000 Data Manager, Effectsof 1996 U.S. Immigration Reformon Communities, Center for Immigration Reform, University of Houston, 2000
  8. 8. Chair of session, “Ethnic Families” Social Science Quarterly, Galveston Tx 1999 Researched, Timing of Student Enrollment Southwest College, Houston Community College, 1998 Field Supervisor, Mexican Migrant Health, University of Wisconsin, Madison Wisconsin, 1997 Demographic Profile of Hispanic Families in the United States and Texas, Houston TX 1996 Inter-group Relations between Hispanics and African Americans in Harris County, University of Houston, Houston TX 1996 Research Associate, Center for Oaxacan Studies, Oaxaca, Oaxaca, Mexico Researching causes of Antiviolent Behavior in Zapotec Villages. Sociological Consultant, Secretaria de Educacion Publica (Department of Education), Mexico, D.F., Mexico. Evaluation of Public Libraries, SEP Publications and effect of home background on school achievement. Research Assistant for "National Quality of Life Survey of Mexican American Families," Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Arizona. Worked on design of questionnaire, selection of sample, interview of respondents, and coding and editing of data, 1977 to 1981. Statistical Consultant, Personnel Department, City of Tucson, Tucson, Arizona. Helped resolve statistical problems, 1978. Demographer, National Center of Health Statistics, Hyattsville, Maryland. Researched the effect of migration on 1969-1971 mortality rates, 1977. Demographer, Encuesta Nacional de Hogares (National Housing Survey), Mexico, D.F., Mexico. Also advised informally on a variety of projects, 1976. Co-investigation, "Adult Chicano MaleHealth Survey," with Dr. Sam Schulman, University of Houston, Houston, Texas. Conducted the entire survey under his supervision, 1974.