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MedreamNOW Christmas SEO campaigns for Christmas website businesses


Published on, an entirely off-site promotion and marketing service from Medream, launched its un-official poll today asking clients whether ‘Now is the time to start their Christmas SEO campaigns’?

Christmas comes but once a year, as does the need to start any SEO campaign, targeting online Christmas shoppers.

Website businesses need SEO, but whether they need on-site SEO or off-site is a question to be answered by companies themselves.

MedreamNOW advised today, on the launch of their un-official straw poll on whether internet based business had started their SEO campaigns in time for the Christmas online rush, that “If websites are looking to drive traffic to their website – a must in order to garner sales or publicity; search engine rankings are something that every web based business definitely needs to think about to get Christmas based traffic to their site in time to make festive online sales.”

Adding to this advised: “There are several different things that any business can do in order to boost a websites page ranking, and that is through the direct on-page SEO and off-page marketing work together with the ‘wait and see’ approach to determine how well that performed, to the entirely off-site measures that are performed with us.”

It is always essential that the basic steps of on-site SEO are undertaken (if not using the measures undertaken by MedreamNOW’s off-site campaigns). The first is to put keywords in the copy so that each page will come up in search engine rankings as good choices for those searching for them. Choosing keywords based on the visitors a website is trying to attract is the first ingredient. For instance, if a website is about Christmas hampers for clients in Maine, “Christmas hampers Maine” is a keyword phrase that would be perfect for them. Sprinkling these phrases liberally in the text of a site, is just one of hundreds of different elements that need to be done, but is at the very core of on-page SEO.

One of the second things a website owner can do is generate inbound links. This means getting other sites to put a hyperlink to another site on their pages.

The above are the standard North and South approaches to SEO, but not one adopted by – where the tact is to undertake commercial advertising presentations to boost off-site exposure and visibility. Becoming a conduit to success by driving off-site campaign and visitors to any website.

MedreamNOW wants all new businesses to consider starting their Off-Site SEO campaigns now in time for Christmas and with its straw poll being undertaken now it is time to deliberate whether everyone should have already started this.

For further information on visit them today at

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MedreamNOW Christmas SEO campaigns for Christmas website businesses

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