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Explain The GRIT score in under one minute

Raising your GRIT score can change your life for the better. This PowerPoint covers the essentials.

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Explain The GRIT score in under one minute

  1. 1. Measuring Success See if you have what it takes The G Factor
  2. 2. The G Scale
  3. 3. What IS Grit? Perseverance Ability To Overcome Obstacles Focus – Single Minded Projects Are Not Left Unfinished A simple test will give a GRIT score
  4. 4. Your Grit Score The Foundation of success The higher your GRIT score the more likely you are to succeed in your work and life The REALLY good news is that there are simple techniques to raise your GRIT score
  5. 5. Why Is Grit Important? Better Predictor of Success than IQ Why are so few smart people rich?!
  6. 6. Take the GRIT test Click the link below then return to the PowerPoint Follow the link below for the GRIT test
  7. 7. Your Grit Score (1 to 5) 5 Very High Grit Score Stay With It. 4 Very Good Just A Little More Effort Needed 3 Average Doing OK But Below Your Best 1 Or 2 Then You Have A Wake Up Call
  8. 8. Raising Your Grit Score Do NOT Break The Chain Focus on PROCESS Not Outcomes REDEFINE A Good Day Diets To Revision If You Start You Finish ALWAYS
  9. 9. Your Grit Score How Are You Going To Raise Yours? Use #ontrak For more