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A Review on Deepak Chopra and Meditation


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New York, being one, if not the busiest place in the world, is home to people who are juggling multiple jobs to make ends meet and those who are working twice as hard to fulfill their dreams.

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Published in: Health & Medicine
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A Review on Deepak Chopra and Meditation

  2. 2. New York, being one, if not the busiest place in the world, is home to people who are juggling multiple jobs to make ends meet and those who are working twice as hard to fulfill their dreams. This is one of the main reasons why Deepak Chopra is much celebrated in this place as much as he is in a lot of other parts of the world.
  3. 3. What makes Deepak Chopra one of a kind is his ability to blend ancient beliefs and traditions for wellness practices with modern medicine. endocrinology.
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  5. 5. As some people may be skeptical about some practices that usually involve using the state of mind to reach specific physical, mental, and emotional condition, Deepak Chopra’s practices are backed up by physical evidences and scientific reasoning. This was done using his extensive background in internal medicine and endocrinology.
  6. 6. Deepak Chopra founded an institution meant to be an avenue wherein he shares his expertise to give back to the society.
  7. 7. People are treated to an intellectual journey that leads to a clear view of deeper awareness. This state is achieved through meditation and it brings about numerous benefits for the practitioner.
  8. 8. Health and Well-being One of the main benefits of Deepak Chopra’s meditation is achieving the best condition of a person’s health and wellbeing.
  9. 9. Detoxification. Deepak Chopra helps rid the body of toxins from the food that they eat, unhealthy drinks, and the pollution in the surroundings.
  10. 10. Spa Treatments Deepak Chopra gives the people an exceptional pampering experience that they deserve. This will lead to a well-rested body, rejuvenated and ready for more work.
  11. 11. Yoga and Meditation. Deepak Chopra introduces the person to yoga and meditation. This will free the person’s mind from all worries, pain, and stress. Existing practitioners may be taken into a camp wherein they can deepen their knowledge and practice to achieve better mind and body balance. This will also enrich the positive energies in their body.
  12. 12. Aryuveda The person will also be introduced to Aryuveda and its benefits.
  13. 13. Addiction Deepak Chopra is known to offer effective anti-addiction programs. He provides a haven for those who are trying to get rid of their nicotine, sex, alcohol, gambling, and drug addiction.
  14. 14. Emotional Healing A person’s negative emotion may prevent him or her from happiness and success. Deepak Chopra helps people get over such emotions.
  15. 15. Pain is one of the hardest negative emotions to let go. This is why the person is taught how to let go of the things that hurt them in the past in order to free bigger space in their heart so they will be able to accommodate happiness and a sense of fulfillment.
  16. 16. Once a person is healed from negative emotions, he or she will be taught how to maintain balance in body, mind, and emotion.
  17. 17. Spiritual Growth A person’s spirit is something that he or she should take good care of and enrich to achieve his or her goals in her life and have a good disposition in life.
  18. 18. Higher Consciousness The person will be taught practices on how to deepen their inner self awareness. Silence The person is exposed to spiritual intimacy through perfect silence. Awakening This is for practitioners who want to deepen their spiritual awareness.