Mindfulness and Meditation are they one and the Same


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These 2 words seem to be used interchangeably, so are
they one and the same? Does it really matter what we
call these two?

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Mindfulness and Meditation are they one and the Same

  1. 1. www.meditationdirectories.com
  2. 2. These 2 words seem to be used interchangeably, so are they one and the same? Does it really matter what we call these two? www.meditationdirectories.com
  3. 3. They may have some similarities in the sense that both involve an intense level of consciousness and we see a myriad of benefits from each of them. We often get confused about and since both focus the attention on the breath. www.meditationdirectories.com
  4. 4. A closer look shows a distinction between the two which lies in the intention. If the focus on the breath goes beyond your ego, realizing your inner divinity, then that is , which is more of a Hindu influence. If the focus on your breath is to try to train and harness the mind and the thoughts observed are non-judgmental, then that is which has more of the Buddhist influence. www.meditationdirectories.com
  5. 5. Meditation’s intention is to trick the mind into letting go the thinking apparatus so that we can become fully aware of a higher spiritual level of ourselves, our oneness with the divine. is secular, that of which has no spiritual or religious basis and focus is more on training the mind for concentration over a long time period. www.meditationdirectories.com
  6. 6. is more identified with Buddhism and Yoga. It comes from the ancient monks who withdrew from the world. When we talk about mindfulness, this may be referred to therapy, rational thought, psychology, scientific research and our everyday language. Mindfulness can easily be integrated into our complex lives, unlike meditation whose values are more monastic. www.meditationdirectories.com
  7. 7. www.meditationdirectories.com
  8. 8. We naturally relate meditation to the beliefs and spiritual groups. can be potentially more useful in more ways than one; wherein meditation never could be. www.meditationdirectories.com
  9. 9. Psychologists and researchers are now studying mindfulness under close scrutiny and are looking for the uses of it. It seems that mindfulness has more practicality and credibility that meditation does not have. www.meditationdirectories.com
  10. 10. To meditate, we have to sit still while it is possible to be mindful in our day to day activities. The focus of is inwards our body, while , on the other hand, covers more areas of attention, such as thoughts, emotions, actions and state of mind. It covers the interrelationship between your environment and you; while meditation is immersing yourself more deeply into our inner self. www.meditationdirectories.com
  11. 11. www.meditationdirectories.com
  12. 12. We normally associate meditation with religious beliefs and spiritual groups. This makes it distinct from mindfulness which has a wider scope of usefulness in our daily life. The focus of mindfulness is what’s happening now, not about the past or the future. www.meditationdirectories.com
  13. 13. To practice meditation, we have to still the mind. Meditation cannot be possible while doing other things, either mentally or physically. This explains the reason why we have to sit in silence with eyes closed. www.meditationdirectories.com
  14. 14. However, even with eyes closed and sitting in a lotus position, there is still no assurance that you will enter a state of meditation. If your legs ache and you hear sounds coming from the outside, then you are not meditating. But in this case, mindfulness is being practiced, which can prepare you for meditation. www.meditationdirectories.com
  15. 15. The practice of will eventually lead you to your ability to focus and once you establish that concentration on an object unmindful of the things happening around you, you will eventually experience and from there, yield profound relaxation and the joy of being alive. www.meditationdirectories.com