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Third party pharma manufacturing company in India

We are the leading Third Party Pharma Company in India. If you are looking to invest in the best medicine and drug range, do connect Mediquest Pharma.

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Third party pharma manufacturing company in India

  1. 1. Third-Party Pharma Manufacturing Company Contact Mediquest Pharma – 9041045095, Visit -
  2. 2. Introduction • With the success to meet all the satisfaction of our customers, Mediquest Pharma is counted among the leading pharmaceutical manufacturers in India. • As the Third Party Pharma manufacturing company, we guarantee you all to provide quality medicines at affordable price. • Mediquest Pharma got established in 2013, and now emerging as the fastest growing PCD Pharma Franchise in India as well. • By becoming the leading business in Pharma products in India, Mediquest Pharma is spreading their foot in every part of the country. • Anyone looking for a Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Company can contact us on 9041045095 or email us your query on Contact Mediquest Pharma – 9041045095, Visit -
  3. 3. Third-Party Pharma Manufacturing With Mediquest Pharma •Our company has a strong and fully developed system for quality control and assurance of every single drug manufactured by us. •Moreover, we have good facilities as per strict schedules for separating all the drugs and a systematic work environment. With that, we continuously supply the chain of solid dosage with the perfect mix to satisfy our customers fully. •Mediquest Pharma has years of expertise and experience in the formulation of wide Pharmaceutical drugs as contract manufacturers in all over India. Contact Mediquest Pharma – 9041045095, Visit -
  4. 4. Huge Range of Products By Us •Anti Cough and Cold •Anti Malarial/ Anti Infective range •Antibiotics •Dental Range •Derma Range •Eyes and Ears Drop •Gastro & PPI Range •Gynae Products •Liver Related Range •Herbal Products •Infusions (I.V) •Injectables •Multivitamins and Minerals •Analgesics Ortho Range •Pediatric Range •Protein powder & Energy Drink Psychiatric Range •Urinary Track (UTI) related products Contact Mediquest Pharma – 9041045095, Visit -
  5. 5. Services at Mediquest Pharma •We guarantee Assured Quality and timely delivery of the entire product. •Our products have assistance trademark and legal drug. •All the products are designed and best packing material. •With the best quality Pharma drugs, Mediquest pharma also assist some Promotional activities like Assistance Visual Aids, Brochures, Product Profiles, and Catch Covers Contact Mediquest Pharma – 9041045095, Visit -
  6. 6. Best Third-Party Pharma Manufacturing Company • Mediquest Pharma is the leading Third Party Manufacturing/ Contract Manufacturing company for the pharmaceutical products and drugs. • All the contract manufacturing/ third party manufacturing companies offers various advantages to their partners by producing all the quality products in their in-house manufacturing units and allows them to work with full flexibility, access to external expertise and reduced capital requirement. • Mediquest Pharma is a renowned company in this industry as we provide the quality-centric pharma drugs which follow strict processes suitable for the pharmaceutical industry for its activities including Third Party Manufacturing. Contact Mediquest Pharma – 9041045095, Visit -
  7. 7. Best Third-Party Pharma Manufacturing Company • Our products have legal permission and certification from the GMP and WHO, who help us, cater to the quality product requirements of our clients. • Mediquest Pharma has the experience and full knowledge of Product Package designing & printing, which makes us the preferred choice as Third-Party manufacturing/ Contract manufacturing for our clients. • Our vendors for the distribution of our pharma drugs are present in all zones of India and provide an excise free duty. This enables us to offer attractive prices to marketing companies for third-party products. Contact Mediquest Pharma – 9041045095, Visit -
  8. 8. CONTACT US NAME – Mediquest Pharma ADDRESS – SCF - 250, Ground Floor, Motor Market, Manimajra, Chandigarh- 161001 PHONE NO. – 9216295095 EMAIL ID -
  9. 9. THANKYOU