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Danger Greater Than War


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It's NOT war, terrorist, credit crunch or the global warming that threaten our existence, but microscopic creatures that live almost everywhere on the planet. They are immune to most antibiotic, antiseptic and are colonised in rivers, soil and sewers. They are spreading all over the world with alarming rate. Infectious disease is now the second leading cause of death worldwide. These bacteria swap genes without going through the stages of reproduction and infect patients with Swine flu. They infect and kill young healthy adults and children in seventy two hours.
Understanding how they spread and why this happened will help you save your family, friends and yourself.
"Knowledge of Health is Knowledge of Life"

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Danger Greater Than War

  1. 1. Than The Threat From This Man
  2. 2. In Our School Play Gr ound
  3. 3. In Our Gym And Spor t Centre
  4. 4. In Our Hands
  5. 5. In Massa ge Par lour
  6. 6. Men Having Sex W ith Men
  7. 7. On His Nose
  8. 8. In White House Gym
  9. 9. No Place Spar ed
  10. 10. Pr esent In Water, Sewer s, River s And Soil
  11. 11. Since 2000 These Bacteria Virus Fungus Are Resistant To Treatment
  12. 12. Dir ty Hospital December 2007 Over Cr owding Tempor ar y Staf f NOT Associated W ith Spr eading Infection in Hospital
  13. 13. W her e did we go wr ong ?
  14. 14. We Took Bugs For Granted Performed Too Many Blood Tests Threw Too Many Plastic Disposable Performed Too Many Invasive Procedures Discarded Contaminated Hospital Waste Used Antibiotic for viral infections Pumped Steroids & Immuno-supression Did Not Wash Hands Properly Used Strong Antiseptics & Detergents Polluted Our Water, Sewer & Soil Used Chemicals and Killed Good Bugs
  15. 15. Antibiotics Penicillin Invented in 1940 Advances in Medicine Possible World Was Free From Infection Only Treatment That Cured Now Bacteria Are Resistant None Invented After 1970
  16. 16. This Is Evolution? 1940 : Penicillin used as an antibiotic 1960 : Resistant strains reported 1970 : MRSA becomes more resistant. 1980 : HA-MRSA strains in UK 1990 : HA-MRSA endemic in Europe 2000 : VRSA emerging 2006 : CA-MRSA reported in USA 2007 : CA-MRSA kills 90,000 2008 : Ten Resistant Bacteria Reported 2008 : Malaria & TB Now Resistant 2009 : CA-MRSA co-infect Swine Flu Patient
  17. 17. Sir Alexander Fleming, 1952 But No One Cared “Abused Antibiotics”
  18. 18. Too Many Pr actical Procedures Blood Tests Discar ded Contaminated Plastic Medical Devices Polluting Our Ear th
  19. 19. Hospital Contaminated Waste Polluted Environment
  20. 20. Discarded Live Vaccination Polluting Environment
  21. 21. Water How Can I Be Sure This Water is Not Contaminated?
  22. 22. Bacteria & Vir us Ar e Now Resistant To Antiseptics Deter gents Biocides Antibacterial Soap
  23. 23. Use Soap & Water
  24. 24. Keep Your Eyes Open
  25. 25. And Your Nose Clean
  26. 26. Watch What’s In Your Hand Before & After Touching Patient
  27. 27. Onl y Option Available But W ith No Guar antee Wash for 30 Seconds But Not Many Do!!
  28. 28. Once You Touch Patient’s Skin Your Gloves gets Contaminated
  29. 29. Forgot Their Role
  30. 30. Think T his Not So Funny Anymor e
  31. 31. Think
  32. 32. Think
  33. 33. Think
  34. 34. Think
  35. 35. Kill Young Healthy Adults And Children With Swine Flu
  36. 36. Skin Lesions Caused By CA-MRSA
  37. 37. People Will Develop Foul Smelling Weepy Ulcers And Skin Lesions Caused By CA-MRSA
  38. 38. “Oh God, Please Give Me The Strength To Fight This War Which I May Never Win”