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10 thomas-beebe-transitioningto strategic management


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10 thomas-beebe-transitioningto strategic management

  1. 1. Insist on Quality – Insist on BeebeTransitioning from Data Collectionto Strategic ManagementApril 3, 2012Joan G. Thomas, RN, MSN, FACHEBeebe Medical Center424 Savannah RoadLewes, DE 19958
  2. 2. About Beebe Medical Center• 210-licensed-bed, not for profit seaside communityhospital• Founded in 1916 by Drs. James Beebe and Richard C.Beebe• Specialized Service Lines include:• Cardiac and Vascular• Orthopaedics• Oncology• Women’s Health• Beebe Health Campus• Beebe Physician NetworkBeebe Medical Center
  3. 3. Quality Care for Sussex County• Centers for Medicare and MedicaidServices Hospital Quality Comparison• National Patient Safety Goals• 100,000 Lives Campaign:Some is not a number. Soon is not a time.• The Joint CommissionBeebe Medical CenterVisionOur vision is for Sussex County to be thehealthiest in the nationMissionOur mission is to encourage healthy living,prevent illness, and restore optimal health withthe people residing, working or visiting thecommunities we serve
  4. 4. Strategic Imperatives• Ensuring Superior Outcomes• Offering Superior Service and Access• Focusing on Population Health• Stewarding Financial Resources• Sustaining an Excellent TeamStrategic Performance Model
  5. 5. Strategy MapChanging the Culture• Align performance management system withorganizational strategy• Leadership and accountability• Organizational engagement• Communication
  6. 6. Changing the CultureCommunication Plan• Executive Staff• Board of Directors• Medical Staff• Management Team• Beebe Team MembersChanging the CultureEducation/User Support• System Administrators (2)• Expert User assigned to each StrategicImperative• Users (55)
  7. 7. BMC Strategic ScorecardExecutive Staff Action Plans
  8. 8. Lessons Learned• Know what you want to change• Focus on organizational strategy• Start with the Strategic Scorecard/other work shouldcascade from that• Understand the key components of a balanced scorecardStrategic Imperative = PerspectiveObjective = ObjectiveKey Performance Indicator (KPI) = MeasureTarget = GoalAction Plan = Initiative• Design your balanced scorecard prior to education/training ofyour system administrator and expert usersLessons Learned• Train your end users with your own organizationalbalanced scorecard• Execute your communication plan• Engage and empower end users• “Push out” reports to Executive Staff• Provide expert user support for Executive Staff• Start small and keep it simple• Identify “near term” objectives and targets
  9. 9. Conclusion“Results-driven programs bypass lengthypreparations and aim for quick,measurable gains within a few months”From:Harvard Business Review on ChangeSuccessful Change Programs Begin with ResultsRobert H. Shaffer and Harvey A. ThomsonAre there any questions?