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Who are Medical Whistleblowers?                                                                                           ...
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Medical whistleblowerbrochures27 behindtheblueline-lawenforcementwhistleblowers


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Medical whistleblowerbrochures27 behindtheblueline-lawenforcementwhistleblowers

  1. 1. Who are Medical Whistleblowers? # 27 Medical WhistleblowerMedical Whistleblowers come from all walks of life and many pro-fessional disciplines. Anyone with access to information related tomedical fraud, abuse and neglect can be a Medical Whistleblower.Medical Whistleblower supports those who have already made thatchoice and those still considering their future path. There is nocost to request support from Medical Whistleblower. MedicalWhistleblower is not a counseling service and does not providelegal representation or advice. We are an advocate for change andprovide meaningful information related to the Medical Whistle-blower’s experience and networking contacts for further support.Medical Whistleblowers can be Doctors, Pharmacists, Researchers, Behind the BluePolice Officers, Federal Law Enforcement Agents, Nurses, MedicalTechnicians, Certified Public Accountants, Attorneys, Judges, Line—Therapists, Prosecutors, Hospital CEO’s, Academic Medical In- Law Enforcementstructors, Veterans, Emergency Medical Technicians, and evenPatients and their families. Medical Whistleblowers are a great Whistleblowersuntapped resource of dedicated and highly trained professionals –many with medical degrees and even Advanced Medical BoardCertifications, who are willing to communicate with and assistNational Security efforts. Medical Whistleblowers wish to activelyparticipate in problem solving activities with National Securityagencies to help to expose fraud within the system and to preventabuse of citizens and neglect of those most vulnerable. MedicalWhistleblowers have capabilities that can enhance efforts to en-hance security, provide threat assessment, investigate criminalactivity and prevent terrorism. Medical Whistleblowers can iden-tify patterns of terrorist activity as well as gaps and deficiencies in Medical Whistleblower Supporting theNational Security that would otherwise not be revealed. Medical Emotional Health of AllWhistleblowers are competent and capable professionals who Whistleblowers and theircourageously risk their livelihoods when they come forward in the P.O. Box C Friends, Supporters andname of transparency and openness, to reveal dangerous activity. Lawrence, KS 66044 Families.It is a sad fact that currently the National Security system oftenrepays their advocacy by retaliating against them and they often Phone: 360-809-3058 Tel: 360-809-3058 E-mail: MedicalWhistleblower@gmail.comlose their cherished right to privacy & suffer severe personal loss.
  2. 2. need for more inten- Whistleblower Retaliation Stress Law Enforcement sive and invasive actions into the offi- Whistleblowers But the kind of stress that they may experience as a result of a critical incident, is small compared to cers life. Because of the nature of po- the complex chronic stress brought on by Whistle- lice supervision, the Law enforcement blower Retaliation and Bullying in the workplace. act of blowing the officers actually Because being a Whistleblower behind the Blue whistle may initiate a fitness for duty investigation look forward and Line is a truly emotionally stressful experience, as into the officer’s personal and private life. This can relish a day filled anyone who has watched the movie Serpico create conflict when the commanding officer or su- with what most knows. It is necessary to understand the long pervisors are involved in the activity the Whistle- civilians would term chronic stress of blower is exposing. A hostile fitness for duty psychi-think was stressful. Officers choose to have a being a Whistleblower atric examination may be in retaliation for his Whis-career in law enforcement and are very adept at behind the Blue Line tleblowing activity and may place the officer’s jobhandling stress of the job. They deal daily with which can cause Post and badge in jeopardy. Officer’s should be informedcrime, criminal suspects, and the vulgarities of Traumatic Stress Disor- that the fitness for duty exam should never be donethe imperfect court system. der. The problems fac- by the treating therapist. Finding a therapist the ing the Officer Whistle- officer will trust may be difficult as most therapistsThe real most common stressors in police work blower are unique as are not familiar with the stresses and dangersare 1) The Boss (this is the first and most impor- the institutional ways of within policing work or Whistleblower Retaliationtant) 2) Marital Conflicts 3) Other Family Prob- stress intervention are Trauma. It is essential that when the officerlems 4) Finances and lastly 5) The stress of the often not effective in chooses a therapist that he/she feels secure thatjob itself. Being a Whistleblower behind the Blue the Whistleblowing the treatment is confidential. Honesty and trust areLine exposes Police Officers to an increase in situation. The reason necessary for a good therapeutic relationship. Moststress in all 5 of these areas. for this is that critical incident debriefing as it is officers will instead “stuff it” and continue to act as commonly done will not happen because it may be if nothing is bothering them. This is the “real menLaw Enforcement Officers like Medical Doctors your supervisors or co-workers that you are anony- don’t cry” act. It is common first for anger tobecome hardened to the trauma they see every mously reporting. When whistleblowing within the emerge, but depression usually lurks just below theday. Both Medical Professionals and Law En- law enforcement community, trust becomes a ma- surface. Officers will hide their symptoms fromforcement Officers have gained experience and jor issue and workplace safety is a very constant co-workers, supervisors, family and friends, andhave learned many strategies to deal with concern. Whistleblowing officers often feel be- may use alcohol to hide their feelings. The justi-stress. Persons who choose these professions trayed or abandoned by their bosses and hung out fied outrage and resentment against an unrespon-do so knowing that they will be exposed to to dry. sive system can mask the underlying depressionstressful situations and difficult choices often of and even lead to feelings of helplessness andlife or death. Law enforcement officers are hu- Social Networks vs. Therapy hopelessness which can even lead to and subject in their own somewhat unique More officers die each year from suicide thanperils of unrelenting and unresolved stress, It is important to provide a meaningful social net- from homicide. We must respond quickly to anysometimes bottled up over a period of years. work of emotional and spiritual support to Whistle- whistleblowing officer requesting assistance as blowing officers and their families. Strengthening there is no real thing as minor stress in police the officer’s social support network may avert the work.