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Medical whistleblower pain ray


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Medical whistleblower pain ray

  1. 1. Click to view this email in a browser October 7th, 2010 Stop use of Pain Ray on Prisoners in California Active Denial System (ADS) Join Medical Whistleblower and Sign our Petition Stop the Use of ADS on Prisoners We need to halt the implementation of Active Denial System (ADS) on captive prisoners in California. The Active DenialThe electromagnetic System (ADS) produces a beam of electromagnetic millimeterradiation is absorbed in waves which heats the skin of the target and produces intensethe upper 0.4 mm of pain. The ADS (sometimes called the Assault Interventionskin. The beam stays Device) uses millimeter waves to heat the top layer of skin, thisapproximately 2 m wide causes an intense burning sensation that forces the personout to many hundreds of being targeted to move away immediately. The primary defensemeters and thus can be contractors involved in this research is Raytheon AET,used at quite a distance Communication and Power Industries (CPI) and Veridianfrom the target person. Engineering.Just like a microwave,with a power of 100kilowatts, the beam can The device is going to be deployed at the Pitchess Detentionheat the skin of target Center’s North County Correctional Facility under the rationalesubjects to pain- that this is a non-lethal suppression tool which would be used toproducing temperature quell riots, stop inmate fights and allow law enforcement to actlevels within seconds, quicker thus potentially reducing injuries and curbing violence.thus the name Pain Ray. The ADS system is being evaluated by a 6 month study by the National Institute of Justice to consider the widespread use ofSign our petition. this electromagnetic devise in prisons in the USA. Those for advocate for the use of ADS assert that it is a way to apply force in a justified, measured, proportional way. But there are real human rights issues that this new weapon technology presents. The ACLU considers the use of this weapon of force to be a violation of the Eighth Amendment, basic human rights norms, and international law. Sign our petition
  2. 2. In order to produce pain while preventing burn injury, the power and duration of emission for one trigger event is controlled by a software program. At the highest power setting, second- andAs a non lethal combat third-degree burns with complete dermal necrosis will occur afterweapon proponents of less than 2 seconds. Even with a lower setting of power orthis system say that its duration there is the possibility for the operator to re-triggeruse in armed conflict immediately.would bring much less Used in a controlled and properly prescribed way during theinjury than research experimentation, using thousands of military volunteersflamethrowers which are the ADS device has caused little physical harm with a fewcurrently considered as exceptions. But this weapons non lethal status is based on howlegitimate weapons. carefully it is controlled - it can be a very painful lethal weaponHowever ADS is not an as well. In addition these experiments were on volunteers who were not captive and were free to get away from the pain causedeffective combat weapon by the ADS system. In a captive prison population unable tobecause the system is escape repeat triggering, with no outside direct oversight,large, needs to be overdose and misuse are of course for action andis vulnerable to many As with all police weapons proper discretion is dependent on thekinds of light weapons. operator. There is the distinct possibility of re-triggering on the same target subject which puts avoidance of burns at the discretion of the weapon operator who is at some distance fromIt was being developed the subject and must visually observe their response behaviorprimarily as a weapon and respond appropriately. Thus there exists the possibility offor internal security such applying more force or harm than is absolutely use by occupationforces against uprisings This weapon technology could be potentially used for heat torture. Although the larger ADS system is bulky and designedor demonstrators. for outside use, smaller less expensive and more portableNon lethal weapons millimeter-wave weapons could be designed for close distances.have been used by These could be used to produce intolerable pain with littlepolice for the limited visible burn injury and thus their use might be undetectable toapplication of force human rights inspectors. Similar to burning a suspect with aunder the principal that it glowing cigarette, the heating procedure could be repeated atis better than lethal 10-20 second intervals thus maximizing the heat torture whileforce. Previously non minimizing the physical proof that it occurred. Thus this deviselethal weapons used by would make heat torture more attractive and more practical topolice such as sponge those who would use torture. This ADS experimental researchbullets, rubber batons, on captive prisoners would open the way to having thesetear gas and water devises readily available in all US prisons and raises thecannons are employed question of how we will assure that human rights abuses do notat fairly close range. occur.
  3. 3. occur.This energy weapon canreach targets from a Sign our field away. Given the reality that many human rights abuses do occur already in our overcrowded and sometimes inadequately staffedLink to my website prisons, how will prison authorities assure that the use of theseHalt use of ADS on weapons will only be during appropriate circumstances. Thecaptive prisoners research into smaller more portable versions would place this heat pain technology potentially in the hands of many prison staffSign our petition. and proper supervision and control of those using the devices becomes an potential issue. There are also human rights issues not only of informed consent (prisoners have not volunteered to be test subjects to this experiment) but also because of the potential of injury due to operator error or inappropriate use. In light of these human rights concerns, we request a halt to the testing of ADS within the California prison facilities. Sign our petition. Link to our website: See additional articles: installed-in-los-angeles-jail/19604676?a_dgi=aolshare_email jailhouse-pain-ray-condemns-star-wars-tech/ the-military-ready-to-blast-l-a-prisoners/ See the Pain Ray in action on CBS 60 minutes: The research into the use of microwave energy technology as a weapon was done under the auspices of the Joint Non-Lethal
  4. 4. Weapons Directorate (Quantico, VA) and the Air Force ResearchLaboratory (Directed Energy Directorate, Kirtland AFB, NM,Human Effectiveness Directorate, Brooks AFB, TX). Thisresearch into energy weapons was secret until 2000. Researchof effects was done at the Human Effectiveness Directorate,Directed Energy Bioeffects Division, at Brooks. Primecontractors were: Raytheon AET (Rancho Cucamonga, CA) forsystems integration, Communication and Power Industries (CPI,Palo Alto, CA) for the mm-wave source and VeridianEngineering (San Antonio, TX) for biological-effects research.Raytheon, which makes the Assault Intervention Device,markets several versions of the weapon on its website.For additional technical information: Los Angeles County, the ADS or Pain Raydevice is scheduled to be installed near theceiling in a dormitory that houses about 65inmates at the Pitchess Detention CentersNorth County Correctional Facility (NCCF).Link to our websiteSign our petition.Sign our petition on and send a letter directlyto the governmental officials in California to stop theexperimentation of the ADS on prisoners.Click Here Medical Whistleblower, P.O. Box C Lawrence, KS 66044 Voice Mail: 541-715-3900 Ext 436831#
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