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Medical Whistleblower Brochures 5 The Spiritual Side Of Whistleblowing


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Each of us, as Medical Whistleblowers, are injured and traumatized by the retaliation we suffered. Each of us is on our own pathway to recovery. During that healing journey we will many times revert back to an earlier stage of vulnerability or lapse in our forward momentum. But when we work together as a team, we can accomplish great things and will change the system in ways, even we, can not anticipate

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Medical Whistleblower Brochures 5 The Spiritual Side Of Whistleblowing

  1. 1. Inspirational Medical Quotes Whistleblower 10th century Tibetan author Jé Gampopa in #5 “We can make ourselves whole by The Jewel Ornament of Liberation accepting our partiality, by living “Clinging to the well-being of mere peace' signifies within our limits, by being hu- the lower capacity [Hinayana] attitude wherein the man—not by trying to be gods.” longing to transcend suffering is focused on oneself alone. This precludes the cherishing of others and Windall Berry hence there is little development of altruism. [...] When loving kindness and compassion become part of one, there is so much care for other conscious “Souls are like athletes that need beings that one could not bear to liberate oneself alone. [...] Master Manjushriikiirti has said: „A opponents worthy of them if they Mahayana follower should not be without loving are to be tried and extended and kindness and compassion for even a single moment', pushed to the full use of their pow- and „It is not anger and hatred but loving kindness ers.” Thomas Merton and compassion that vouchsafe the welfare of others.” “I have always believed that I could help change the world, be- Working for Peace: A Handbook of Practical cause I have been lucky to have Psychology and other tools adults around me who did.” Edited by Rachael MacNair and Psychologists for Marian Wright Eldeman Social Responsibility, It contains an chapter by Philadelphia Meeting Friend Gerry Lakey and also the writings of Christina Michaelson The (clinical Psychologist from NY) Michaelson said “create your own inner peace through meditation, Spiritual nature, and prayer.” Side of Whistle Medical Whistleblower Blowing Supporting the Emotional Health of All Whistleblowers P.O. Box C and their Friends, Lawrence, KS 66044 Tel: 360-809-3058 Phone: 360-809-3058 Fax: None E-mail:
  2. 2. Non-Violent Dissent lent dissent is a means to an end not the The The great Civil Rights Leader Martin Luther King, Jr. called it “Fearful faithfulness.” In Fear- end in itself. The aftermath of non- violence is beloved community while in Whistleblower’s ful faithfulness – one does not have to feel coura- geous to be an effective activist. Dr. King ex- aggression or violence the aftermath is bitterness. Martin Luther King, Jr. took Spirit plained that those opposing evil or the abuse of power, may not feel par- many of his ideas from Mohandas Gan- dhi and the teaching of Mahayana. Ma- ticularly courageous, or hatma Gandhi told his followers “Be embody inner peace but the change you want to see in the Each of us, as Medical Whistleblowers, could still effectively strive world.” Gandhi used the method of are injured and traumatized by the re- to attain their goals. Dr. non-resistance taliation we suffered. Each of us is on King did not hide the fact effectively in the our own pathway to recovery. During that to oppose evil would expose the truth sayer to struggle for jus- that healing journey we will many times possible violence. Violence begets violence. Tough- tice in India and revert back to an earlier stage of vulner- ness begets toughness, Force greater force. Dr. to free his people ability or lapse in our forward momen- King told his followers that the path of non-violent from British po- tum. But when we work together as a resistance required great courage. The non- litical domination, economic exploitation, team, we can accomplish great things violent dissenter is just as opposed to the evil he and humiliation. and will change the resists as the violent resister. It is not a method Mahayana. system in ways, even for cowards. MLK also noted that if the only al- we, can not anticipate. ternative to violence was cowardice, it was better Mahayana which means in Sanskrit: to fight. Non-violent dissent is not stagnant pas- Great Vehicle" and is a classification of sivity but instead an act of spiritual strength to Buddhism. “The Buddha-dhatu is the Many a successful stand up confidently and even militantly to chal- True Self and, like a diamond, for movement has been lenge the abuse of power. It is passive physically example, it cannot be destroyed". It accomplished by ordi- but aggressive spiritually. In opposing evil with is the acknowledgment of the transform- nary people doing ex- non-violent dissent, the mind must always be ac- ing redemptive value of suffering. Com- traordinary even he- tive, alert to new ways and means to persuade the passion, or Karuna is linked to the idea roic accomplishments. No one who was opponent that he is wrong. Non-violent dissent is a that acquired merit can be transmitted ever perfect led a successful movement means to shame and awaken a sense of conscience to others. Thus the gift of inner peace for change. These tasks were accom- in those who abuse power. It does not seek to you acquire for yourself can be trans- plished by ordinary people, not waiting defeat or humiliate the opponent but instead win forming to others as well. for perfection or sainthood. You do not his friendship and understanding. Through non- need the most perfect understanding. violent dissent one can not only defeat the evil Medical Whistleblower You do not need to have more perfect system and stem the abuse of power but also win moral consistency of character. You do over the hearts and minds of the perpetrators of P.O. Box C not need to be gifted with perfect elo- the system and thus make meaningful and lasting Lawrence, KS 66044 quence. change. Non violence brings love into being along- Phone: 360-809-3058 Fax: None “The journey of a thousand miles side with the determination not to hate. Non vio- E-mail: begins with one step.” Lao Tsu