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Medical Whistleblower Brochures 21 Partners With Law Enforcement


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Every police officer when sworn into office, commits to upholding the nation’s prime guarantor of rights, the U.S. Constitution. To be effective, a police department and its individual officers must be seen primarily as protectors of civil rights. The effectiveness of police in their varied missions—from law enforcement to community service—depends on the trust and confidence of the community. Public trust and confidence are severely reduced when individuals’ civil rights are compromised. Leaders in Law Enforcement must clearly convey a simultaneous commitment to effective law enforcement against criminal behavior within the medical community and civil rights protection for both patients and their advocates (Medical Whistleblowers). Without this protection the medical community will lose its trust in law enforcement and all cooperation and potential partnership with the police to meet common goals will be undermined.

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Medical Whistleblower Brochures 21 Partners With Law Enforcement

  1. 1. Who are Medical Whistleblowers? Every police officer when sworn into Medical Medical Whistleblowers come from all walks of life office, commits to upholding the na- Whistleblower # 21 tion’s prime guarantor of rights, the and many professional disciplines. Anyone with U.S. Constitution. To be effective, a access to information related to medical fraud, police department and its individual abuse and neglect can be a Medical Whistle- officers must be seen primarily as pro- blower. Medical Whistleblower supports those tectors of civil rights. The effective- who have already made that choice and those still ness of police in their varied mis- considering their future path. There is no cost to sions—from law enforcement to com- request support from Medical Whistleblower. munity service—depends on the trust Medical Whistleblower is not a counseling service and confidence of the community. Pub- and does not provide legal representation. We are lic trust and confidence are severely Partners an advocate for change and provide meaningful reduced when individuals’ civil rights information related to the Medical Whistleblower’s are compromised. Leaders in Law En- experience and networking contacts for further with Law forcement must clearly convey a simul- support. Medical Whistleblowers can be Doctors, taneous commitment to effective law Pharmacists, Researchers, Police Officers, Fed- enforcement against criminal behavior eral Law Enforcement Agents, Nurses, Medical Technicians, Certified Public Accountants, Attor- neys, Judges, Therapists, Prosecutors, Hospital within the medical community and civil rights protection for both patients and Enforcement their advocates (Medical Whistleblow- CEO’s, Academic Medical Instructors, Veterans, ers). Without this protection the medi- Emergency Medical Technicians, and even Pa- cal community will lose its trust in law tients and their families. Medical Whistleblowers enforcement and all cooperation and are a great untapped resource of dedicated and potential partnership with the police to highly trained professionals – many with medical meet common goals will be under- degrees and even Advanced Medical Board Certi- mined. fications, who are willing to communicate with and assist law enforcement efforts. Medical Whistle- blowers wish to actively participate in problem solving activities with Law Enforcement agencies to help to prevent the repeat victimization of pa- tients. Medical Whistleblowers have capabilities Medical Whistleblower that can enhance efforts to investigate and prevent Supporting the Emotional P.O. Box C crime. Medical Whistleblowers can identify pat- Health of All Whistleblowers Lawrence, KS 66044 terns of crime as well as gaps and deficiencies in and their Friends, police services that police may not know of other- Supporters and Families. wise. Medical Whistleblowers are competent and capable professionals who courageously risk their Phone: 360-809-3058 livelihoods when they come forward in the name of Fax: None Tel: 360-809-3058 E-mail: transparency and openness, to reveal criminal ac- tivity. It is a sad fact that currently the medical sys- tem often repays their advocacy by retaliating against them and they often lose their cherished right to privacy and suffer severe personal loss.
  2. 2. Partners with Law Enforcement By working to prevent repeat victimization, police Here at Medical Whistleblower we en- Preventing Re-Victimization of courage our Registered Medical Whis- can prevent serious negative effects on the Whis- Medical Whistleblowers tleblower, reduce the occurrence of crime and tleblowers to cooperate and collaborate Because of their efforts to ―Tell Truth to Power‖ enhance individual and community safety. Medi- effectively with our Law Enforcement Medical Whistleblowers often become themselves cal Whistleblower as an organization is willing to partners. The community policing phi- work with Law Enforcement agencies in order to victims of crime. Medical Whistleblowers are often losophy emphasizes the importance of retaliated against by those whose criminal wrongdo- address the safety issues of Registered Medical problem-solving partnerships. Law en- ings the Whistleblower is exposing. The types of Whistleblowers to develop strategies to maximize forcement professionals have shown over and over crimes Medical Whistleblowers can be victims of the Medical Whistleblower’s safety and security. again that crime and disorder problems are most include: bullying in the workplace, witness intimida- through ―safety planning‖. efficiently and effectively solved when all the stake- tion and obstruction of justice, physical assault, sex- ual assault, sexual harassment, stalking, privacy Resources Available to Law holders are represented in the solution. Medical violations, illegal break and entry, criminal conspir- Enforcement Whistleblowers represent dedicated advocates for acy to violate Civil Rights, and many others. Medi- Medical Whistleblower offers 50 brochures on the victims of medical fraud, patient abuse and pa- cal Whistleblowers need to get adequate protection various subjects related to the issues about tient neglect caused by a failure to protect the vul- so that they can ―Tell Truth to Power‖ without intimi- ―Blowing the Whistle in the Medical Community.‖ nerable in our society. Patient abuse can be physi- dation by those who are criminally involved. Law These brochures are available at no cost as pdf cal, financial, emotional, psychological or sexual Enforcement officials need to act pro-actively to pre- files to any Law Enforcement agency wishing abuse. Medical Whistleblowers represent signifi- vent repeat victimization of Medical Whistleblowers. them. Due to budgetary constraints Medical cant sources of intelligence about criminal activity The risk of re-victimization increases with each vic- Whistleblower does not usually mail printed bro- timization. Criminal cases are lost because of the chures but will e-mail the pdf files to your agency and violation of patients rights within the medical inevitable loss of physical evidence and the loss of at your request. In addition Medical Whistle- community due to their unique access to informa- testimony of witnesses due to intimidation. Many blower is able to provide to any verifiable Law tion not readily available to law enforcement. Medi- Medical Whistleblowers are unable to withstand the Enforcement agency or officer a free subscription cal Whistleblowers often do not know how to report onslaught of the oppressive retaliation that includes to Medical Whistleblower’s Newsletter— Canary and adequately interface with law enforcement . threats to remove their medical licenses, which then Notes, which is published monthly. There is no Medical Whistleblowers often have too little infor- proceeds without due process to a kangaroo court cost to the Law Enforcement Agency or officer to mation about police procedure and what happens (Bad Faith Peer Review) and a loss of their medical receive a copy of Canary Notes but a valid e-mail license and right to practice their chosen profession. address is necessary to complete your order. If during the initial response to and subsequent in- The grueling nature of being a victim of this kind of instead your agency wishes to obtain printed ma- vestigation of a crime. Interaction with a Medical workplace psychological violence has often driven terials, then please write to arrange to cover the Whistleblower by the field police officer should in- Medical Whistleblowers to desperation and poverty. cost of printing and mailing the materials. Medical clude an educational component designed to in- Some Medical Whistleblowers who have exposed Whistleblower is able to arrange for professional crease understanding and facilitate the Whistle- millions of dollars of Medical Fraud have even faced presentations and consultations by our Medical blower’s active participation in problem-solving. It homelessness in spite of their professional creden- Experts for a fee, on a wide range of topics of is necessary to be pro-active in efforts to provide tials and competence. Others have even been so interest to Law Enforcement. Please write to us necessary support and advocacy for the Medical distraught about their inability to get Due Process to request a list of possible program topics or sug- and Protection under the Law, that they have re- gest an area of your interest. We hope to hear Whistleblowers in order to build collaborative prob- sorted to the act of suicide. The most fundamental from you and be able to meet your request. lem solving relationships, so that Law Enforcement principle of ethical behavior is ―Do No Harm,‖ this is can effectively combat criminal activity within the true in the law enforcement field as well as the medical community. medical field.