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Law Enforcement, Intelligence and Medical Whistleblowers
                      Survey Test of Learning Objectives
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Law Enforcement And Medical Whistleblowers Survey


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Ten question survey to highlight common areas of investigation between the medical community and law enforcement.

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Law Enforcement And Medical Whistleblowers Survey

  1. 1. Law Enforcement, Intelligence and Medical Whistleblowers Survey Test of Learning Objectives Answers available at True or False: 1. The Space Shuttle Challenger exploded because there wasn’t enough pressure True  or by those in authority for conformity and collective agreement among team False  members. 2. Medical Professionals can be a part of the intelligence community. True  or False  3. Knowing who knows matters more than knowing something. True  or False  4. Intelligence is about educating policy makers and helping to answer questions True  or in a compelling manner. False  5. All stakeholders in both the medical and law enforcement communities should True  or be involved in identifying the solution to shared problems. False  6. Medical personnel are not involved in the preservation of criminal evidence. True  or False  7. Criminal activity is not a problem for the medical community. True  or False  8. Money laundering only takes place in Mafia influenced neighborhood True  or businesses. False  9. Organized crime is not a problem in Hospitals and Medical Clinics. True  or False  10. Drug related organized criminal operations use coercion, corruption or True  or deception to further their criminal activity. False  11. Drugs may be illegally diverted from Veterinary Hospitals. True  or False  12. Good criminal intelligence is good content within the appropriate context and True  or delivered in time for a tactical or strategic response. False  13. There are no law enforcement issues or problems that affect the medical True  or community and so there is no value to cross agency training. False  14. MQAC authorities do not need to change how they respond medical True  or whistleblowers. False  15. Medical Whistleblowers always have good responses from field police officers True  or and therefore there is no need for collaborative problem solving. False  1