Innovative 3D solutions for Jewellery Marketing


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Now present your jewelry in 3D holographic projection or by Virtual mannequin innovation solutions from Mediatrix.
Contact our team today : for best way for marketing for your jewels.

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Innovative 3D solutions for Jewellery Marketing

  1. 1. Mediatrix Advertising Pvt. Ltd. 509-A, 5th Floor, Royal Sands, Behind Citi Mall, New Link Road, Andheri (W) Mumbai, Maharashtra, India 400053 3D Holographic Presentation Increase sales with 3D technology
  2. 2. We are a media organization providing 360 degree solutions in Advertising, Digital & Social Media, Augmented Reality, Media Buying & Planning, and innovative BTL activities. Mediatrix Advertising Pvt Ltd has been launched by a team of senior, hard-core advertising professionals, eager to build a strategic communication vision for brand and execute all media advertising powerfully and seamlessly. With wide range of creative expertise, Mediatrix advertising is capable professional and ready to execute strategies tailored to the business needs. Aim: With independent but integrated departments for research, media and creative, we offer the knowledge and expertise to create and nurture brands. We believe that every form of communication should carry a promise and every campaign should be simple, memorable and effective Raising the bar we strive for excellence, and outdo ourselves and your expectations each time.
  3. 3. a Presentation Structure • The goal of branding • Evolve to experiential marketing • Experience an unique dimension – VirtuEx • Our Offerings • Clientele
  4. 4. a The goal of branding • Spark an emotional connect to create a positive feeling. • Increase the loyalty through the lines of products / services to your customers. • Make the customers feel promising about the company and its offerings. • Get the customers impressed with the brand and induce them to continue with products / services offered.
  5. 5. a Evolve to Experiential Marketing Raw Material Product Services Experiences Extract Produce Deliver Stage
  6. 6. a Experience an unique dimension - VirtuEx The unique virtual composition of Brand, Emotional quotient & product / service USPs presented to connect with the customers effectively through experiential technology expertise.
  7. 7. a We offer VirtuEx WOW!!! Virtual Mannequin 3D Holographic Solutions Touch / Touch less Solutions (Interactive / Share) Naked Eye 3D Solutions
  8. 8. Innovative Solutions for Jewellery Brands Virtual Mannequin 3D Holographic Technology / 3D/4D Holobox 3rd Eye Dimension
  9. 9. a Attract - Visual Experience (3D Large Hologram )
  10. 10. a Attract - Visual Experience (3D Large Hologram )
  11. 11. Features:  Visually stunning product display  Generates "Stop and Wonder" effect  Combines holographic 3D content with physical products  Superior exposure and branding  High reliability and long lifetime  "Plug and Play" easy setup Additional Features in the HD:  Slimmer and more elegant design  Full HD resolution  Adjustable LED light  Built-in sound  Reduced power consumption  Remote control operation HD Facts:  Dimensions: 586mm x 325mm x 406mm (WxHxD)  Weight: 18 kg  Resolution: 1920x1080  Power: 100-240V ~ 50-60Hz  Energy consumption: 30-40W (Adjustable LED light) Options:  Can be produced in customized colors within the RAL scale  Black inlay/bottom plate  Touch less interactivity
  12. 12. Story board based content creation: Story board based content creation will be done after a detailed discussion between our creative agency and client. We will be able to give a customized quote and duration only after this discussion. Taxes extra as applicable
  13. 13. Virtual Mannequins are an ideal, interactive product to inform customers, visitors and guests An Ideal medium to deliver your message in an uniform and impressive way. VMs can ENGAGE, INFORM and INTERACT... Virtual Mannequin can be installed & use for Exhibitions, Jewellery Shop, inside stores and various other marketing activites.
  14. 14. a Virtual & Product Mannequin
  15. 15. Key Benefits of Virtual Mannequin : •Ensure a consistent message is delivered to your audience •Improve customer service •Re-deploy headcount •Grab the attention of passer-by •Enhance the consumer and shopping experience •Create a point of differentiation vs. your competitors. •Customizable to fit your brand identity and messaging •Brings life to retail displays •Engages with customers •Delivers a consistent brand message •Can speak any language you choose •24/7 spokesperson...never needs a vacation! Virtual Mannequins are an ideal, interactive product to inform customers, visitors and guests An Ideal medium to deliver your message in an uniform and impressive way. VMs can ENGAGE, INFORM and INTERACT... Virtual Mannequin can be installed & use for Exhibitions, Jewellery Shop, Malls and various other Events. To get your Virtual Mannequin Contact us: Mediatrix : 022 2636 3380 or email us : Benefits of Virtual Mannequin
  16. 16. a VirtuEx – Third Eye Dimension The Third Eye Dimensions… A medium / large 3D display that easily shows three-dimensional images instantly, without requiring any kind of eyewear. Whether catching the eye, retaining public attention or enhancing the understanding of complex imagery is now a reality through VirtuEx – Third Eye Dimensions. Now mesmerize your customers and give them a real 3D experience with VirtuEx – Third Eye Dimensions. Ideal medium to deliver your message in a larger than life size. VirtuEx – Third Eye Dimensions can ATTRACT, ENGAGE & INFORM.
  17. 17. a VirtuEx – Third Eye Dimension
  18. 18. a VirtuEx – Experience Dimension Experience Dimension Converts any wall surface, LCD or a back projected display into a gesture sensing interactive surface. It engages a person in an unforgettable experience allowing them to immerse into the brand or just plain fun. Interactive multi-touch kiosks that can be used in four different positions (Workstation, Coffee Table, Standing Kiosk) to convert your idle space into an exciting self-activated experience.
  19. 19. a VirtuEx – Experience Dimension
  20. 20. Clientele And many more…..
  21. 21. a Give your customers an effective experience through VirtuEx Solutions and make a difference in your brand value
  22. 22. THANK YOU 508-A, 5th Floor, Royal sands, Behind Citi Mall,New Link Road, Andheri (W),Mumbai - 400 053. +91 22 42953344