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Augmented Reality India


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Mediatrix Advertising provides innovative media services.
Augmented Reality services across India.

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Augmented Reality India

  1. 1. Augmented Reality in India • Presented BY
  2. 2. A TECHNOLOGY that will change the definition of OOH media
  3. 3. Technology where Displaying BIG Advertisement is just not Enough
  4. 4. A TECHNOLOGY which is not some magic of a Wiz but a pure invention of today’s changing science.
  5. 5. Augmented reality (AR) is the act of enhancing reality with computer- generated content What is AR?
  6. 6. How does it Work?
  7. 7. Cont. The webcam(or any camera) connected to your computer is captures video in the traditional manner . When you hold the “marker” in front of the webcam it sees the marker, captures the pattern encoded in it and sends this information to the computer.
  8. 8. INDUSTRIES which are using AR • CONSTRUCTION: Builders to Showcase their Computer-generated images of a structure Building. • AUTOMOBILE: To add extra information ranging from directions to social media feeds to the view through the windscreen • EDUCATION: learning via remote collaboration, where students can follow Instructions through Virtual Visual-learning.
  9. 9. How ADVERTISEMENT Agencies using it? It take hardly a moment of its viewer to download the free Actable app from Quad/Graphics on his/her smart phone or tablet, instructions are at the bottom of the table of contents . In INDIA,TOI English newspaper is using this technology for celebrity interviews. PRINT:
  10. 10. Fashion Shops Customer can not only visualize how this outfit will look on them but can also feel material and fit according to their body.
  11. 11. Advertisement Days of forcing your customer to watch Advertisements during tv show/film breaks. In between newspaper articles, before internet videos and on hording hanging on the heads of customers are not applicable anymore as customers have derived substitute to skip these advertisements. Now This is time to involve our customer with our product.
  13. 13. AUGUMENTED REALTY’S reality It’s the first OOH that makes its viewer to participate without a reality event. Irrespective of ad mediums like Print, Hording, TV it interacts with its passersby. Its doesn’t function like an internet advertisement on Ipad, cell phone or on laptop where ads move according to it’s clients wish but here client/viewer moves accordingly to BRAND AD. It’s the direct communication between BRAND & Client.
  14. 14. REAL FOOTFALL Neither the People who participate nor the passersby are actual footfall but to understand its near about figures wd need to check & understands its popularity on YOUTUBE,SEARCH ENGINES,SOCIAL NETWORKING sites where people share their experiences with friends & family.
  15. 15. COST  If we compare cost of AR with other Mass Communication Media’s then we realize: One time investment in Advertisement making then cost of every time displaying just like any other media. It’s a combination of HORDING,LIVE ACTION ADVERTISEMENT & EVENET, so in a cost of one activity we actually get minimum three sources to promote our Brand. * For details pricing talk to our executive.
  16. 16. THANK YOU For more information +91-9870173412, +91- 8602353000 e- Mail: Web: MEDIATRIX ADVERTISING PVT LTD… 508-A, Royal Sands, Behind Citi Mall, New Link Road, Andheri (W), Mumbai - 400 053. +91 22 42953344 | +91 22 26363380 | +91 22 40040970