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For quite some time now, Facebook has been trying to become a news source for their users. In August 2013, they announced changes to their EdgeRank algorithm that should benefit media websites. However, when this changes were introduced in the late October 2013, some news and media websites have experienced a drop in Facebook referral traffic. As Facebook traffic now accounts for a major share of visits on every website, this has become one of the top challenges for journalists, community managers and content creators in the beginning of 2014.

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Facebook for journalists and media

  1. 1. Facebook for journalists and media Tips and tricks regarding the latest Facebook EdgeRank change in late 2013
  2. 2. What’s going on with my Facebook traffic? In August 2013, Facebook announced changes to their EdgeRank algorithm that should benefit media websites Facebook wants to become a source of news for their users These changes were adopted in the late October 2013
  3. 3. Facebook EdgeRank Average Facebook user has around 280 friends and 40 Facebook Pages they liked If Facebook would show users every interaction from these connections, we would end up with too much content and a lot of noise This is why they introduced EdgeRank, an algorithm that helps Facebook determine what is important to each user In short this means that Facebook prefers content from a source that you have interacted with in the recent history (u), content is preferred to likes and comments (w) and fresh content is preferred to the old (d)
  4. 4. EdgeRank update – October 2013 Priority to highly relevant news content NOT: memes, photos and other entertaining content EdgeRank now takes into account how many of Facebook users’ friends have clicked on the link To increase total reach of your posts, you should publish content more often – every 40-50 minutes
  5. 5. Facebook is still the social traffic leader Breakdown of Total Social Referrals by Network 6.6% StumbleUpon 9.1% other 58.2% Facebook 26.1% Twitter
  6. 6. And this percentage is growing Half-life of an Article on Facebook vs Twitter 70% 56% 42% 28% 14% 0% Facebook Twitter StumbleUpon Other Social Q1 Q2 Q3
  7. 7. Posts on Facebok “live longer” Half-life of an Article on Facebook vs Twitter Half-life in hours 8 6 4 2 0 Facebook Twitter
  8. 8. Sites with popular content have benefited from changes in EdgeRank 200000000 160000000 120000000 80000000 40000000 2011 2012 2013
  9. 9. The key is in popular content – TOP 10% Percent of Social Traffic from Top Content 100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% Top 1% Top 5% Top 10% Bottom 75% Q1 Q2 Q3
  10. 10. So, how to discover the most popular, interesting and high quality content?
  11. 11. Mediatoolkit is an award winning, real-time content discovery tool that delivers the best articles, trending news and viral content from all over the web, using predictive analytics and over one billion editors.
  12. 12. Add sites you usually visit, and find out what’s popular on them in a glance
  13. 13. Discover new popular content in your Live Feed
  14. 14. Track stories on your site worth sharing in Best performance * You can easily see which stories were not yet published on your Facebook Page
  15. 15. Once you’ve published a story, promote it with Facebook ads, if it’s still performing well
  16. 16. A popular story will be among the best performing ones on multiple sites
  17. 17. It’s still important to publish FIRST
  18. 18. A popular topic can reach TOP 10 multiple times
  19. 19. Track stories with keyword search and Trending list
  20. 20. Facebook tips and news
  21. 21. Publish content with clickable title and description * Use images and text links to increase reach of your posts thus increasing your engagement and visits
  22. 22. Facebook will even promote your site for free * So make sure you have all the details on your Facebook Page filled in
  23. 23. Publish popular articles more than once * Increase your reach and get even more traffic
  24. 24. More from… your site Once a Facebook user clicks on your content, more stories from your site will appear in the news feed This should engage the user again, once they’ve returned to Facebook
  25. 25. Trending now New type of Facebook preferred posts Cannot be selected by publisher Facebook promotes these posts, as the most popular ones in their parnters’ network
  26. 26. Facebook Insights for Websites Use Facebook’s tool to determine the right positions for Share and Like buttons Easily measure and analyze your Facebook traffic
  27. 27. One more time Fill in all fields on your Facebook Page Steadily grow your fan base with Page Like ads – target ads according to your targeted market Discover new popular content with Mediatoolkit Find best performing articles and publish them on Facebook Post regularly with interesting headlines and engaging descriptions - every 40-50 minutes Boost the best posts with Facebook Ads to get even more traffic
  28. 28. TEAM THINK SOCIAL entrepreneurial experience daniel ackermann CSO + coFounder tomislav grubišić CTO + coFounder ivor bihar Product Manager high-standard of excellence antonio tomac Software Developer paško pajdek Software Developer tony mrakovčić Software Developer mario šestak Designer TechCrunch Disrupt 2013 New York Geeks On a Plane Zagreb 2012 hrvoje grubišić Designer WebFest.Me 2012 startup contest winner Webit Congress 2012 finalist
  29. 29. Head now to www.mediatoolkit.com and rediscover content
  30. 30. feel free to contact us www.mediatoolkit.com info@mediatoolkit.com facebook.com/mediatoolkit @mediatoolkit