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Evaluation Question Seven


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Evaluation Question Seven

  1. 1. I think the main aspect I had learnt from the preliminary task wasusing the camera. What I had noticed from filming the preliminary taskwas I had done some very unthought-of shots, not properly thinkingabout how I would represent characters and location.So when starting the production of our film opening, I started to reallythink outside of the box for when I film with a camera again to beprecise…
  2. 2. In the pre-production for ‘Elements’, I had more to create and evolve(e.g. Characters, location, script, etc.) An example would be how wewere going to convey a British feel through the movie opening.Also, I wanted the characters to be very different in terms of social classand status through certain camera angles/shots so the audience wouldbe able to connect with the characters or recognize throughcharacterization. It was very important to keep the characters in focus. Iwanted to get involved as much as possible in the storyboards as I wasto be the main camera operator/cameraman, to assure we were keepingwith the codes and convention of real media products. For example;When an evil character appears on screen, there is usually a low cameraangle to represent them as powerful. I wanted to do this for thecharacter of Autumn but in different terms. Instead of being a evil andfeared character, more of a successful and powerful protagonist.
  3. 3. So when filming, the person directing made sure to refer to the storyboardor when filming a new shot to still convey the characters.It was very important to understand why to use a certain shot like highangles and low angles, so it was good I understood these shots whenoutside of the class and filming on location so I was able to input some newshots towards the director. To ensure the shot being right, we would do atmost three or four takes of the same scene so during Post-Production wehad a variety to choose from for the final edit of the opening.
  4. 4. From the preliminary task I knew how to use the editing programme andhad more knowledge of premier pro, making me faster during the editingprocess. When looking back at shots I had filmed (again, a variety of shotsfor one scene) we chose certain ones to use for the edit and adding theeffects (superpowers) a member of the group had created.I and the others wanted to make sure the representation of the characterswere correct for the edit as we wanted the audience to recognize this whenviewing the product. When the film opening was completed, I comparedboth the preliminary and this opening. I could tell straight away how much Ihad improved with the camera and if you will ‘stillness’ of the shots.