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KJO11: Onze Club - Naomi Russell, Wonderbird


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Kom Je Ook 11: Onze Club, 29 maart Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam. Credits: Naomi Russell, Wonderbird

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KJO11: Onze Club - Naomi Russell, Wonderbird

  1. 1.  Presentatie Naomi Russell, Managing Director Wonderbird, ‘Hoe dwing je geluk af dooreen strategische benadering’ tijdens het symposium ‘Onze Club’ georganiseerd doorKom Je Ook op 29-03-2012Voor meer informatie over Wonderbird kunt u terecht op onze of u kunt ons bereiken via de hieronder vermelde telefoonnummers ofe-mail adressen.Voor meer informatie over onze digitale Toolkit kunt u gaan Deze Toolkit is in opdracht van TIN en MCN doorWonderbird ontworpen en richt zich voornamelijk op het werven van private middelen voorzowel podia als gezelschappen, van klein tot groot en zowel gesubsidieerd als commercieel.Membership and Circles schemes are not an end in themselves • A key mark of how an organization values people • Must be integrated within an overall strategy and funding plan • Need buy in and involvement of whole organization • Need a clear offer with clear benefits • Can open up multiple vistas for other giving • An eye on the long term is vitalCommunicating your story • A strong brand and message delivering a simple, impactful message to your target audience is essential • The message should be repeated over and over again. This means integration of an ‘ask’ into every piece of marketing communications – on and off line • Individuals like to support organizations that are going somewhere. What matters to you can matter to themBuilding your Case for support 1. What is it that you are seeking support for   2. Why are you unique as an organization   3. Why are you so special – tradition/history/innovation/artistic/product   4. The urgency of the need   5. What the support would allow you to do   6. What is in it for the supporter – a unique opportunityGetting the Pitch right      
  2. 2.   • Pricing and entry point: ensure it’s accessible • Creating value and meaningful benefits (these don’t just have to be material) • Levels of giving: keep it simple and ensure you can provide added value for each higher level • Names, Names, Names – what on earth do you call your levels?Unique Experiences • Visit to costume department • Open rehearsals • Curator led tours • Out of hours views for busy exhibitions • Insight evenings with the creative team • Post-show talksProximity to art and something magical is what causes people to give and keep on giving.Think about what you can offer members and donors at low and high levels.Making people matter • Number one priority • This starts by investing in audiences • A small gift can make a difference and be valued • Experience as a €50 donor will influence whether that person will give you €50,000 • Get inside a donors’ head: listen and understandExample: From first attender to major donor… • 2007 Attends for the first time • 2008 Joins as a member at €50 • 2010 Invited to a taster event and upgrades support to €1,000 as part of Patrons drive to loyal members • Relationship develops, and interest in talent development established after a coffee meeting with donor • Invited to see a young director workshopping with actors • 2012 Major gift made of €25,000 to establish a young director award for three yearsAttention to detail – A long-term investment • Saying thank you promptly • Acknowledging gifts • Ensuring everyone in your organization knows how to treat a donor or potential donor – a greeting at reception on arrival says a lot about an organisation • Send timely communications • The personal touch: handwritten cards, a phone call to check in, noting down their birthday, the names of their children, important interestsCan € 50 become € 50.000?      
  3. 3.   • Membership schemes are often the first point of starting to give to an organization: therefore crucial • Start where people are and develop the relationship • Three things: relationship building, great case (content) and a clear ask by the right person at the right time • Don’t make assumptions – take time to really find out about the person • Do background research • Be flexible and respond to donor interestsThere are different ways to say thank you • Saying thank you is vital • If you don’t you could lose that donor for ever • A thank you letter from the most senior person the first time a gift is made is worth its weight in gold • My first job in fundraising was in the development team at a 300 seat theatre in London, the Almeida Theatre • The Artistic Directors signed every single letter when someone first gave £35. During the 18 months I worked there income from Membership went from £94,000 to over £200,000 in income • Did a letter from the Artistic Directors make a difference? In a word, yes.The starting block One  of  extra  gift   Fund  trustee  /  link  to   Member  /  Donor   Corporate  match  gift   Family  fund   /  sponsorship  /  CSR   Legacy  Membership is the beginning • Members and donors can work for companies who might support you, their company might have a match-funding scheme for their gifts • Many companies only give money to causes their staff recommend. Increasingly staff engagement is a prerequisite for corporate sponsorship • Higher level members may sit on the board of a fond, or their family might have a fond • They can consider leaving a bequest in their will • If they enjoy being a member or donor to your scheme, your existing donors can be some of the most powerful advocates to others to do the sameCurrent opportunities in Holland      
  4. 4.   • Promote tax effectiveness: how giving to you can have benefits for them – the new tax law in NL is very beneficial for individual donors • The Dutch like to make regular, monthly, gifts to charity. Make your scheme work for monthly and annual payments – the former can encourage people to give more over time • You have never asked most of your audience or visitors for money. This is a massive opportunity!Getting a scheme of the ground • Find high profile Ambassadors – actors, celebrities, players, dancers – and get them to front a recruitment direct mail: This endorses your new scheme • Timely, warm communications: At the end of each week, get a list from the box office, identify all the people who have attended and bought top price tickets and send a recruitment mailing • Put your brochures everywhere! And ensure that a pitch and a form is included in the season brochure, programme, email sign off – the list is endless! If people are not asked or made aware they can give they won’t • Brief your board and all your staff: they will know people who can join. Ask your board to give at the start.Making people matter on the inside • Development Team: Led strategy development and managed full project • Programming Team: Advised on content for Members’ events and contributed to an e-blast column updating Members on forthcoming events • Marketing Team: Incorporated Membership in all marketing communications and sought out PR opportunities • Ticketing Team: Worked with Development and shared recruitment targets, pre recorded messages, ticketing software prompts, point of sale merchandise in ticketing office, worked queues at peak sale time, Benefit Delivery • Bars Team: Point of sale merchandise, special incentives for becoming members at key events, sold memberships, Benefit Delivery • Front of House Team: Answering Member questions, meet and greet, selling memberships • IT: New software needs, Direct Debit capabilities, system to track benefits • Eyes and Ears Everywhere: Fur Coat/ Rolex alert!Unique Donor Club • London Film Society for the London Film School • Kick starting fundraising for an International Film School • Unique offer: allows donors ‘under the skin’ of independent film • Members get a ‘mini-version’ of student programme – critiquing a film, seeing how to light a film set, develop a script • £1k per year, within a few months of starting in July 2011, 20 members recruited • With a £10m capital campaign launching, an ideal ‘starter’ membership for major donors to get involvedMembers make all the difference      
  5. 5.   • Donmar Warehouse Theatre: A small theatre with a large donor family • Many levels to give – from £50 to £10,000 per year • Very clear scheme • Special nights for those giving £1k or more, drinks with the Artistic Director, post- show talk with actors and creatives. Dates circulated 6 months in advance, very easy for busy people who join the scheme • 250 people give £1,000 - £10,000 per year. That’s around £800k annually from individuals alone for a theatre with only 250 seats • A warning: this is an example of the danger of transactional schemes and long-term impact on philanthropyDifficult art, as Contemporary Music, can find donors as well • Birmingham Contemporary Music Group: Sound Investment • Individuals can buy a Sound Unit of a new commission for £150 per unit • You can buy one or 100 units (or more) for your chosen composer’s work • This simple, accessible scheme has been very successful for an often hard to raise money art form – contemporary musicSeizing opportunities Sold out shows, anniversaries, special events all create new opportunities for • donations • People join schemes for all sorts of reasons • Take this on board and exploit the opportunity • And once people are in, its your responsibility to develop and deepen the relationship so they may consider giving more long-termExample: • Gala event and ticket structures in line with memberships/patronage • Sold out show or exhibition = new Patrons so they can have access to special seats/viewings  Exceptional gifts from unexpected places • Long-term supporters can make exceptional gifts – one off, or leave a legacy • This can represent a gift more than x 1000 times more than they can ever give in their lifetime • Aldeburgh Music received a £1m legacy for capital campaign from a long-standing member and local woman who had been a nurse • Her member experience meant she gave the campaign a place in her will. The gift had a massive impact in completing the appeal target • She was not an obvious prospect: simply a woman of modest means whose estate was worth a great deal when she diedNaomi’s personal experience • I have always aimed to give away 10% of what I earn • I am both a donor and an asker. • So, what matters to me – and, what makes me want to give again or give more?      
  6. 6.  Wonderbird ExpressSoms vragen uw problemen om directe oplossingen.Vanwege tijdsgebrek of het ontbreken van de juiste kennis kan het voorkomen dat uwproblemen niet kunnen worden opgelost door uw eigen team – terwijl deze problemen deoorzaak zijn van het niet volledig benutten van de aanwezige vaardigheden en de mindereprestatie van uw insteling.Wonderbird heeft drie deskundige, praktische en oplossingsgerichte pakkettensamengesteld om diverse probleemgebieden te benaderen.Bestuur Express:Wij erkennen en begrijpen het belang van leiderschap van het bestuur maar wij begrijpenook het belang van het strategisch betrekken van het bestuur in de plannen en missie vande organisatie. Dit is niet altijd zo simpel als het lijkt en af en toe is er hulp nodig om hetbestuur beter en effectiever met de organisatie samen te laten werken. Dat is precies waarindit pakket voorziet.Wij delen ‘quick-wins’ die u kunnen helpen om meer bij uw bestuur te kunnen bereikenzoals het stimuleren van hun vermogen om fondsen te werven uit naam van uw organisatie,of het herkennen van de directe voordelen die hun vakgebied met zich kan brengen. HetWonderbird team heeft ruime ervaring in het werken met verschillende besturen en hetbehalen van de gewenste resultaten.Marketing Express:Wij leveren een onpartijdige en deskundige blik aangaande uw huidige marketingactiviteiten. Het doel van dit pakket is om uw creativiteit de ruimte te geven en samen metWonderbird andere manieren vinden om uw communicatiemogelijkheden verder teontwikkelen en het meeste uit uw budget te halen.Wij zullen u adviseren aangaande offline en online communicatie, van e-bulletins totbrochures – zo helpen wij uw boodschap vorm te geven en stimuleren wij u om overalternatieve manieren van werken na te denken. Een onderzoek naar de leveranciers enprocessen zal worden geïnitieerd om mogelijke manieren te vinden om potentieel sneller,goedkoper en soepeler te werken. Het Wonderbird team heeft ruime ervaring in hetuitvoeren van grootschalige en inventieve marketing campagnes met uiteenlopendebudgeten en in verschillende sectoren.Fondsenwerving ExpressDit pakket geeft u een overzicht hoe fondsenwerving momenteel werkt voor uw organisatieen waar de kansen voor groei zouden kunnen liggen. Naast de lange termijn strategieënvoor de ontwikkeling van een volledig geïntegreerde aanpak van fondsenwervingidentificeren we ook de ‘quick wins’ die u kunt bereiken door het nemen van relatief simpelestappen.De nadruk zal liggen op trusts en stichtingen, corporate donaties / sponsoring en hetindividuele geven.Het Wonderbird Express procesFase 1 Inzicht: Om u zo veel mogelijk informatie over uw bedrijf te verzamelen vragen wij uaan het begin van Express ervaring een vragenlijst in te vullen. Deze zal worden verstrektaan geselecteerde medewerkers binnen uw organisatie. Daarnaast zullen wij u ook vragennaar eventueel aanvullend drukwerk en andere, relevante documenten. Zo zal Wonderbird      
  7. 7.  zich de benodigde achtergrondinformatie eigen maken De research wordt uitgevoerd dooreen Executive en een Associate. Dit is onze korte, intensive onderdompeling in uw wereld.Fase 2 Het treffen: Onze research zal worden gevolgd door een volle dag tezamen met uwteam (Marketing / Fondsenwerving) of een sessie van drie uur met uw bestuur – afhankelijkvan welk pakket u boekt. Wij structureren deze sessie zeer zorgvuldig en zorgen ervoor -door interviews, workshops en training ter plaatse – dat we de maximale productiviteit uitdeze dag halen. Deze dag zal plaatsvinden op een nader aft e spreken locatie.Fase 3 Het eindpunt: Kort na Fase 2 krijgt u van ons een praktisch rapport – met daarin eenmatrix van aanbevelingen – gesplitst in korte, middellange en lange termijn. Al dezeoplossingen zullen relevant zijn voor uw instelling, creatief, bruikbaar en bovenal haalbaarvoor uw team met de middelen die u heeft.De kostenDe Express-pakket neemt ongeveer drie dagen van het Wonderbird team in beslag. EenExecutive of Associate heeft de leiding over het project en wordt vergezeld door eenondersteunend consultant.De kosten variëren van een prijs weerspiegelt de kleine / middelgrote organisaties waar wijons via deze Express pakketten op richten.De kosten worden berekend op basis van organisatorische omzet, Met een minimum omzetvan 5 ton en een maximum omzet van een miljoen.Mocht u een presentatie van de resultaten willen of een ‘follow up’ met de Executive /Associate prefereren dan is dit, voor een additioneel bedrag, mogelijk.Contact usNaomi RussellManaging (0) 625 434 521Annelies BrinkmanAssociate Director (0) 621 265 936Jeroen (0) 614 311 921AMSTERDAM LONDONHobbemestraat 2 2 Newburgh Street1071 ZA Amsterdam London W1F 7RD+ 31 625 434 521 + 44 203 327 1480      
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