True Blood: Mobile Rich Media Case Study: Medialets, PHD and HBO


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It's no secret that mobile devices offer an unparalleled environment for consumer engagement, but are advertisers embracing that opportunity? For a recent campaign promoting HBO series True Blood, the answer is yes. In this session, PHD and Medialets will share details behind this captivating mobile rich media campaign. Find out how mobile fit in the broader campaign strategy and hear the story behind a mobile rich media creative that consumers really sunk their teeth into.

True Blood: Mobile Rich Media Case Study: Medialets, PHD and HBO

  1. 1. rich media goes mobile
  2. 2. As HBO prepared to launch the third season of the critically acclaimed series, True Blood, it was imperative that the marketing campaign excite existing fans, intrigue the uninitiated, and garner the attention of the industry to boost awareness and drive tune-in. The popular program had set a high bar in previous seasons and the goal was to drive viewership beyond the last season’s premiere. By providing fans with media driven experiences that unlock and incite the rabid fan base’s “fangelism” the campaign was able to spark conversation, accelerate interest, and garner attention for the series. challenge / approach
  3. 3. solution PHD partnered with Medialets to create a unique, first-to-market, mobile Rich media experience. Together, PHD and Medialets, identified key app publishers that could support the execution while reaching entertainment industry enthusiasts and professionals.
  4. 4. creative
  5. 5. creative
  6. 6. 3 of Medialets- enabled apps and network process
  8. 8. engagement engaged users 98% 11%
  9. 9. engagement time Average = 23 seconds Auto = 37.5 seconds
  10. 10. watched video (CTR) Best performing app CTR = 8.73%
  11. 11. “ We found this to be a very cool, highly relevant ad that capitalizes on both the visual and tactile experience offered by the iPhone, the type of entertainment-specific content that users might seek on Variety and Flixster, as well as the series’ subject matter and tone.” - PSFK On YouTube, the True Blood iPhone creative demo video was viewed10,000+ times in 7 days . “ I’ve yet to see many good rich media (in app) iPhone ads, so this feels like a great execution in a very relevant space on the iPhone App in the lead up to the launch of True Blood Season 3. “ buzz
  12. 12. <ul><li>5.1 MM VIEWERS TUNED IN TO SEASON 3 </li></ul><ul><li>38% INCREASE OVER PREVIOUS SEASON </li></ul><ul><li>19% BOOST OVER PREVIOUS SEASON’S </li></ul><ul><li>AVERAGE VIEWERSHIP </li></ul>impact
  13. 13. Users were more engaged by the creative that surprised them. insight Allow lead time for cutting-edge campaign executions. Mobile creative performs best when designed with mobile in mind.
  14. 14. NickoMinaj: the True Blood ad on the iphone is so freaky but tight at the same time. scared the fuck outta me impact
  15. 15. Robbirgfeld : And here it is – definitely the best iPhone ad I’ve seen yet #TrueBlood: impact
  16. 16. latribri : Note…not an iAd >>RT @medialets : Medialets and PHD teamed up to create an in-app rich media ad for HBO’s True Blood impact
  17. 17. Saramckinniss : @truebloodhbo From a professional public relations view, the True Blood bloody online ad on the Variety iPhone app is genius impact
  18. 18. richcat1972 : “@LafayetteTB: Video: #Trueblood Iphone ad” really spooky cool link so want bloody fingerprints on my phone impact
  19. 19. elstrama : True Blood Variety app ad drenches #iPhone in blood #fb #multitouch #smartphones #trueblood impact
  20. 20. Sookie BT : Have y’all seen the new iPhone #TrueBlood ad? Here’s a little preview #WaitingSucks #5days impact
  21. 21. Sioflynn : True Blood in-app rich media ad on iPhone app – just cool impact
  22. 22. impact Tigersharkmusic : Creative yet slightly disturbing iPhone ad for True Blood: starts w/ bloody fingerprints left after tapping screen
  23. 23. impact BrientTate : Thumbs up!! On variety targeted tactile campaign RT @medialets : True Blood’s Bloody iPhone Ad by @Medialets (via @psfk )
  24. 24. impact TrueBloodBlips : True Blood in-app rich media ad on iPhone app (video) #trueblood
  25. 25. rich media goes mobile