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Mass and niche audiences assignment 8


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Mass and Niche Audiences (Assignment 8) by Idrees Choudhary

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Mass and niche audiences assignment 8

  1. 1. Mass and Niche Audiences Assignment 8 Idrees Choudhary
  2. 2. Niche Audience • This is a small audience with similar interests, that not a large variety of people will enjoy or have. • These is not a category which is aimed at, as the need or demand for this would be very low.
  3. 3. Mass Audience • This is the opposite to Niche Audience. It has a large audience, which again like Niche have the same interests that other movie fans have, such as Thriller, Horror, Comedy Etc… • This is the main group of People, that is aimed at for film industries. This could be due to the Niche Audience which has a large audience, they would attract a lot more people, therefore have a larger revenue income as well as profit.
  4. 4. Sub genres of Horror • For the Sub – genres we needed to analyse three of our choices: • Home Invasion – This could apply to a Niche audience, seeing as though it is mainly involved around the home lifestyle, therefore the audience could adapt and relate to this. • Creepy Kid – This is presumably applied to people with kids or siblings as they can again relate to this creepy kid style film. • Slasher – This is the type of film who would want to see a really gruesome horror film. This would be aimed at teenagers, who would go out with friends to watch a movie like this.