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Monetizing Your Mobile Traffic


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Monetizing Your Mobile Traffic

  1. 1. Monetizing Your Mobile Traffic Alexander Tsatkin VP Mobile
  2. 2. Defining Mobile Traffic
  3. 3. Think Mobile U.S. mobile ad revenue reached $3bn H1 2013 By 2015: 78% of U.S. consumers will own a mobile phone and one-half will have smartphones Average time spent with mobile outpacing all other media at 141 minutes/day
  4. 4. Take Advantage of Mobile Shift Over 17% of all Global web traffic is now being accessed from mobile Traditional ad units do not perform as well as mobile ad units Step 1: Mobilize your content Step 2: Monetize your mobile visitors
  5. 5. Mobilizing Your Mobile Content Build Mobile Optimized Sites • • • • • Load times File sizes Navigation Forms Simplicity Redirect users using JavaScript code
  6. 6. Other Options Responsive Design Building Native Apps - Saved on users phone - Additional SEO through App Store - New app only ad units
  7. 7. Monetizing Your Mobile Traffic
  8. 8. Which Advertisers Yield the Best Results on Mobile?
  9. 9. Mobile Ad Network Options
  10. 10. Types of Traffic Networks Ad Networks Supply-Side Platforms Mediation Layers Affiliate Networks/DIY
  11. 11. Types of Ad Units Banners Interstitials App Promotions/Wall Incentivized Mobile Only
  12. 12. Payment Models CPM – Cost per thousand impressions CPC – Cost per click on creative ad unit CPA – Cost per specific action as indicated by advertiser
  13. 13. Think eCPM eCPM is KING Balance of pricing and fill rate
  14. 14. Finding the Right Monetization Partner • • • • Goal Brand-safe Local or international? Resources
  15. 15. How Matomy Can Help?
  16. 16. Contact Us p @matomygroup
  17. 17. Thank You