MediaWhiz POV: Conversion Optimization for Lead-gen Paths


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MediaWhiz SVP Jeremy Leonard details conversion optimization for lead-gen paths. At a presentation given at Conversion Conference Oct. 9, 2012, in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Leonard explains how digital and performance marketers can generate efficient and cost-effective conversions with an eye toward quality and sustainability.

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MediaWhiz POV: Conversion Optimization for Lead-gen Paths

  1. 1. The Tricks and Traps of Lead-Gen Conversion Jeremy W. Leonard SVP Strategy & Operations MediaWhiz #convcon @MediaWhizLLC
  2. 2. About MediaWhizIntegrated digital media agencyCombine performance marketing,technology and digital-media expertiseHelp brands acquire customers moreprofitablyPart of Hyper Marketing agency network #convcon @MediaWhizLLC
  3. 3. About MediaWhizADVERTISING AGE#11 U.S. SearchMarketing AgencyTOPSEOs.COM:Top-10 Best U.S. SEOAgenciesADVERTISING AGE#21 U.S. Digital Network #convcon @MediaWhizLLC
  4. 4. About MediaWhizSEARCH DISPLAY AFFILIATEEfficiency. Growth. Efficiency and scale via top- Targeted, high-quality leadsReputation. PPC, SEO, SEM, ranked ad network. >2 billion with top-ranked affiliateORM and link-building impressions per month. network MEDIA EMAIL DATAProfitable consumer Targeted engagement andengagement via measureable relevance for proven ROI. ACQUISITIONsocial media marketing Targeted reach to 350Mcampaigns. consumers. TEXT LINK ADS Increase organic search traffic with link-building options. #convcon @MediaWhizLLC
  5. 5. Lead Gen Conversion Issues• Call-to-action must be clear• Short-form vs. long-form decisions• Mobile options are essential• Quality vs. quantity of consumer traffic must be considered• Downstream client KPIs are essential• Final quality feedback loop with client #convcon @MediaWhizLLC
  6. 6. Specific Challenges• Lead gen provides financial incentives to drive fraudulent traffic to sites• How to create sites that convert well and separate good traffic from bad traffic• Understanding consumers’ mindset more critical than ever #convcon @MediaWhizLLC
  7. 7. Typical Verticals that Challenge Lead Gen• Will be looking at: o Education o Payday o Auto Insurance o Navigation o Client obstacles o Proper mobile implementation of these instances #convcon @MediaWhizLLC
  8. 8. Education Specific Challenges• Site leads must convert to student enrollment o Education is a “considered” purchase• Typical site traffic lead to enrollment KPI is 90 days• Call centers become a critical component in lead qualification and conversion• Essential to stay on top of Call Center experience o Ensures client doesn’t have 90 days of poor quality traffic in the pipeline #convcon @MediaWhizLLC
  9. 9. Two Types of Form Field Navigation #convcon @MediaWhizLLC
  10. 10. Case Study: Liberty University • Poorly laid out sight with “auto advance” navigation • Text heavy • In spite of: • Poor call-to-action • Small video imbed • Text heaviness • Color scheme that blends Action in with frame • Conversions were 63% higher than with standard form #convcon @MediaWhizLLC
  11. 11. Case Study: Liberty University • Approached the site with more engaging graphics • Made “auto advance” navigation a contrasting color with rest of the site #convcon @MediaWhizLLC
  12. 12. Case Study: Liberty University • Every time a selection is made on navigation shield, the graphics slide to the left • The navigation advances one further step #convcon @MediaWhizLLC
  13. 13. Case Study: Liberty University • Better designed, better laid out site • Contrasting call-to-action • User is “invested” by the time she reaches final page • Site performed 17% worse than text-heavy version • Currently testing with fewer graphics that pull the eye away from lead form #convcon @MediaWhizLLC
  14. 14. Case Study: Bryant & Stratton • Nicely performing EDU landing page • Conversion to Call Center: 18.7% • Focused on Criminal Justice • Visuals match consumer traffic • Pre-selected degree field • Imbedded Video • Regulatory issues prevent stronger call-to-action • How to “go mobile”? #convcon @MediaWhizLLC
  15. 15. Case Study: Bryant & Stratton Mobile Options • Code site so it auto sizes for screen size • Pros: • Prioritize elements to display in any order • Displays in long vertical rather than horizontal scroll • Captures some organic mobile • Cons: • Sacrifice strong visuals • Poor navigation • No need for dedicated mobile site #convcon @MediaWhizLLC
  16. 16. Case Study: Bryant & Stratton Preferred Method: Code site so it looks like an app • Pros: • Consumers prefer apps to mobile websites • Maximize smartphone navigation • Integrate “Click to Call” feature • Still capable of presenting rich content in mobile site • Conversions increased 517% over basic mobile site • Cons: • Spend money on dedicated mobile site #convcon @MediaWhizLLC
  17. 17. Case Study: Bryant & Stratton Faux App Method • Allows rich content to load in background slower than foreground load • Fewer abandonments for load-time issues • Provides potential consumers with easily controllable video endorsements • Navigation remains consistent across all pages • “Click to Call” remains consistent across all pages #convcon @MediaWhizLLC
  18. 18. Case Study: Bryant & Stratton Additional Issues to Consider • Pros: • No flash or HTML 5 required • Additional content easily created as compared to app and app upgrade • After consumer leaves phone number or presses “Click to Call” SMS becomes valid method of CRM • Cons: • Spend money on dedicated mobile site #convcon @MediaWhizLLC
  19. 19. Long-Form Challenges• Payday is one of the toughest “long-form” challenges o 19 questions o Highly sensitive information (SS#, bank account #, etc.) o Lenders determine field values o Form field validation is critical o Multi-variant testing on fields is limited• What worked best: 2 pages or 8 pages? o Best practices: More pages with strong navigation feedback should convert best o Fewer pages with high number of questions would scare off consumers #convcon @MediaWhizLLC
  20. 20. Case Study: Rescue Cash • Navigation • Bread crumbs • Macro level visibility • Additional info easily found • Results • First-page bounce rate: 48% • Overall completion rate: 23% • Abandonment after 1st page — consistent across remaining pages #convcon @MediaWhizLLC
  21. 21. Don’t forget that Google doesn’t like “auto- chat” and may delist your site #convcon @MediaWhizLLC
  22. 22. Case Study: Rescue Cash • Navigation • No bread crumbs • Macro level visibility • Additional info not easily found • Results • First-page bounce rate: 19% • Overall completion rate: 47% #convcon @MediaWhizLLC
  23. 23. Case Study: Rescue Cash • Conclusions that we drew: • These consumers are highly motivated – they want money • When they can see all of the questions at a single glance, they can collect the necessary information for form completion • The likely optimal length is probably between 2 & 8 pages. We are still testing. #convcon @MediaWhizLLC
  24. 24. Case Study: The Auto Insurance Scout • How hard could a “zip submit” be? • Only two fields: • Radio button: “Are you currently insured?” • Zip Code field • Expected ~8% conversion rate • 3% conversion rate • Used “happy shiny people” • Used “logos” of our insurance lead buyers • Put in the “three steps” #convcon @MediaWhizLLC
  25. 25. Case Study: The Auto Insurance Scout • Substituted a car for people • Put zip submit on left side of page • Put logos on right side of page • Added additional text around process • All to no avail ... #convcon @MediaWhizLLC
  26. 26. Case Study: The Auto Insurance Scout • Then put zip field first with cursor defaulting to field • Auto-populated “insured” question with a “yes” • Conversion rates jumped by 275% • Sometimes the answer is staring you in the face #convcon @MediaWhizLLC
  27. 27. Case Study: Home Depot • What to do when client’s legal team designs landing page? • Time for A/B testing with legal approval • Version 1 from legal team: • Call-to-action is “request” • No sense of urgency • Covers everything from repair to maintenance #convcon @MediaWhizLLC
  28. 28. Case Study: Home Depot • “B” version included small badge for “special financing same as cash” • This should be the real sense of urgency • Moved customer rating higher on page • Included names of top manufacturers to lend further credibility • Conversions improved 61% • Legal approved as Version “A” #convcon @MediaWhizLLC
  29. 29. Case Study: Home Depot • Continued to A/B test with Legal permission • “Special financing for 12 months” is now clearer • Not large enough, in our opinion • Introduced tag line that referenced “deal” • Call-to-action is now “Get A FREE Consultation.” • Included consumer information around maintenance and financial savings • Conversions improved #convcon additional 44% @MediaWhizLLC
  30. 30. Finally, always • Use automated tools to check for obvious offenders remember • Foreign traffic masked by U.S. proxy servers quality • Unusual spikes in traffic o Always check referring URL reports: o Typically a sign of bot traffic • Make sure traffic comes from expected source o Search traffic is not actually masked email traffic #convcon @MediaWhizLLC
  31. 31. Talk to Clients About KPIs• Downstream KPIs o Leads to call center conversions o Call center conversions to information packets o Info packets to “sales” o Return rates o Optimize sites and traffic around all of these KPIs #convcon @MediaWhizLLC
  32. 32. Questions? #convcon @MediaWhizLLC