MediaWhiz POV: Content Marketing Like a Pro


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MediaWhiz's SEO experts offer their best practices, tactics and techniques for effective search engine visibility and lead-generation success with content marketing.

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MediaWhiz POV: Content Marketing Like a Pro

  1. 1. Content Marketing Like a ProTactics and Techniques to Improve Search Engine Visibility Daryl Colwell Vice President, MediaWhiz @MediaWhizInc
  2. 2. About Me• Oversee business development at MediaWhiz• 12 years’ experience in online marketingAbout My Company — MediaWhiz• Integrated digital media & performance marketing agency• Part of Matomy Media Group• Services: Affiliate, Display, Search, 20 1 2 Social, Data & Email• Top-25 Digital Agency, Ad Age, 2012 @MediaWhizInc
  3. 3. What Is Content Marketing? Content Marketing: •Establishes authority and provides useful information •Should be useful even to someone not interested in buying your product or service •Not disguised as independent editorial •Does not have to run in an editorial environment, like a third-party magazine •Provides value to the consumer. •Is honest and without hyperbole @MediaWhizInc
  4. 4. Content Marketing — The BasicsBasic Rules1.Lead Generation: Your content should generate leads for your business. – Don’t create content just to have content. – Caveat: Don’t create content that is purely sales-driven.1.Context: Your content needs to be placed in the right venues for the rightaudiences.2.Have a Strategy: One-off efforts won’t cut it. Use an editorial calendar toplan content each quarter.3.Timing: Plan publication of content around customer buying cycle.4.Factor in Cost: Content marketing is expensive. It’s a long-terminvestment; not a short-term solution.5.Make it Creative: Your content needs to bring something new to theconsumer. Otherwise, it’s a waste of time and money. @MediaWhizInc
  5. 5. Why Content Marketing Is Important It’s simple:It’s the future of marketing. Seriously. @MediaWhizInc
  6. 6. Why Content Marketing Is Important It’s also how you should be generating new business. @MediaWhizInc
  7. 7. Why Content Marketing Is Important You can write for “idea- spreaders” or buyers. Write for your buyers. @MediaWhizInc
  8. 8. Great Content MarketingWhy It’s Great:•Fits the brand•Builds strong brandaffinity•Generates newcustomers viasubscriptions @MediaWhizInc
  9. 9. Avoid These Mistakes Being Overly Promotional Taking It to the Extreme Takeaways Takeaways •Dont make tone •Back an argument obviously with convincing promotional numbers •Visualize the info •Use proportionate •Ensure imagery sentiment and graphics fit the •Inform the content consumer; don’t insult or offend them @MediaWhizInc
  10. 10. Avoid These Mistakes Bland Content Misguided Content Takeaways •Make your message interesting and distinctive •Dont just directly turn figures into stats •Use imagination and wit Takeaways •Content needs to fit your brand and that of third-party publisher •Tone and context are important @MediaWhizInc
  11. 11. Content Marketing & SEOBenefits to SEO•Attracts authority signals (links, social shares) —improves SEO performance•Positions brand as authority on relevant topics•Increases conversion rates – Educates users on topics that are difficult to understand @MediaWhizInc
  12. 12. Content Marketing & SEOHow Content Marketing Can Hurt SEO•Don’t create content for “SEO” – Write for humans – Content with purpose of satisfying search engines has short-lived benefits•Spam – Don’t syndicate content to article distribution networks or off-topic properties•Inconsistency/falsity – Fact check and ensure consistency with brand messaging – Consumers’ trust compromised by off-message or false content @MediaWhizInc
  13. 13. Improving SEO with Content MarketingStep 1: Define the target audience•Perform research on consumers’ buying patterns•Understand what is compelling and how your product /service benefits them @MediaWhizInc
  14. 14. Improving SEO with Content MarketingStep 2: Write abouttopics your audiencecares about•Use keyword suggestiontools (i.e., Google AdwordsKeyword Tool) to understandconsumers’ searches @MediaWhizInc
  15. 15. Improving SEO with Content Marketing• Review Q&A sites (i.e., Yahoo Answers, to see what people are asking about• Stay on topic — don’t write about anything irrelevant to the brand @MediaWhizInc
  16. 16. Improving SEO with Content MarketingStep 3: Offer incentives for readers toshare content•Focus on the “why”, not the “what” – How will your content help your customers?•Facilitate sharing – Include sharing buttons (Facebook Like, Twitter Tweet, Google +1, etc) in visible locations @MediaWhizInc
  17. 17. Improving SEO with Content MarketingStep 4: Leverage influential andauthoritative authors•Identify authors relevant to a topic – Search relevant topics in Google+, Twitter, Facebook (via Graph Search) and search engines•Invite influential authors to guest post @MediaWhizInc
  18. 18. Improving SEO with Content MarketingStep 5: Develop your backend SEO setup•Ensure proper tagging and mark-up of content – Use rel=author tags in the byline to credit the author of the content and leverage their authority @MediaWhizInc
  19. 19. Content Marketing & Lead GenerationYour content should generate leads•Content should help generate leads or incrementalbusiness•Proper tracking is essentialMediaWhiz as an example•Create content for brand-building and lead-genpurposes with marketers and advertisers•Seed content across internal and externalpublications @MediaWhizInc
  20. 20. Content Marketing & Lead Generation“If you’re not putting somekind of hook to futurebusiness into your efforts,you’re not contentmarketing.” – Chris Brogan, Jan. 22, 2013Source: @MediaWhizInc
  21. 21. How to Generate Leads with ContentRule #1: Make your buyer the heroProduce content that informsyour customers and improvestheir business @MediaWhizInc
  22. 22. How to Generate Leads with ContentRule #2: Never waste content withoutoffering an “Ask” of some kind“Ask” is more than a “call to action” or intent.It’s a request for a specific action. • Mix of soft and hard sell • Ask should be reasonable and related to the content • Examples of an “Ask”: • Newsletter / blog subscriptions • Free appraisals / audits • White paper download @MediaWhizInc
  23. 23. How to Generate Leads with ContentRule #3: Make it simple for people togive you their infoPlace call-to-action copy strategicallythroughout content @MediaWhizInc
  24. 24. How to Generate Leads with ContentRule #4: Make it simple for sales team tointeract with leadsCustomize formfield page togenerate contactinfo you need forfollow-up call /email @MediaWhizInc
  25. 25. Lead Gen Best PracticesPrep your sales team• Prep your sales team for influx of new leads – Some will be qualified leads; others not – Schedule brief training session with sales team to review new content – Get feedback from sales team about questions they hear from customers • Use feedback to develop new content and generate additional leads @MediaWhizInc
  26. 26. Lead Gen Best PracticesEarly outreach = lead-gen success• Odds of reaching lead decrease by >10 times in first hour• Odds of qualifying lead in 5 minutes vs. 30 minutes drop 21 times – from 5 to 10 minutes the dial to qualify odds decrease 4 times• Best time to call a lead: 4-6 p.m. Wednesday & Thursday @MediaWhizInc
  27. 27. The Content Marketing Top-101. Know your audience: Write for a specific reader or customer. Know what they want and how/where they consume information.2. Include images: Images will “pop” when content is shared.3. Commit: Not a one-night stand. Establish an editorial calendar and publish often. Give customers a reason to keep reading.4. Engage the right buyers with the right content: Write content for all levels of the sales funnel.5. Repurpose content: Turn blog posts into white papers; white papers into infographics, etc. @MediaWhizInc
  28. 28. The Content Marketing Top-106. Create series: If you have 10 steps, share 5 now and 5 in next post.7. Measure ROI and leads: Track KPIs (visits, conversions, links, social shares) generated to understand what content performs best8. Track trends: Relate your content to emerging industry trends. Write content that answers customers’ questions about those trends.9. Be timely: Publish content when your customers are most active.10. Reference industry influencers: Enable others to generate awareness and leads on your behalf @MediaWhizInc
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