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Facebook Advertising in 2015


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Facebook mobile advertising is a rapidly growing opportunity which is why it's important to define your strategy NOW. We'll discuss where Facebook mobile is heading and how you should be planning. We'll also address the Facebook capabilities available to app developers for user acquisition and user re-engagement, a technical checklist and tips, techniques and best practice for getting the most out of an ad campaign and how you can manage your activity at scale.

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Facebook Advertising in 2015

  1. 1. FACEBOOK ADVERTISING in 2015 WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW TODAY TO PREPARE FOR TOMORROW | @MatomyGroup Menachem Salinas, SVP of Social Matomy Media Group
  2. 2. AGENDA 1 The Game Changer: Graph Search on Mobile 2 Taking Twitter’s Lunch 3 Offline Conversions for Retailers 4 Bye-Bye Right-Hand Ads 5 Prepare for the Future
  3. 3. 60B 12K 1,500 Impressions/Month Active Campaigns Customers 2007 85 10K Launched Countries Registered Publishers
  4. 4. 1 THE GAME CHANGER: Graph Search
  5. 5. This will forever CHANGE MOBILE
  6. 6. Graph Search’s Impact on Mobile Action- and object-based search and discovery tool Contains local and social context and credibility Uses natural language in search Leverages Facebook’s social interaction data Advertisers: place ads on FB based on users’ mobile search terms Type of sponsored search result with social context | @MatomyGroup
  7. 7. Take Advantage Of Mobile Graph Search | @MatomyGroup
  8. 8. Take Advantage Of Mobile Graph Search | @MatomyGroup
  10. 10. Who will win the mobile social battle?
  11. 11. Facebook Eats into Twitter’s Territory Hashtags Newsfeed Trends
  12. 12. Facebook Eats into Twitter’s Territory Hashtags Newsfeed Trends
  13. 13. 3 OFFLINE CONVERSIONS For Retailers
  15. 15. Offline Conversion For Retailers FB update to Custom Audiences to enable advertisers to measure offline sales Overlay offline sales data on FB data Show actions consumer may have taken based on FB ad | @MatomyGroup
  17. 17. These will go away. Get used to it.
  18. 18. Bye-Bye Right-Hand Side Ads Will be replaced by higher-performing page-post and app install ads Advertisers urged to make Facebook de facto homepage Users become quality assurance for brands advertising on Facebook | @MatomyGroup
  19. 19. 5 PREPARE FOR THE Future
  20. 20. Facebook in 2015 CHANGES THAT WILL RESHAPE ADVERTISING Enhanced data-based campaigns replace Like-based Facebook advertising Facebook integrates into other technologies – TVs, Internet of Things, etc. Mobile Graph Search becomes Internet’s de facto search engine | @MatomyGroup
  21. 21. WINNING STRATEGY CHANGES YOU SHOULD MAKE NOW Find a smart media partner that speaks Facebook Move beyond Likes and content-based ads Shift towards performance-based ads FB is already doing this Merge offline campaigns with online FB campaigns for integrated sales strategy | @MatomyGroup
  22. 22. QUESTIONS? | @MatomyGroup
  23. 23. STAY CONNECTED Menachem Salinas, SVP of Social Matomy Media Group E: | @MatomyGroup
  24. 24. Thank You