MediaWhiz POV: Analyzing The Big Lead-Gen Trends


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MediaWhiz POV: Analyzing The Big Lead-Gen Trends

  1. 1. @MediaWhizIncDaryl ColwellVice President | MediaWhiz@DHColwellAnalyzing the BigLead-Gen Trends
  2. 2. About MediaWhizADVERTISING AGE#11 U.S. Search MarketingFirmADVERTISING AGE#11 U.S. Search MarketingFirmTOPSEOs.COMTop-10 Best U.S. SEOAgenciesTOPSEOs.COMTop-10 Best U.S. SEOAgenciesCOMSCORETop-40 Display NetworkCOMSCORETop-40 Display NetworkmTHINK BLUE BOOK#5 CPA / Affiliate NetworkmTHINK BLUE BOOK#5 CPA / Affiliate Network2012AFFILIATIONNorth American hub ofMatomy Media Group —world’s largest performancemarketing companyAFFILIATIONNorth American hub ofMatomy Media Group —world’s largest performancemarketing companyTIMEDecade-long history ofresults (2001 – Present)TIMEDecade-long history ofresults (2001 – Present) @MediaWhizInc
  3. 3. How MediaWhiz Benefits YouCategory Total Traffic Total Acquisitions AdvertisersHealth & Wellness 7,000,000 115,000Credit & Debit Cards 11,000,000 750,000Education 11,000,000 475,000Insurance 7,600,000 1,230,000Credit Reporting 7,000,000 220,000Automotive 5,400,000 500,000Coupons & Deals 5,400,000 350,000ConsumersReached201201MMAcquisitions @MediaWhizInc
  4. 4. Our Lead-Gen ServicesDemand Generation275M leads a monthSEO | SEM#11 largest search agency,Advertising Age60,000 text link propertiesDisplay &Retargeting2bn impressions amonthEmail350Mrecords100% @MediaWhizInc
  5. 5. …………......…………......The Big Lead-Gen @MediaWhizInc…………...... EDU Offers & Campaigns1Mobile Lead-Gen / Affiliate23 Traffic & Offer Quality4 Industry Consolidation…………......
  7. 7. MediaWhiz @MediaWhizIncWhat We DoManaged 3rd-party lists350M+ recordsCPL, CPA, CPMProprietary TechnologyTargetingIndustry/verticalDemographicGeographicBehavioralQuality & ControlStringent data management vetting process100% CAN SPAM compliant and controlled distribution per record/day
  8. 8. MediaWhiz Email: How It @MediaWhizIncMediaWhiz lists segmentedaccordingly for each offer andcreative deployedConsumer then is driven to the leadform (on site) and registration form(tracked via site pixel)1 2
  9. 9. @MediaWhizIncAnd now forSOMETHINGNEW
  10. 10. MediaWhiz’s New EDU @MediaWhizInc
  11. 11. @MediaWhizIncWhat Is It?MediaWhiz-ownedexclusive EDU portalQuality-driven EDUtechnology marketplaceEDU lead acquisition forcolleges and publishersProprietary technologyExclusive leads
  12. 12. @MediaWhizIncBenefits toAdvertisers10+ years mailing EDU offers &EDU trafficInternal email & internal searchtrafficIn-portal data & lead-gentrackingPre-qualified EDU leadsFull-service prospectrelationship platform
  13. 13. @MediaWhizIncBenefits toPublishersIn-portal data & lead-gentrackingRevenue-enhancing portalData verification & controlIn-house Compliance Mgr.Compliance tech from CPADetective
  14. 14. @MediaWhizIncSNEAKPEEK
  15. 15. @MediaWhizIncBenefits to PublishersLaunching TODAY at LeadsConMobile campaigns & offers in:AffiliateSearch / SEODisplayIntegration with MonetizeIt, MediaWhiz’saffiliate networkClick-to-Call via RingRevenueIntroducing MediaWhiz Mobile@MediaWhizIncEmailSocial MediaLead Generation
  16. 16. $119bn Industry by 2015
  17. 17. @MediaWhizIncRequires simple, dynamic creativeComplex vs. impulsive transactionsWhat is the context of consumers’purchasing intent?Fewer choices = better leadconversionThe Mobile Lead-Gen Challenge@MediaWhizInc
  18. 18. @MediaWhizIncGood vs. Bad Mobile Lead GenBAD GOODThe TakeawayPeople don’t visit mobile sites to browse. They visit fora specific purpose. Tailor mobile sites for lead gen.@MediaWhizInc
  19. 19. QUESTIONS?
  20. 20. Daryl ColwellVice PresidentMediaWhizP: 646-442-5513E: dcolwell@mediawhiz.comTw: @DHColwellStay @MediaWhizIncTALK TO THE MEDIAWHIZ TEAM AT BOOTH#511!
  21. 21. ………........……. THANKYOU!