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MediaWhiz, a leading digital media and strategy agency with expertise in all facets of search marketing, has collected the best of its insight and perspective on search marketing for this new, informative white paper. Each concept comes from MediaWhiz’s stable of search marketing experts. Each represents a new way of thinking about online search and an innovative way to grow your business.

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MediaWhiz POV: Enhancing Your Brand's Search Strategy

  2. 2. 10 NEW SEARCH MARKETING STRATEGIES Tweet this 2 10 NEW IDEAS FOR ENHANCING YOUR BRAND’S SEARCH STRATEGY MediaWhiz’s Search Marketing Experts Share Their Wisdom The search marketing landscape has changed dramatically in recent years. Gone are the days of a walled garden between a company’s organic and paid search programs and the rest of its online marketing strategy. Now, there is a recognition by marketers that search, like any form of marketing, must be engaged in a holistic, interconnected manner. It must create measurable results that tie into the whole of a company’s marketing campaign, rather than being off in its own universe. With that in mind, MediaWhiz, a leading digital media agency with expertise in all facets of search marketing, has collected the best of its insight and perspective on search marketing for this new, informative white paper. It presents 10 new ideas for enhancing your brand’s search strategy. Each comes from MediaWhiz’s stable of search marketing experts. Each represents a new way of thinking about online search and a innovative way to grow your business. Because with the marketer’s world showing no signs of getting any easier, we could all use a little advice from the experts. © 2012 Copyright MediaWhiz All Rights Reserved | WWW.MEDIAWHIZ.COM | 888.866.WHIZ
  3. 3. 10 NEW SEARCH MARKETING STRATEGIES Tweet this 3 Five Trends for Navigating the Modern Search Landscape “Search means more than Google. And it’s not just for online retailers. Search is for everyone. Getting search right means getting social media right.” 1. Search is not just for online retailers; 3. Local and mobile search will explode. it’s for everyone. Online searches influence Local results are increasingly dominating offline purchases. Forrester Research search results pages. Businesses must estimates that more than $1. trillion of 1 maintain local registrations with the search retail sales in 201 were “Web-influenced” 1 engines to ensure presence in local search versus $173 billion actual online sales. results, maps and geolocation queries. This is especially true for considered Segmenting customers through geotargeting purchases such as autos, financial services, with paid search also helps focus the right education, furniture, etc. For example, JD ads to the right customers. Use of mobile Power estimates 90 percent of potential car devices to conduct searches is exploding. purchasers research their purchase online Search on Android devices grew 300 percent before going to a dealer. in the first half of 2010. Like registering your locations, configuring your website for mobile 2. Search means more than Google. It is compatibility is paramount. important to diversify your company’s paid search (PPC) efforts. Google attracts the 4. Integrated paid search and SEO majority of paid search but Bing and Yahoo are programs boost overall search performance. gaining share. Similarly, Facebook appears Vanessa Fox, creator of Google’s Webmaster intent on charging into the search market. But Central and author of “Marketing in the Age search audiences at Bing and Yahoo differ of Google,” tells of several studies where from Google. In 2010, click-through rates for click-through rates, conversion rates and small and medium-sized businesses grew revenue are all higher when organic and paid 109 percent for Bing, 123 percent for Yahoo, listings appear together for a given search. but only 32 percent for Google. As Facebook Advertisers must coordinate their SEM (paid) emerges, targeting and response rates will and SEO (organic) efforts, e.g., having a likely vary from the other providers. Search common keyword portfolio, to ensure optimal success will require the ability to manage all search marketing results. four platforms successfully. © 2012 Copyright MediaWhiz All Rights Reserved | WWW.MEDIAWHIZ.COM | 888.866.WHIZ
  4. 4. 10 NEW SEARCH MARKETING STRATEGIES Tweet this 4 Five Trends for Navigating the Modern Search Landscape (continued) 5. Getting search right means getting social taking advantage of the hyper-targeted ad right. It remains unclear whether Google or opportunities available through Facebook Facebook will win the race to assimilate the and other social venues to tap new customer precision of social influence with the power segments will prepare a business to maximize of consumer intent in the search experience. the effectiveness of these converging But it is crystal clear that this integration is audiences. on the way. Having a well-designed social media strategy, one that anticipates the impact corporate social initiatives will have on search marketing efforts, is essential. Moreover, © 2012 Copyright MediaWhiz All Rights Reserved | WWW.MEDIAWHIZ.COM | 888.866.WHIZ
  5. 5. 10 NEW SEARCH MARKETING STRATEGIES Tweet this 5 Converting Online Traffic into Franchise Foot Traffic Setting up and maintaining a successful brick- or negatively affect their franchise. It might be and-mortar business has always presented tempting to attempt to tackle a search program unique challenges. Offline storefronts are internally. This should not be your tact. Running in constant competition with neighboring a brick-and-mortar shop is complex. So is franchises, co-ops, malls and mega retail search. The do-it-yourself approach could end chains. In order to stay a step ahead of up costing you time and money. It could also potential customer foot traffic, local businesses adversely impact your online reputation. must have a strong online search presence to deliver traffic from the initial search to the final Effectively launching and running any search purchase. campaign requires specialized expertise. A “Build a strong search campaign to deliver traffic from customers’ initial search to their final purchase. ” For franchises, leveraging search expertise forward-thinking search team with experience is about more than constructing a website driving results within your industry can tailor or creating a social media page. In order a robust paid (PPC) and organic search (SEO) to maximize the Internet’s revenue- campaign to meet and perhaps exceed your generating capabilities, your company’s program goals helping you acquire customers online presence must be continually more profitably. How do they go about laying optimized to increase brand awareness and the foundation for online to offline growth? improve sales conversions. This requires developing relationships with search experts PPC experts can incorporate tightly focused, to precisely target your audience. These cost-effective branded and non-branded search professionals are able to apply proven keyword groups into your website’s landing strategies that can support your company’s page or within the site itself to drive user ROI goals. engagement. Search professionals can thoroughly optimize registration and contact Local business owners have a results-driven, fields, as well as continually revise and expand entrepreneurial spirit and are accustomed to content to improve rankings; keep up with directly dealing with issues that can positively customer interest; and stay ahead of industry © 2012 Copyright MediaWhiz All Rights Reserved | WWW.MEDIAWHIZ.COM | 888.866.WHIZ
  6. 6. 10 NEW SEARCH MARKETING STRATEGIES Tweet this 6 Converting Online Traffic into Franchise Foot Traffic (continued) trends. Also, search marketers with a track Franchise customers have many store options record of building profitable online programs to choose from. Search makes it easier for can strengthen your social media channels. them to locate your business and saves them They can create buzz and control messaging, from another trip to a crowded mall. They will thus protecting and growing your brand. thank you for it with their business. © 2012 Copyright MediaWhiz All Rights Reserved | WWW.MEDIAWHIZ.COM | 888.866.WHIZ
  7. 7. 10 NEW SEARCH MARKETING STRATEGIES Tweet this 7 Organic Search and PPC — Similarities, Differences and ROI Driving Though they are distinctive approaches to the manner in which it is managed and how search, organic (SEO) and paid (PPC) provide the campaign is ranked. Also, PPC offers quick, a strong value proposition to users when short-term results and generates ranking implemented together into a comprehensive based on accuracy, not assumptions or search campaign. Organic and PPC search projections. campaigns drive legitimacy for the user and prospective customer. Click-through rates see increases in these dual search initiatives. For organic and PPC, their significance in “Want the biggest establishing an effective search program is their most important similarity. bank for your It is easier to draw distinctions between search buck? organic and PPC search. The course your Consider launching company decides to take depends on your search needs and what you are looking to a coordinated accomplish in your campaign. SEO/PPC campaign.” Going organic, via an SEO campaign, enables your search program to generate long-term growth through efficiency. The cost of an The success of a search campaign is ultimately organic campaign is far less than PPC. Organic defined by ROI. In order to drive the biggest campaigns produce more clicks and give your bank for your search marketing buck, consider business, product or service the potential for launching a coordinated SEO/PPC campaign. vast exposure. Organic search engages the By integrating paid and organic, you can user at the “moment-of-relevance”. This is position your company’s search campaign as a when a user is actively seeking information on short- and long-term results driver. a product or service of interest. Going organic maximizes highly relevant traffic while building brand equity and consumer trust. Still, there are contrasting benefits to paid search. PPC provides companies with complete control over their search campaign, © 2012 Copyright MediaWhiz All Rights Reserved | WWW.MEDIAWHIZ.COM | 888.866.WHIZ
  8. 8. 10 NEW SEARCH MARKETING STRATEGIES Tweet this 8 Incoming! These Links Build Popularity and Relevance “When it comes to link building, it pays to be popular.” If the benchmark for organic search (SEO) as is the case with direct linking, indirect linking success is ROI, the process to achieve this best practices should be implemented for link goal begins with a sound link-building strategy. building and organic search success. Here are When it comes to link building, it pays to be a few tips for generating powerful indirect links: popular. Make your site linkworthy. Add Link popularity measures the quantity and educational and instructional content; quality of websites that link to your site. With include case studies, blogs, press link building, relevancy directly correlates to releases and white papers. rankings. The more relevant incoming links Submit to directories. DMOZ, your site receives, the greater the chances specialized directories. It’s about of your site ranking high on major search relevancy. engines. Market your memberships. Promote industry affiliations, contacts and Direct Linking connections. Effective link building is a continuous process. Freshen your content. Increase your Success does not come overnight. When it website’s visibility and attractiveness by does, it is generated from careful evaluation. frequently updating your content with Three important factors go into effective direct search-focused keywords relevant to linking: your industry. Quantity — Total incoming links directed Remember: link popularity measures to a site or Web page. quantity and quality. Therefore, it makes Relevancy — Degree to which the sense to avoid link-popularity farms, linking incoming links relate to your site. to your own site, linking to sites that house Strength — The amount of authority the hundreds of links on a single page, unknown site providing the link has. link solicitations and bulk list submissions. Indirect Linking As always, think before you link. Seek counsel Indirect linking is a more natural approach to from agencies that have trusted organic and incoming link acquisition. It relies on content to paid search capabilities to increase your draw websites to your company’s website. But company’s quality search. © 2012 Copyright MediaWhiz All Rights Reserved | WWW.MEDIAWHIZ.COM | 888.866.WHIZ
  9. 9. 10 NEW SEARCH MARKETING STRATEGIES Tweet this 9 Trust Quality Score for Quality Results Search is in a constant state of evolution. But So how does relevancy stardom translate into that doesn’t mean the evolution is green. For lower paid search costs? Let’s briefly analyze search marketers on the paid (PPC) side of the three key factors in determining Quality the spectrum, campaign spending can still be Score. costly and satisfactory returns are often hard to quantify. But does it have to be so difficult? Not CTRs are the main ingredient in calculating necessarily. your brand’s Quality Score. If people are clicking on your ad, they are confirming its To get the most from your search campaign overall relevancy. The more CTRs produced, spending make sure you consider the benefits the more revenue generated. Therefore, of calculating Quality Score. a high Quality Score will keep you from wasting critical PPC spend on ads that aren’t converting. As for ad text and landing-page “To get the most from relevancy, these are controllable metrics. By testing and retesting ads and landing pages, your search campaign you can make improvements to your Quality spending don’t forget Score by focusing on areas like: to consider the Keyword performance benefits of calculating Content relevance Quality Score.” Page load performance There is a reason Quality Score is such a Without getting deep into algorithms and trusted paid search metric. Quality Score metrics, Quality Score measures relevance. drives better, more efficient results. Of course, It helps customers find sites relevant to their there are other metrics to consider based search and it enables advertisers to benefit on your campaign goals. But it’s in your best from creating relevant ads. interest not to count Quality Score out. Click-through rates (CTRs), as well as ad text and landing page relevancy, are key factors in calculating Quality Score. By generating a high-scoring ad (10 being the cream of the crop) you are essentially telling Google that your website is a relevancy star. © 2012 Copyright MediaWhiz All Rights Reserved | WWW.MEDIAWHIZ.COM | 888.866.WHIZ
  10. 10. 10 NEW SEARCH MARKETING STRATEGIES Tweet this 10 Add a Few More Letters to PPC — ­ SMO and SEO Financial professionals talk endlessly about Coordinated PPC and SEO programs combine the need to diversify one’s asset portfolio. the results-driving immediacy of paid search Having all of one’s eggs in one basket may fill with the long-term brand and traffic growth of up that basket but it will leave a lot of wicker organic search. For instance, PPC search sad and lonely. The same analogy is true in experts can drive organic keywords and describing the state of paid search advertising improve landing page conversions while (PPC). simultaneously enhancing paid and SEO “Be sure to make room in your paid search wicker basket for SEO and SMO. ” According to eMarketer, PPC search click-throughs . And with social search marketers are increasing their advertising gaining traction, PPC, SMO and SEO can presence on social media. Fifty-two percent work together to drive brand awareness and of global companies surveyed by eMarketer customer acquisition. indicated that social channels had either a moderate or huge impact on their search Diversification of any assets, whether financial initiatives in 2010. And with more social or search-related, is a sound, strategic networks tapping into paid search advertising, approach. Search marketing, in particular, is it makes sense that PPC campaigns on continuously changing and evolving. PPC, SEO Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube and even SMO are not what they were even would be on the rise. After all, clicks still matter a few years ago. By leaving all of your eggs and finding your brand’s target audience in one search basket instead of sharing them where it lives — on social networks — will likely with the other two, your plans to maximize ROI produce more clicks and conversions. growth may get scrambled. Adding PPC to social media optimization (SMO) should not be the only way you diversify your company’s online search portfolio. Be sure to make some room in your PPC wicker basket for SEO. © 2012 Copyright MediaWhiz All Rights Reserved | WWW.MEDIAWHIZ.COM | 888.866.WHIZ
  11. 11. 10 NEW SEARCH MARKETING STRATEGIES Tweet this 11 Putting Your Face on Search The integration of social media and search Pay close attention to your profile. marketing seems to be at a fever pitch. Likes Facebook users should input as much and Tweets are having an enormous impact categorized data as possible to increase on search engine rankings. Though Facebook their chances of being identified in and Twitter are each important to the search searches. Also, continually revising and marketing landscape, the former appears to updating your profile will do wonders for be more immediately in tune with the evolving your search results. nature of social search. In-Likes — it really is good to be Liked. The more users that Like your company’s Facebook pages are complex and well- Facebook page, the better your chances optimized, making them rank higher on the of having incoming links point to it. social network and in the search space. But at the end of the day, social search must abide By putting your brand’s own face on search, by similar best practices to maintain long-term you will ensure that you get positively noticed success. Here are a few best practices to in search engine results pages important to consider: your industry and product/service categories. It’s OK to be vain. The vanity or customized URL is more appealing and readable to the search engines. It is “Put your brand’s important to choose one wisely since it cannot be edited at a later date. own face on search Content, content, content. Your company’s content — blog posts, to ensure positive thought-leadership pieces, sales exposure by search presentations, videos, photos, etc. — is your most valuable search tool. Upload engines. Remember: It every piece of corporate content you can pays to be ‘Liked.’” find and tag it properly to enhance your organic search results. Let people find out how smart your company’s employees are by highlighting content that compliments your company’s products and services. © 2012 Copyright MediaWhiz All Rights Reserved | WWW.MEDIAWHIZ.COM | 888.866.WHIZ
  12. 12. 10 NEW SEARCH MARKETING STRATEGIES Tweet this 12 Embrace the Power of ‘Free’ Web Traffic Managing ‘Free’ Web Traffic from Search Isn’t Free, But It’s Worth It In the early days of search marketing, many authority. As a result, SEO efforts have evolved advertisers mistakenly thought of organic from a technical discipline to a marketing search traffic as free. They would build a discipline. With this evolution came the need website, design the user experience, and for additional resources and expenditures sometimes make the basic technical tweaks to support the ongoing content optimization to be properly categorized by the search and link building efforts required to maintain engines. The strategy for optimizing organic high levels of organic traffic. According to rankings was mainly “set it and forget it.” This Econsultancy, more than $1.5 billion was spent put SEO efforts in stark contrast with paid in 2010 to maintain “free” organic search traffic “There’s no such thing as a free lunch in search. Manage your SEO and PPC campaigns effectively to minimize waste and maximize spending.” search marketing, which involved relatively and keep the competition below you on the large investments that were actively managed search results pages. and optimized. As the competition for the search audience increased, savvy online Justify Your SEO Efforts marketers realized it was not only possible but This brings us to phase three of SEO marketing necessary to actively manage and optimize — the point where SEO efforts must justify their both their SEO and paid search programs. This worth and compete for resources with other led to the second phase of SEO marketing: parts of a successful advertising program. active management of organic rankings. Several key lessons have emerged in the debate over how to justify brands’ SEO efforts. Best practices for organic search emerged. SEO is now (finally) being subjected to rigorous Practitioners started actively managing on-site demands of ROI and accountability, and is technical aspects like site structure and meta being evaluated just like any other part of a tagging. They began ensuring appropriate company’s marketing portfolio. Combine this configuration of existing and new content. with the frequent requests we see from clients For example, they started managing the and prospects for the ROI metrics of their density of attractive keywords in content and SEO programs, and it’s clear that “free” traffic proactively developing inbound links to build from organic search and the money spent © 2012 Copyright MediaWhiz All Rights Reserved | WWW.MEDIAWHIZ.COM | 888.866.WHIZ
  13. 13. 10 NEW SEARCH MARKETING STRATEGIES Tweet this 13 Embrace the Power of ‘Free’ Web Traffic (continued) optimizing organic rankings are no longer The answer, and good news for most online getting a free pass in the marketing budget marketers, is to do your best to measure process. Companies’ financial chiefs are the ROI of your SEO program. We have seen now holding SEO initiatives accountable and clients generate millions of dollars in value demanding to see the return they are getting spending tens of thousands on SEO; therefore, from all this new spending. it’s likely, even with money spent to actively manage the program, that your SEO program Competitors are spending time, energy and can provide a considerable return. resources trying to crowd you out of top placements on the search engine results As with any marketing channel, organic search pages (SERPs). If that were not enough, your ROI can be particularly tricky to calculate given chief financial officer wants proof that your SEO that organic rankings are determined by many program is paying off. So what is the CMO to different factors. Nonetheless, an approximate do? answer is better than none at all. © 2012 Copyright MediaWhiz All Rights Reserved | WWW.MEDIAWHIZ.COM | 888.866.WHIZ
  14. 14. 10 NEW SEARCH MARKETING STRATEGIES Tweet this 14 Understanding the Social Search ROI Equation Here is a basic ROI equation for SEO: number Many companies aren’t evaluating SEO of visits driven by organic search x the dollar programs properly because they are not value of each visit – the cost of SEO efforts = connecting SEO efforts with site architecture the dollar return on SEO. and content creation decisions, nor are they appropriately attributing these costs Google Analytics can provide the number of to the organic program. Ideally, costs would unique visits driven from organic links. Most be allocated based on the total time site marketers understand the value of each visit architects and content creators spent adjusting (variable margin attributable to Web visits/ the site elements for SEO advantage. If your number of visits) to their website. Optimally, organization does not track time explicitly, try advertisers would track the specific dollar allotting 15 percent of major site design efforts value attributable to organic search traffic. If and 5 percent of ongoing content creation this is not easily available, the site average is a work to the overall SEO program costs. reasonable substitute. But advertisers must be able to quantify the average value of a site visit As the competition for the search audience before the value of any online marketing can intensifies, advertisers will be forced to spend be established. more to improve their organic search rankings or find themselves relegated to the bottom The cost of supporting SEO efforts (in-house/ of the SERPs. Measuring the return you are outsourced SEO experts, link building, content getting on SEO expenditures will give the creation) should be identified. It’s advisable CMO and CFO the confidence they need to to take a cautious approach with regard to invest in this critical source of customer traffic. cost. Some activities, like link building, are clearly SEO-oriented. However, site structure and content creation typically have mixed ownership. “Measuring the return you are getting on SEO expenditures will give CMOs and CFOs the confidence they need to invest in this critical source of customer traffic.” © 2012 Copyright MediaWhiz All Rights Reserved | WWW.MEDIAWHIZ.COM | 888.866.WHIZ
  15. 15. 10 NEW SEARCH MARKETING STRATEGIES Tweet this 15 Best Practices for Effective Keyword Research Incorporating the right keyword search tool product or service featured in a PPC campaign, into your pay-per-click (PPC) campaign can a word that would normally be deemed a typo be a time-saving and cost-effective strategy. could actually be spelled correctly. This makes But a keyword tool is only as effective as the a keyword typo generator an unsung search techniques used in the keyword-discovery hero. process. Implementing keyword research best practices will continually optimize your Next, take Google’s Wonder Wheel for a PPC campaign with relevant keywords that spin. Easy to navigate, the tool efficiently maps leverage performance, continuously improve out relevant keyword matches. It simplifies efficiency and increase conversions. and displays search results in a graphically appealing way making monotonous keyword There are several useful keyword research research slightly more enjoyable. tools available online. They are important in order to conduct thorough analytics that go Also, try searching website logs and pages. beyond AdWords account findings. Google’s While users may not find what they want search-based keyword tool compares Web immediately, internal search data can lead “Clients benefit from advancements in keyword search. Continual optimization of your PPC campaigns is essential to improve profitability and deliver conversions and leads.” content to AdWords keywords, helping to to potential keywords. Once users are ready uncover otherwise impossible to find keyword to make a purchase, intent keywords are combinations. Continual keyword evaluation is essential to their search. An FAQ section can a savvy cost-efficiency strategy. provide pivotal insight as to what concerns potential customers, which can be included in Employing a keyword typo generator should a topical keyword search. Adding guarantee be your next research step. It pinpoints and return keywords from your site map page common keyword misspellings and character is a shrewd tactic. An About Us page can offer and transposed typos. Depending on the valuable information to convert into targeted © 2012 Copyright MediaWhiz All Rights Reserved | WWW.MEDIAWHIZ.COM | 888.866.WHIZ
  16. 16. 10 NEW SEARCH MARKETING STRATEGIES Tweet this 16 Best Practices for Effective Keyword Research (continued) keywords, notably awards and industry Informing the campaign account coordinator recognition. of client objectives is a new best practices search trend. It is useful because it provides Finally, include as many negative keywords as a roadmap for what to focus on when possible into your search by utilizing analytics researching keywords. Clients benefit from and Google keyword tool’s negative option. advancements in keyword search. Therefore, Going negative generates relevant searches it is key to continually optimize your PPC while protecting your online image and campaigns to improve performance and brand value. It also maintains targeted traffic, profitability while driving conversions and preventing unwanted clicks and saving you results. money. © 2012 Copyright MediaWhiz All Rights Reserved | WWW.MEDIAWHIZ.COM | 888.866.WHIZ
  17. 17. 10 NEW SEARCH MARKETING STRATEGIES Tweet this 17 CASE STUDY: the frisky The Challenge: Increasing Website Traffic The Frisky, a women’s lifestyle site, wanted to increase high-quality traffic to drive more readers to its site, build brand awareness and differentiation and engage its audience of trendy, young females. Partnership Strategy MediaWhiz partnered with The Frisky to understand competitor performance, and determine how to best engage this mercurial group across search and social media platforms. MediaWhiz Solution: Incorporate PPC and SEO to Drive Website Traffic MediaWhiz developed campaigns with Google, Yahoo and MSN, focusing on search terms of ongoing interest to The Frisky users. These included such topics as celebrity and entertainment news, relationship and sex advice, beauty, style and fashion tips. MediaWhiz also targeted Facebook and MySpace, which not only produced high click-through rates but created brand and buyer awareness. To enhance traffic volume while lowering the Cost-Per-Click (CPC), MediaWhiz utilized low- competition “long-tail” keywords to avoid a bidding war with competitors for more popular, higher profile search terms. We also formed tightly themed ad groups to achieve a greater Google Quality Score. This helped The Frisky improve its position in the search engine results pages (SERPs) at a much lower cost than its competitors using the same keywords. MediaWhiz Results: Website Traffic Increases Are in Fashion MediaWhiz PPC and SEO teams established on-page and off-page content optimization, as well as technical architecture optimization, for This increased traffic to The Frisky site and helped new readers get in step with the latest styles and entertainment trends. Increased total website traffic for The Frisky by 70 percent. Unique visitors to moved from 26,000 to 1. million in 18 months — a 1 4,000-percent increase. Decreased the average CPC by over 160 percent. Looking for impressive search results like these for your company? Contact Daryl Colwell, MediaWhiz vice president of business development, at 646.442.55 or13 © 2012 Copyright MediaWhiz All Rights Reserved | WWW.MEDIAWHIZ.COM | 888.866.WHIZ
  18. 18. 10 NEW SEARCH MARKETING STRATEGIES Tweet this 18 case study: the frisky (continued) about mediawhiz Founded in 2001, MediaWhiz has rapidly become a leading digital strategy and media agency that helps clients acquire customers more profitably. MediaWhiz has expertise in all facets of digital marketing, including Performance Marketing, Affiliate, Search, Social, Display, Email and Data Acquisition. MediaWhiz’s search marketing practice is ranked No. 6 by Advertising Age. The 2012 Advertising Age Agency Report ranked MediaWhiz as the 21st-largest digital-agency network and the 73rd- largest marketing and advertising agency in the United States. For more information, visit Let MediaWhiz Drive Your Search and Digital Media Needs MediaWhiz is a full-service digital strategy and media agency. Our stable of search marketing and digital media experts can handle all of your company’s online marketing needs and address the complex digital media challenges your business faces. Learn more about our products and services at Like our content? You’ll love working with our search experts. Request a demo. © 2012 Copyright MediaWhiz All Rights Reserved | WWW.MEDIAWHIZ.COM | 888.866.WHIZ