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How to Scale Your Marketing with Digital Asset Management


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Visuals are becoming consumers favourite way of absorbing content, yet still only tend to be used in the marketing department. This SlideShare shares how to extend your assets outside of marketing to improve their ROI and effectiveness.

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How to Scale Your Marketing with Digital Asset Management

  3. 3. Visuals are quickly becoming consumers favorite way of absorbing information...
  4. 4. ...yet still tend to only be used within the marketing department
  5. 5. Sure, it makes sense for visuals to be created in marketing...
  6. 6. ...but to take full advantage of this developing trend, companies need to extend their assets outside of the marketing department
  7. 7. What do we mean by extending our assets? ??? ? ? ? ?
  8. 8. Simply put, we mean taking the digital assets you’ve already invested in:
  9. 9. Simply put, we mean taking the digital assets you’ve already invested in: BRAND MATERIALS DOCUMENTSVIDEOS PHOTOS
  10. 10. and extending them out to the broadest possible audience...
  11. 11. ...the people across your company who can use your assets, and spread them to a wider community
  12. 12. “That seems like a lot of can it really help my business?” ?
  13. 13. Glad you asked!
  14. 14. When departments are left in this siloed state, a variety of challenges arise that decrease productivity, waste time and leave employees frustrated
  15. 15. Here are 3 common challenges you can address by extending your assets- ultimately increasing your company’s ROI and making you look like a rock star! 1. 2. 3.
  16. 16. t Improving Your Brand’s Reach CHALLENGE 1:
  17. 17. Often when assets are created, they remain in the hands of marketing, siloed from other departments MARKETING OTHER DEPARTMENTS
  18. 18. When these assets aren’t available to all employees, your corporation is limiting the value that their assets represent MARKETING X >
  19. 19. This creates missed opportunities to extend the reach of your brand
  20. 20. The impact of a brand increases ten-fold when employees are empowered to become brand ambassadors and share the company’s story (and assets)
  21. 21. CASE STUDY: PORTLAND JAPANESE GARDEN The Challenge: The Solution: o Outdated system functioning like a “junk drawer” o Unorganized system with arbitrary file & folder names made it impossible to find assets o Difficult user interface discouraged people from using it o Uncovered thousands of media assets they didn’t know were stored in their legacy system o Created a central library that was easily searchable for non-technical staff
  22. 22. t Getting Employees Using the Right Assets CHALLENGE 2:
  23. 23. Even if your employees are using your assets, it’s equally as important to make sure your employees are using the right assets X
  24. 24. When employees need quick access to an asset, they often resort to unsupported methods to get what they need
  25. 25. This includes: • Old brochures found on USB Sticks • Outdated logos found on hard drives • Competitor assets found on Google • And more..
  26. 26. Employees are doing the best they can...
  27. 27. ...but ultimately end up creating skunk-work solutions when it isn’t easy for them to find approved assets
  28. 28. When employees have access to all the marketing assets their heart desires, it drastically reduces the risk of them resorting to these unfavorable tactics
  29. 29. CASE STUDY: THE CITY OF GRESHAM The Challenge: The Solution: o 63,000 marketing assets scattered across 1,600 different folders o Folders with one name, and little metadata for the individual files. o Access to the asset collection was restricted to a small subgroup of the City’s 500 employees o Communications team manages uploading, labeling, metadata tagging and asset organization o A group of designated power users from 14 departments has access to the DAMS for viewing, sharing and downloading
  30. 30. t Being Part of the Conversation CHALLENGE 3:
  31. 31. There are conversations happening 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  32. 32. Platforms such as: are where your employees, customers and prospects are meeting every single day
  33. 33. Your employees are the biggest brand ambassadors you have
  34. 34. Loyal, knowledgeable and with a vested interest in your success as a company, they can help tell your story
  35. 35. By extending your digital assets to your employees, you can greatly amplify the impact & engagement your brand has online
  36. 36. Employees feel more free to post about and for the company, without the fear of misrepresenting the brand and being penalized
  37. 37. CASE STUDY: CANADIAN BLOOD SERVICES The Challenge: The Solution: o On-premise database could only be access from within the head office o Growing collection of marketing campaigns, training materials, and more o Difficulty collaborating due to the limited capabilities and features of the existing system o Media library now accessible by staff and volunteers, anywhere & anytime o Streamlined team collaboration and donor recruitment processes
  38. 38. t STEPS TO TAKE to extend your assets to your organization
  39. 39. T Centralize your assets STEP 1:
  40. 40. The first step to getting your assets into the right hands is to get all your assets up into a central library
  41. 41. You can select a simple file-sharing system (such as Google Drive or DropBox) or a more robust system (such as a DAMS)
  42. 42. These systems give employees direct access to your finalized assets, and allow them to easily search for & download the assets they need.
  43. 43. Having a single source that employees can trust as correct is key in getting them using your assets
  44. 44. It’s also important to ensure you’re making it as easy as possible to find an asset, through the use of folder structures, keywording and metadata.
  45. 45. T Make assets easy to use STEP 2:
  46. 46. While getting a system is a great start, integrating that system with your employees’ existing technology is vital in getting them using your marketing assets
  47. 47. Connect your assets to the systems that are the most important to each department DEMAND GENERATION CONTENT MARKETING EMAIL MARKETING CREATIVE TEAMS SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING
  48. 48. This additional step allows employees to use your assets, while making minimal changes to their behavior
  49. 49. These are just a few challenges that you can address by extending your assets across your organization.
  50. 50. To learn more about how to extend your assets, download our eBook: “Maximizing the Value of Digital Assets Enterprise Wide with a DAMS”