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  1. 1. Representation of EthnicityHow is ethnicity constructed in these images(mainly taken from British tourism websites)?Are these positive or negative representations?Justify your answers with analysis of codes andconventions.
  2. 2. What is the connection between these imagesand the following trailer?
  3. 3. Of course, they are set in the same place(Notting Hill).However, what is the difference between theirrepresentations of ethnicity?
  4. 4. RepresentationOver representation: to feature or present adisproportionately large number of people from aparticular ethnic background, giving a false sense of reality.Under representation: this refers to a failure to present orfeature a particular group sufficiently, in order toadequately reflect reality. A frequent criticism of war filmsis that they fail to accurately portray fighters from minoritygroups, for example, focusing instead upon white efforts.Copy these definitions into your notes.Do these terms to the previous texts? Justify yourresponse.