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Evaluation question 6


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AS Level Media Evaluation Question 6

Published in: Education
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Evaluation question 6

  1. 1. Evaluation question 6 What have you learned about technologies from the process of constructing this product? Corel VideoStudio Pro Camera Blogger Blogger (continued) Camera (continued) Corel VideoStudio Pro (continued)
  2. 2. Corel VideoStudio Pro  I have learnt a lot from working on this project.  For example, I didn’t know very much about the editing program, Corel VideoStudio Pro - I had to learn everything from scratch!  I had to discover all of the different capabilities that the editing program had to offer; you can cut film clips and add clips next to each other to create a meaningful narrative. You can also layer different things such as film, music and sound effects. I also learnt how to place titles into the film. Other capabilities are: Transitions between film clips Adding music to the soundtrack Adding sound effects Home NextPrevious
  3. 3. Corel VideoStudio Pro I managed to use sound effects in the film such as bird song and gunshots. I used the internet to get music for the film. I got the music from a website called ‘Royalty Free Music’. These are some image examples of sound effects and music that has been used in the film. Home NextPrevious
  4. 4. Camera  When I started this project I didn’t know very much about the camera; I was very unsure as I didn’t have much to do with the filming of my preliminary task  I had to work out what all the buttons on the camera did, how to record our footage and how to watch our footage back.  I also didn’t know how to use a tripod so I had to familiarise myself with that as well.  I also used a still camera to take photos of the locations where we would be filming.  I placed the photos of the locations on the blog so that other people could see where we would be filming too.  The type of camera that we used was the same make and model as the one below. It is called a Canon Legria HFM52. Home NextPrevious
  5. 5. Camera These are two locations in which the film would be set, taken using the still camera, which is a Sony Cyber-Shot. Home NextPrevious
  6. 6. Blogger  My research and planning has been on a blog.  When I started this project my first task was to create a blog using ‘’ and then to put my preliminary task onto the blog. This being my first time it took me a while to work it out.  At the start of this project I hadn’t heard of blogger but now I know how to do many different things with it such as:  Putting in pages  Creating blog posts  Inserting images  To place an image you need to click on the insert image icon next to the link option on the toolbar at the top of the page. A page will then come up asking you to choose photos from different places; I chose a file from the upload selection. The photo then shows up on the page an then you need to click add selected and then the photo will appear on the blog. Home NextPrevious
  7. 7. Blogger Here are some of the examples of images and pages that I have placed on our blog page. Home Previous