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Making Business Friends - Using Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter for Business


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This is a step-by-step process of using Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter for Small Business. It helps you understand features of each platform and how and why you would use it for business.

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Making Business Friends - Using Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter for Business

  1. 1. Making Friends for Business where the world is, business needs to go
  2. 2. 2 billion emails per second 1 million IM messages per second 8 terrabytes per second of traffic 65 billion phone calls per year Kevin Kelly Web 3.0 – The web is a black hole
  3. 3. How marketing and advertising has won for the past century. Shout Your Message Loudest Guy Wins
  4. 4. Consumers Block Marketing
  5. 5. Because there are other ways to get to info they want.
  6. 6. PUSH Marketing Use these to achieve Word of Mouth: Telemarketing Trade Shows Direct Mail Brochures Yellow Pages Editorial Industry Newsletter Flyers Print Ads Radio Ads TV Ads
  7. 7. PUSH Marketing to PULL Marketing Use these to achieve Word of Mouth/Social Media: Telemarketing - Vontoo Trade Shows – Virtual Booth Direct Mail – Permission Email Brochures – Interactive Web Yellow Pages – SEO/SEM Editorial – Blogs Industry Newsletter – RSS Feed Flyers – Direct to Web Print Ads – Direct to Web Radio Ads – Direct to Web TV Ads – Direct to Web
  8. 8. Facebook up 700% to 13.8 Billion Minutes. Twitter up over 3700% to 299 Million Minutes. Linkedin up 69% to 202 Million Minutes.
  9. 9. Communication online has increased 18% to 27% of total time while Entertainment has decreased 30% to 19% of total time online.
  10. 10. Social Media is the Online Word of Mouth
  11. 11. But it’s more than this… Social Media can help: SEO with links Allow Permission Build an Audience Company Authenticity
  12. 12. Social Media is anything (media content) that can be added to it (social). Mike Volpe Hubspot
  13. 13. Meet People Start Conversations Ask questions Answer Questions Handle Complaints and Compliments Promote Others
  14. 14. Become a valuable member of the community
  15. 15. Three Things You Can Do with Social Media Publish Share Network
  16. 16. Publish The more you publish, the more search engines love you.
  17. 17. Customers can publish
  18. 18. Share You can promote your stuff You can promote your customers You can promote your partners
  19. 19. Network It’s about relationships But virtual lives forever Employees, Customers, Potential Customers, Partners
  20. 20. Three Simple Tools To Get You Started
  21. 21. Linkedin has: 41 million users All Fortune 500 Companies 170 Different Countries
  22. 22. Linkedin is your business suit: Resume Recommendations Connections Expertise Executive Level Search Link to your company and blog
  23. 23. Search invite People Linkedin thinks you should photo know status Status of your Connections
  24. 24. Connections: For people you don’t know you can easily find out which of your connections knows the person you want to know.
  25. 25. Search: 1. People 2. Jobs 3. Companies 4. Answers 5. Inbox 6. Groups
  26. 26. Company: Hierarchy Titles Connections Location Websites Male/Female New Hires Popular
  27. 27. Jobs: Titles Company Location Date Freelancing through your status
  28. 28. Q & A: Answer questions to establish yourself an expert Ask questions to get answers from professionals
  29. 29. Groups: Join Groups to met others Answer questions in Groups Make Your Own Groups Get Daily/Weekly Emails from Groups
  30. 30. ROI for Linkedin: Measure Your Time Measure Your Connections Measure Your Conversations Measure Cost To Advertise on Linkedin
  31. 31. Facebook is my business causal: Largest Social Network Over 200 Million Users Over 100 Million Unique Visitors
  32. 32. Facebook: Facebook: Over 3.5 hours 35-54 year old for 25-50 years demographic segment not only continued to grow the fastest, but it accelerated to a 276.4% growth rate over the past 6 months.
  33. 33. Facebook: News Feed of Friends Suggests Friends Share your news, your photos, your video – basically, share your life Play Games with others
  34. 34. Biz Fan Page: News Feed of Friends Send messages & events to Fan Base Set up Events and Invites Use Fans to help advertise
  35. 35. Applications: Games Quizzes Utilities
  36. 36. Data: Lexicon to see buzz Enormous amount of data Addictive Quality to keep up and build an audience
  37. 37. Business vs. Personal
  38. 38. ROI for Facebook: Keeping up and in front of clients Build Fans and Buzz Measure work time/pleasure time Measure social connections Measure Cost To Advertise on Facebook
  39. 39. Twitter is my cocktail party Marketing Buzz 32 Million Users 19 Million Unique Visitors 1,192% growth
  40. 40. Twitter is: Write 140 Characters or less Broadcast to entire network Real-Time Conversations @name – means you are talking to that person but the whole word can see you Direct Message – speak only to that person #hashtags for easy search
  41. 41. Following people you want to know like Experts in your field Potential Customers Current Customers Create an Audience
  42. 42.
  43. 43.
  44. 44. Customer Service
  45. 45. Real-Time Search
  46. 46. Business Applications
  47. 47. Sears Story
  48. 48. ROI for Twitter: Measure Your Time Measure Your Connections Measure Your Conversations Measure Cost To Advertise on Twitter
  49. 49. ROI for Offline Actions 5 4 3 Value 2 Reach 1 0 Ad PR Earned Word of Media Mouth
  50. 50. ROI for Online Actions 5 4 3 Value 2 Reach 1 0 Online Ads PR Wires Blogs/News Social Media
  51. 51. Today’s Take-Aways Social Media is growing quickly You must be a part of Social Media to receive real benefits from relationships You must be a valuable member of community Virtual Relationships give multiple benefits for your web presence and website
  52. 52. What I do: Business Card – Link up with them in Linkedin and search them out on Twitter After some conversations – Add them to Facebook
  53. 53. MediaSauce has many ways to help - Consulting Time - Branding - Web Design - Video, 3D & Animation - SEO & PPC - Social Media Specialists - Traditional Media
  54. 54. Experienced Gunmen For Hire Talk to the Sauce Opportunities Assessment – What are your opportunities online and how to reach them Project Blueprint – Just need a tactical piece of the pie like website or video or both Digital Blueprint – Full blown marketing plan including all the essentials as well as how to execute
  55. 55. Don Schindler Senior Digital Strategist How to get a hold of me Twitter: donschindler IM: donissauced Cell: 317.496.2334