IBJ Creating Connections


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This is the PowerPoint presentation that was given to the Indianapolis Business Journal's Business Growth Strategies Seminar on April 24th.

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IBJ Creating Connections

  1. 1. Sales 2.0 for the Internet-Driven Economy James Burnes, MediaSauce VP Development & Strategy
  2. 2. About Us A track record for leading online initiatives
  3. 3. 2001 2005 2009 2012 The Pipe
  4. 4. 5 Channels
  5. 5. Millions of “channels”
  6. 6. Control what people see
  7. 7. Everyone has a voice
  10. 10. Have you seen a revolution… where no one got hurt?
  11. 11. “The rate of internal change must be greater than the rate of external change, or the company will fall behind” - Jack Welch
  12. 12. Options: Lead the change Follow other's change Quit
  13. 13. Recipe for a Transformation Dose of Desire Layer of ThinkBig Unyielding Commitment
  14. 14. Every 3 seconds…
  15. 15. 1 person buys a device to access the internet 2 blogs are started 3 youtube videos are posted 4 people sign up for Facebook 500 words are added to wikipedia
  16. 16. There are lots of customers out there!
  17. 17. Customers have constant access to information
  18. 18. They can make decisions 24/7
  19. 19. They are overwhelmed by sales messages
  20. 20. They need solutions (now!)
  21. 21. Our competitors are ready to do battle...
  22. 22. We have to separate from the competition
  23. 23. We have to be better connected...
  24. 24. ...than our competition.
  25. 25. Outwit
  26. 26. Out Maneuver
  27. 27. Connect More
  28. 28. Do More
  29. 29. Sell More
  30. 30. We’ll start with the essentials
  31. 31. Are you on… • 193% Growth YOY • 11.9 Million Unique Visitors / mo. • Nearly 60% of LinkedIn users have high personal incomes and hold executive-level or consultant positions • The greater the number of connections the greater the likelihood of higher personal income
  32. 32. Are you on… • 116% Growth YOY • 39 Million Unique Visitors / mo. • More than half of Facebook users are older than college age • More than 13 million users update their status at least once each day • More than 2.5 million users become fans of Pages each day
  33. 33. Are you on… • 343% Growth YOY • 5.57 Million Unique Visitors / mo. • Fastest growing web site in the world • 7.5 Thousand new accounts daily
  34. 34. You’re On. BUT ARE YOU LEVERAGING IT?
  35. 35. How many people are you connected to?
  36. 36. Impacts your page rank
  37. 37. has even more uses • Perform blind and reverse company checks • Dig deeper on contacts and referrals • Gauge the health of the company • Learn about product launches and “stealth” competitor activity • Answer questions…become an expert
  38. 38. Let’s try a quick social experiment
  39. 39. Making prospects and customers your ‘friend’ gets you insider information!
  40. 40. Have the inside scoop
  41. 41. …or get t.m.i.
  42. 42. has even more uses • Discover events and activities your network is participating in • Link back to blogs, new web site features, business related media • Interconnect all activities
  43. 43. Quickly emerging, Twitter is the ultimate connection tool
  44. 44. Twitter is easy, engaging
  45. 45. Social networks are powerful
  46. 46. Social media empowers your sales team with connections to succeed
  47. 47. And don’t forget you can recruit for the future (now!)…
  48. 48. Any questions?
  49. 49. A few examples of companies engaging in social media effectively
  50. 50. www.mediasauce.com/ibj Access the full presentation, pose questions, and read our blog.
  51. 51. THANK YOU!
  52. 52. How will you connect?
  53. 53. Connect with me
  54. 54. So how do we build a strategy?
  55. 55. How do we approach the strategic process? The MediaSauce Methodology
  56. 56. Success starts with Investigation The MediaSauce Methodology Investigation
  57. 57. Success starts with Investigation The MediaSauce Methodology 1. What are your core products and services? 2. What is your unique selling proposition? 3. Who is your audience? What are their pain points? 4. What does your competition do? 5. What are your goals? 6. What is your budget? 7. Who are your partners or internal resources? 8. How does your target market use the web? 9. Where does your target market go online? 10. How can you be an expert in the eyes of your audience to address their pain points?
  58. 58. Success starts with having a plan There’s no silver bullet, but smart decisions lead to great results Investigation Exploration
  59. 59. Success continues with Exploration The MediaSauce Methodology 1. How can we position ourselves where our audience is? 2. Who on our team can be an expert or voice of our organization? 3. What ideas do we have to go viral? 4. What does our competition do poorly? 5. How can we better leverage our offline resources? 6. What are our highest aspirations? 7. Who already reaches our audience that we can partner with? 8. What are our finalized strategies (not tactics)
  60. 60. Success starts with having a plan There’s no silver bullet, but smart decisions lead to great results Investigation Exploration Decision
  61. 61. Success progresses with Decision The MediaSauce Methodology 1. What specific tactics will we complete for each strategy? 2. What resources are required? 3. What metrics will we use to judge the success or failure of the tactics? 4. What are the priorities and timelines for each tactic? 5. What resources will be required internally or externally to complete these tactics? 6. What budget allocation should we expect?
  62. 62. Success starts with having a plan There’s no silver bullet, but smart decisions lead to great results Investigation Confirmation Exploration Decision
  63. 63. Success requires a Confirmation The MediaSauce Methodology 1. What timeline and budget will we commit to? 2. What is the finalized scope of work required to complete the work? 3. Who will manage and implement the tactics we are committing to? 4. How do we introduce these initiatives to our internal and external stakeholders? 5. Have we scheduled our upcoming strategy review sessions? Who will be our oversight committee?
  64. 64. Success starts with having a plan There’s no silver bullet, but smart decisions lead to great results Investigation Confirmation Exploration Decision Implementation