Video for Internal Communications Inside the Global Enterprise


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Tips on how to enhance your internal webcasting efforts from MediaPlatform customer Maxim Integrated (NASDAQ: MXIM). Learn the features and functionality needed by this 9,300 employee enterprise to reach its employees across multiple locations.

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  • Welcome everyone and thank you for join us today.I’m Toby Holmes…As a quick intro to MediaPlatform, we are…. This is go-to set of tools for internal communicators using video (live and on-demand) with security, governance and controls.We’re excited to present a case study and best practices….As the live webcast proceeds, please submit your questions through the interface and we’ll get to some of them at the end of the show.
  • Not only are the expectations of employees changing, the tools available for high quality video communication are improving rapidly. This allows internal communication to evolve from a one-direction push of information to a 2-way dialogue with employees that allows the sharing of ideas and the ability to ask questions. This involves leveraging webcasting interactive features like Q&A and chat, as well as the merging of video with other social business tools that allow comments, sharing, and rating.In a recent Melcrum research study, they found that 93% of internal communication teams now see video as an important tool2/3rds of the IC teams plan on increasing budget for video in the coming monthsOver 54% of the employees expect to see video.Gone are the days of pushing information out only via email or face-to-face meetings. Video makes the message more compelling and efficient.
  • Video is more engaging and increases the velocity of communication in a distributed workforce
  • Very early in our leveraging of video for communications Ramp of usageTypes of meetingsLive vs. ArchiveWebEx vs. WebcastBuilding out infrastructure to enable more robust capabilitiesEvangelize/prove it is good – they will comeCloud solution benefits – would not have happened any other way.Make content compelling – overcome the tendency to multitaskCloud solution benefits – would not have happened any other way.Make content compelling – overcome the tendency to multitask
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  • I thought it would be useful to call out some of the ways that I see our customers using video (live and pre-recorded)Can be really small meetings or targeted audiences or all-company meetingsOur live video distribution supports IP-multicast, peer-assist multicast, and unicast in HLS and HDS to reach all devices and browsers.You don’t have to worry about overloading your network.
  • When Microsoft launched their internal video portal, they measured tremendous ROI (according to a white paper they published).The areas of biggest gain were improvements, or cost reductions in: knowledge sharing from key people, such as executives, product group members and managers to a broad audience instruction-led, onsite training (now moved online) On-location live events were either moved to a virtual space or augmented with an online component to increase reach Peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and collaboration
  • Introducing MediaPlatform
  • Introducing MediaPlatform
  • Video for Internal Communications Inside the Global Enterprise

    1. 1. Video for Internal CommunicationsInside the Global Enterprise
    2. 2. The Enterprise Class Video PlatformMediaPlatform is an enterprise video platform includingthe social video portal for on-demand and live videostreaming, and interactive rich media webcastpresentations for employee training, corporatecommunications and marketing.Welcome
    3. 3. Why this topic?The landscape is changing for internal communicators(tools available and user expectations)Employees as consumers and savvy internet usersEvolution of social business tools go beyond video
    4. 4. Let’s See a Case StudyMaxim IntegratedHigh-tech integrated solutions9300 employees in 18 countriesJon Emerson runs the studio and webcasting production.He’s going to help us learn how a global enterprise leveragesvideo to communicate and improve engagement with itsdistributed workforce
    5. 5. Leveraging Webcastingfor Effective CorporateCommunicationsJon EmersonExecutive Producer, Maxim Integrated
    6. 6. About Me| Maxim Integrated | Company Confidential625 years of video productionStreaming video since 1995VXtreme -> Windows MediaExecutive Producer at Maximsince 2011Once spent a summer drivingan ice-cream scooter aroundPortland to pay for schoolI like my current career more
    7. 7. Maxim Integrated Overview30 Years of Innovation| Maxim Integrated7FoundedHeadquartersGlobal PresenceEmployeesStock TickerAnnual Revenue1983San Jose, California17 Countries~ 9,000 worldwideNasdaq: MXIM$2.4 billion (trailing 12 months)
    8. 8. Why Webcasting?| Maxim Integrated | Company Confidential8
    9. 9. Webcasting @ Maxim: Then & NowSuccessfully evolving toward a new standard2011Two webcasts, allothers via WebExVery little video at all| Maxim Integrated | Company Confidential92012Fifteen webcastsUp to 700 live viewersAll done with video2013On track for 40+ webcastsHas become THE standardLive video, many roll-insIncreasing complexity
    10. 10. Webcasting @ Maxim Today| Maxim Integrated | Company Confidential10
    11. 11. | Maxim Integrated | Company Confidential11Live Audience @ All-Hands Meetings
    12. 12. | Maxim Integrated | Company Confidential12Broadcast to Locations Around the World
    13. 13. Four Things That Impact Your Success…| Maxim Integrated | Company Confidential13Engaging contentEvent durationProduction valuePreparation & practice1234
    14. 14. Engaging Content| Maxim Integrated | Company Confidential14Before After
    15. 15. | Maxim Integrated | Company Confidential15Keep it Short – Video Gets Boring
    16. 16. | Maxim Integrated | Company Confidential16Attention Span of Video over TimeSource: Wistia
    17. 17. | Maxim Integrated | Company Confidential17Production Value Control Room
    18. 18. | Maxim Integrated | Company Confidential18Production Value Pre-event Prep
    19. 19. Did the presentation help you better understand our companystrategy, business performance, and key initiatives?| Maxim Integrated | Company Confidential196%94%2%98%0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%NoYesResponse PercentageIn roomWebcast
    20. 20. | Maxim Integrated | Company Confidential20
    21. 21. | Maxim Integrated | Company Confidential21
    22. 22. Types of Uses for VideoWe see our customers use video for internal communicationsfor:• All-hands meetings• CEO speeches• Sales kick-off meetings• Product training• Safety, compliance, HR training• Video updates• Channel partner communication• External and investor relations
    23. 23. How to be Successful• Easy discovery of content• Device and browser compatible without downloads• Adaptive bitrate streaming• Security• Governance and content control• Internal processes, executive sponsorship andevangelism.
    24. 24. Questions and AnswersQ&A
    25. 25. Thank YouThank you for joining us!For more information or to schedule a democontact: