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Company profile

  1. 1. Media MosaicWe build voices for your Brands Create and break out of the box. Tune out noise to execute your vision.
  2. 2. Who we are?
  3. 3. About Media Mosaic • An end-to-end solution provider in the fast evolving world of interactive marketing • A leader in contextual marketing with the highest number of Google certified analysts • An MNC company that straddles the onshore and offshore market with equal ease • Media Mosaic has been able to create a unique eco-system between our different countries clients, complementing improvement and value addition in each of them on a continuous basis. • Constantly strives to bring the best global practices and solutions to its International clients • A thought & technology leader in the space, Media Mosaic constantly strives to create practical solutions to key business problems of its clients
  4. 4. Our Service Bouquet
  5. 5. New Era Marketing
  6. 6. Our Clients
  7. 7. What is SEO?
  8. 8. Search Results
  9. 9. SEO Factors
  10. 10. Architecture
  11. 11. Architecture & Accessibility • Websites should not just be for the user they should be also designed for search engines • In-accessible content is the number one reason for poor rankings • If a spider cannot access or read your content you will not rank • The speed at which you deliver content and the way in which you deliver it are also factors • So simple site architecture is key!
  12. 12. Architecture & Accessibility How a user see your website? How a user see your website?
  13. 13. Architecture & Accessibility How GoogleBot see your website? How GoogleBot see your website?
  14. 14. Architecture & Accessibility How quickly do you deliver content? – Dirty code – Unnecessary files – No compression – Oversized images – Server speed & pipe Don’t waste Google’s time! How is your sites speed? How is your sites speed?
  15. 15. Architecture & Accessibility • Clean navigation and site hierarchy • Sitemaps (xml, video, images, mobile, news, html) • Robots commands • Duplication of content (canonical tags) • Search engine Tools • Coding methodology (Flex / AJAX) • Code compliance W3C • Accessibility standards WCAG 2.0 Key Indexation Factors Key Indexation Factors
  16. 16. Content
  17. 17. Content • Content is king! • Search engines use content to understand, associate, grade and rank your site • Content should therefore be... – rich to engage the user “Sticky” – tailored to a search query – structured – unique, timely and RELEVANT. RELEVANT Ask yourself- Is my website the number one contextual resource for my products on the web?
  18. 18. Content • Text (News, PR, How to guides, Knowledge, Product info) • Interactive / UGC (User Generated Content) • Images • Infographics • Video • Music / Podcasts • Applications • Widgets / Games Content Variations Content Variations
  19. 19. Content • Search engines are keyword driven • Content must be relevant to the keywords if it is to rank • Over optimisation and spamming will lead to penalties • The right keyword mix is needed to purvey the correct message within any given page Keywords Keywords
  20. 20. Content • Page title <TITLE> • Meta Description • Content title <H1> • Sub headings <H2> <H3> • First block of text • Emphasised text • Number of keyword instances • Content “anchored” links Key Content Components Key Content Components
  21. 21. Authority
  22. 22. Categories of Authority
  23. 23. Age – How old is your site? • Google gives great weight to sites that have been around since day 0 • New sites will find it very hard to compete in mature markets • Unfortunately there is no way of improving age - we can’t change time!
  24. 24. Votes – Website Backlinks A webpage with some authority A webpage with little or no authority A webpage with lots of authority Internal web pages Externally linked web pages
  25. 25. Buzz – Brand Sentiment Online
  26. 26. The Algorithm
  27. 27. How Algorithm work?
  28. 28. Overall Ranking Algorithm
  29. 29. Personalized Search “Personalized search delivers results based on the things you have searched for on Google and the sites you have visited.
  30. 30. Google Updates
  31. 31. Cross-pollination of Campaigns • SEO will improve on page quality score: – Reduce CPC • SEM will test ad copy to find the best for CTR / Time on Site and Sales – These can be implemented to SEO • Improved SEO or core terms will allow for pausing of SEM keywords / reduction in SEM costs • One plus one equals three! – Dual demographic targeting on core terms through multi messaging
  32. 32. How we work?
  33. 33. Research • First and foremost you must understand what it is we need to achieve – Metric – Tracking – Keyword selection – Competitor analysis • Understand the size of the task
  34. 34. Understanding the Competition 1 2 3
  35. 35. Understanding the Resources • Manpower • Technical skill sets • Link building • Content creation • Execution
  36. 36. You cannot build a house in a day...• SEO is a long term game. 6-12 months minimum should be given to expect results. In a mature market plan for up to 2 years• All SEO will be done in line with Google standards• If you invest now SEO will deliver substantial long term quality traffic for the future!Again Ask yourself- Is my website the number one contextualresource for my products on the web?
  37. 37. Media MosaicE9-10, NSEZ, Noida, India 91-120-4626502 www media-mosaic