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Use of Technology


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Published in: Education
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Use of Technology

  1. 1. I used this tool to complete the writing for my magazine. This tool was useful when it came to editing my photographs to cut parts of the image out which were not needed. The selection tool was essential in making the magazine as without it I would not have been able to move graphics around the screen to place them correctly. I used this line tool to section my work into columns for my contents page.
  2. 2. By creating Layers it enabled me to create a number of different sections to my magazine front cover which could then be merged together once everything was placed correctly. By selecting the ‘Filters’ tool I was able to further edit my photograph once it had been put onto the magazine front cover to make it fit in with the house style. To create this box I used a Shape Tool which allowed me to pick a shape I wanted to include. I then changed the colour and added a frame to the box so that it looked more professional and also kept to the continuity of the magazine. For this piece of text I added a drop shadow effect so that it stood out and the viewer would realise that it was an important feature.
  3. 3. To create a barcode, I simply used a website which generated free barcodes called: Both of these texts were created using the website I saved the font so that I was able to use it again at a later date if I needed too.
  4. 4. Using Blogger I created an account in which I could create posts which would show my progress throughout the media course.
  5. 5. To put my PowerPoint presentations showing my work towards completing my magazine on to my blog I had to create a SlideShare account which allowed me to convert my PowerPoints into HTML files which I could then embed onto my blog for people to view. After selecting ‘Browse’ to select a file that I wanted to upload, I then found the file I needed and uploaded it to SlideShare, were I then copied the HTML onto my blog.
  6. 6. I used Coral Paint Shop Pro X2 to edit my photographs. For my Front Cover is started with the original image. I then used the paint brush to colour in the background and around the act so that it was plain.
  7. 7. I then added the title of our magazine to the image and brought the image to the front of the layers so that it covered some of the title, I decided to do this technique as it is done in music magazines. I then changed the brightness and contrast to make it a stronger image. I also changed the saturation so that the model looked healthy.
  8. 8. For my double spread page I wanted an image which contained the main background ideas to one side which would allow me to edit the photograph to make the focus clear in the photographs. I decided to make the double spread page black and white to break the magazine up a bit so that their was different types of images to look at. To edit this image I first made it greyscale. Then I changed the brightness and contrast to that their was a more dramatic look to the photograph which would make the model stand out. I used the airbrush tool to make the photo look more professional. Finally, I used the sharpening toolon the image to make the contrast I had added earlier stand out more and make the final photo look attractive to the eye.
  9. 9. I also made a colour version of the image to see what I preferred but I chose to stick with the black and white image which split the magazine up with the styling of images included. To make this image I simply changed the saturation to make the colours in the door brighter and then made the contrast between the light and dark colours of the photograph higher. I used the same technique for my contents page image.