medialive! is...a brand new event taking place in Abu Dhabi from 18-19 October, held in association with twofour54 (theAra...
Tuesday 18th October - Day 1         Media Business Conference         Government Summit                        Creative &...
Media Business ConferenceThis conference will explore top business issues impacting content and digital media companies,in...
12:15 – 13:30 Social media and TV: understanding and engaging your community         With Facebook boasting almost 700 mi...
Wednesday 19th OctoberSpotlight Session: Creative10:00 – 10:30 Transmedia Storytelling: creating cross-platform entertainm...
Registration:Registration can be done online, at www.medialive/ae/visit, and fees are as follows:    -    Full conference ...
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MediaLive! 2011 Complete information Doc


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Shaping the future of media content in the Middle East

Across the Arab world, a young and wealthy population base with a healthy appetite for new technology and entertainment is demanding communication and content catering to regional, cultural and language differences.

The pan-Arab media industry is expanding faster than that of any other region. There is a clear business opportunity out there, but the industry needs a clearer understanding of consumer trends and how to monetise content across new platforms.

medialive! will be a two day showcase for the Middle East’s media community and a forum to further industry thinking across the entire media lifecyle.

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MediaLive! 2011 Complete information Doc

  1. 1. medialive! is...a brand new event taking place in Abu Dhabi from 18-19 October, held in association with twofour54 (theArab world’s centre for excellence in content creation).The purpose of this to bring together leading minds in the media and digital sphere, and to give attendees the uniqueopportunity to: - Discover new media platforms - Investigate the future of media - Learn how digital media is enabling the development of monetizing strategies - Learn how to profit from the digital spheremedialive! has been created specifically for:  Content creators (film and TV studios, creative designers, cinematographers, producers and directors, compositors, editors, stereographers, technical directors, videographers...);   Content distributors (broadcasters, mobile and internet service providers, cable and satellite operators, regulators, TV stations and network operators, programmers, webcasters...);   And other media professionals (communication and advertising executives, social media experts, digital media agencies).The 2 day event is divided into three distinct parts: 1. The Media Business Conference (include keynote Spotlight Sessions) 2. The Government Summit – tailor-made for government communications and executives 3. and Creative & Design MasterclassesThe Spotlight Sessions are keynote sessions that will give delegates a high-level industry perspective onbusiness, technology and creativity. The Media Business Conference will then explore top business issuesimpacting broadcasters, content and digital media companies, including online video, social media, onlineadvertising and mobile entertainment.International and local speakers confirmed for the Media Business Conference who will address thefuture of media across the digital landscape include executives from:Discovery Communications Flip MediaEuropean Broadcasting Union Nokia Siemens NetworkMonterosa BBC WorldwideEx Machina MBC GroupVideo Plaza Mind ShareRegistered attendees also have the opportunity to acquire new technical skills in our Creative & DesignMasterclasses. These courses are free of charge, taught by experts from twofour54. ‎ ourses include: Apple CFinal Cut X, Adobe Production, DSLR Cinematography, Introduction to 3D and Stereoscopic, Motion graphicsand compositing, Introduction to Social Media, and 3D lab tour. thOn the evening of the 18 of October, attendees will also have the unique opportunity to come face to face with‎ ll the medialive! participants and speakers during the Party@The Dome, an informal social ‎ tmosphere fora aattendees to engage with the with leading minds and network with media industry leaders. ‎For a programme schedule on the medialive! features, check out the timetable on the following page.
  2. 2. Tuesday 18th October - Day 1 Media Business Conference Government Summit Creative & Design Master Classes FREE 09:30 New platforms for 09:45 Government: the customer 10:00 Spotlight Session FREE experience of tomorrow 10:15 10:30 Break 10:45 Monetizing the new TV Apple Final Cut X Adobe Production 11:00 ecosystem: from smartphones Mobile for government and 11:15 to game consoles, tablets and mobile case studies 11:30 flat screens 11:45 12:00 Break Apple Final Cut X Adobe Production 12:15 12:30 Social media: understanding Online video in government to 12:45 and engaging your community engage your community 13:00 13:15 13:30 Apple Final Cut X Adobe Production 13:45 Lunch 14:00 14:15 14:30 Mobile content: the path to Social media matters for 14:45 primetime government Introduction to 3D and DSLR Cinematography 15:00 Stereoscopic 15:15 Break 15:30 Spotlight Session FREE 15:45 Social media success 16:00 16:15 Reinventing advertising: ad Introduction to 3D and DSLR Cinematography 16:30 innovations for the digital age Stereoscopic 16:45 17:00 17:15 17:30 Introduction to 3D and DSLR Cinematography 17:45 Stereoscopic 18:00 18:15 18:30 medialive! official afterparty 18:45 19:00 Wednesday 19th October - Day 2 Media Business Conference Creative & Design Master Classes FREE 09:30 09:45 Motion Graphics and Introduction to Social Media 10:00 Spotlight Session Compositing FREE 10:15 10:30 Break 10:45 11:00 Motion Graphics and Branded content - is it the Introduction to Social Media 11:15 Compositing future of the 30-second spot? 11:30 11:45 12:00 Break 12:15 12:30 Motion Graphics and Introduction to Social Media 12:45 3D TV perspectives Compositing 13:00 13:15 13:30 13:45 Lunch 14:00 14:15 14:30 14:45 15:00 15:15 15:30 3D Lab Tour 15:45 16:00 16:15 16:30 16:45 17:00 Close of medialive! To view the complete speaker line-up, visit To register your place, visit following page includes a full description of the Media Business Conference. For further informationon the Government Summit and Masterclasses, please visit
  3. 3. Media Business ConferenceThis conference will explore top business issues impacting content and digital media companies,including online video, social media, investments, online advertising, mobile entertainment and mobileapps.Target audience: Digital media industry – including...  Decision-makers from major  Advertising marketing agencies broadcasters  Online content producers  Production studios  Distributors and satellite operators  Social networks  Technology companies  Producers  Association heads  Content creators  Finance/investment  Mobile and Internet service providersProgramme – Full detailsSubject to changes. Please visit for up-to-date programme.Tuesday 18th OctoberSpotlight Session: Technology10:00 – 10:30 Next Generation content creation, delivery and consumption  What are the must-have devices of the future and how will content Speaker: change to take advantage of these new devices? Marc Gatto, VP, Broadcast & Media  What trends and technologies will influence the media and Operations, Discovery entertainment industries 5 years from now? Communications  How should you prepare and take competitive advantage of these changes?10:45 – 12:00 Monetizing the new TV ecosystem  With the proliferation of new devices and technology, consumers have Moderator: greater control of what they watch and when they watch it. Consumers Andre Popov, Partner - Media & today are watching TV shows and online video on multiple screens from Telecommunications, Peppers & the traditional TV to mobile, laptop and tablet. Rogers  The challenge now for media companies and content owners is to refine business models going forward for this new ecosystem. Speakers:  This session will get to grips with the challenge of refining business models for the emerging new ecosystem. Subscription, pay, ad- Marc A. Gatto, VP, Broadcast & Media supported, freemium, hybrid – what will be the right model in the region? Operations, Discovery Communications  Advertising across new platforms presents a big opportunity for the TV and entertainment industry. How do we create the advertising and Ammar Bakkar, Group Director of New marketing messages that our audience want to see and hear? How do Media, MBC Group we capitalise on the two-way communication made possible through the Max Bashtawi, Vice President TV & Internet? Media Market Unit Middle East,  This panel will cover these questions and more. Ericsson Hassan Chahine, Technology Advisor, Dubai Media Inc. Alfonso De Gaetano, Industry Head Gulf, Google
  4. 4. 12:15 – 13:30 Social media and TV: understanding and engaging your community  With Facebook boasting almost 700 million users worldwide and an average Moderator: Yousef Tuqan Tuqan, of 140 million Tweets per day, social media has massive reach. The CEO, Flip Media phenomenon is also growing in importance in the Middle East with the number of Facebook users increasing by 78% in 2010.* This panel will examine the value and power of social media for entertainment and broadcasters and the Speakers: practice of social viewing. Hossein Jalali, Head of Online, Al  We will discuss how to build communities that foster and promote Aan TV programming in new and innovative ways. How do you utilise digital tools to better understand and connect with fans and promote, produce and create Zafer Younis, CEO, The Online new revenue opportunities? Project  What content is suitable for social media and which platform should you use? Tom McDonnell, Creative Director, Monterosa  Hear best practices on how to mobilize your fans and create vibrant communities around your shows and content. Jeroen Elferrich, CEO & founder, Ex Machina*Arab Social Media Report, Dubai School of Government14:15 – 15:30 Mobile content: the path to primetime  With mobile penetration in the region expected to reach 130% by Moderator: Andre Popov, Partner - Media & 2015* there is no doubt that this is set to be a major content Telecommunications, Peppers & Rogers platform. Speakers:  Whilst content owners are exploring new strategies to monetize Stefan Schneiders, Head of Mobile TV their content on the small screen, mobile operators are also solutions, Nokia Siemens Networks getting in on the act offering exclusive content and value added services. What are the lessons learned and what strategies are Sebastien Marteau, VP of Mobile, Intigral working in mobile content? And how do Apps fit into the picture? This session will consider the different approaches to mobile Lisette Sens, VP Sales, Service2Media Ltd content in terms of potential technology and business models. Annette Zimmermann, 
Principal Analyst,  In this fast changing mobile world, who will be the winners and Consumer Markets & Technology
, Gartner losers? Our panel of experts will tackle these questions and more as they share the stage to discuss multiple scenarios. Dr. Colin Yeh
, Senior Director - Group Innovations, The Qtel Group
, Vice Chair,*Dataxis Intelligence EMEA Board, Mobile Entertainment ForumSpotlight Session: Business15:45– 16:00 Connected TV: smart devices, new directions  The consumer experience of the future with internet connected televisions Speakers:  How will connected TV change the way content is consumed in the region? Mary Ghobrial, VP Strategy & Media, Prodea Systems  How will connected televisions and devices impact traditional broadcasters across the Middle East?  What can we learn from early trends?  What new connected devices are coming our way?  The challenge to internet service providers.16:00 – 17:00 Reinventing advertising: ad innovations for the digital age  New multimedia platforms are leading to a new era of advertising. The Moderator: region’s‎online‎advertising‎spend‎is‎growing‎and‎marketers‎are‎re-evaluating their relationship with the web. This panel of television, advertising and digital Zeid Nasser, Managing Director, executives will discuss the future of advertising. MediaME Speakers:  How can advertising be more effective in monetising video online? With all the new formats on the web, including rich media, in-game ads, in-text ads, Jonathan Howlett, Senior Vice content wraps, virtual goods and content sponsorships, which ones are President, BBC Advertising, BBC working‎and‎which‎ones‎aren’t? Worldwide  How can you profit from changing digital behaviors to deliver more targeted Isam Bayazidi, CEO, ikoo and personalized campaigns? How can you map user trends to give you more power to understand and engage your consumers? Sorosh Tavakoli, Chief Operating Officer & Founder, Videoplaza  What are the challenges and opportunities for advertisers and broadcasters in the years ahead? Hussein Freijeh, Head of Sales, Yahoo! Maktoob
  5. 5. Wednesday 19th OctoberSpotlight Session: Creative10:00 – 10:30 Transmedia Storytelling: creating cross-platform entertainment  How to build an immersive and interactive transmedia experience. Speaker:  What is the impact of video games and multiplayer participation on Tom Thirlwall, 
CEO, Bigballs Films storytelling?  What are the necessary ingredients for creating content and connected storylines across multiple platforms?  How is multiplatform redefining advertising and creating new opportunities for brands?10:45 – 12:00 Branded content – is it the future of the 30-second spot?  One of the buzz phrases in the digital media industry for the last few Moderator: years‎has‎been‎“branded‎content”.‎While‎branded‎content‎is‎not‎a‎ new concept, a big difference today is that the medium is the Ben Flanagan, Media Reporter, The message. Traditional TV has been about trying to reach everyone National (Abu Dhabi Media Company) with too often diluted messages, whereas new technology now enables us to deliver interactive, engaging experiences targeted to niche audiences who are hungry for just that kind of content. Speakers:  So,‎how‎does‎branded‎entertainment‎fit‎into‎the‎region’s‎TV future Mazen Hayek, Official Spokesman-Group and how and where do you distribute and market it? This panel will Director of PR & Commercial, 
MBC discuss how branded entertainment is different from product Group placements and how, when, where and why to leverage it? Amjad Tadros, CEO, ShooFeeTV  How do we achieve more engaged fans, better brand ROI and Tim Smythe, CEO, Filmworks, UAE happier producers?‎We’ll‎address‎what‎works,‎what‎doesn’t‎and‎all‎ you need to know on the strategies, pitfalls and possibilities of brand Ian Carless, Executive Producer, integration. Talkabout Media Elie Haber, Managing Director, Mindshare12:15 – 13:30 3D TV perspectives  Broadcasters around the world, including in the Middle East, are Speakers: planning and launching 3D TV services. While more 3D sets are coming on‎the‎market‎and‎into‎people’s‎homes,‎3D‎content‎is‎limited‎and‎the‎ Georges Dabaghi, General Manager cost of production is still high. for the Middle East, SeaChange - On Demand Group  So, what is the business case for going to air with 3D? This panel will Manaf Ahammed, Deputy Vice discuss whether 3D is central to the future of TV and discuss the president - operations, Ten Sports competing considerations in going HD or straight to 3D. Is 3D best for linear or video on demand? What revenue models work or is Hasan Sayed Hasan, Head of Media subscription the only option? Technology/ Head of twofour54 intaj, twofour54  How‎are‎consumers‎responding‎to‎3D‎programming‎and‎what’s‎the‎right‎ mix of content? Whilst there is a growing number of high-grossing 3D Clyde DeSouza, Stereographer and movies, nearly all TV content remain 2D and broadcasters are paying a Technology Advisor, Real Vision premium for this - is content the missing dimension in 3D TV?
  6. 6. Registration:Registration can be done online, at www.medialive/ae/visit, and fees are as follows: - Full conference early bird rate: (registration before 29 Sept) – US$ 375 - Full conference normal rate: US$ 495 - Student rate: US$ 99 Registration for the above includes entry into the Spotlight Sessions, Media Business Conference, Government Summit and Creative and Design Masterclasses. Also included in the conference fee: Daily lunch | Valet parking | Free wireless internet | Tea, coffee & refreshments | Entry into Creative & Design Masterclasses | Entry into Party @ The Dome - Creative & Design Masterclasses only: US $0 (online registration is still required)Complete information is available on