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M&L 2012 - INgeBEELD - by An Feyfer


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Published in: Education
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M&L 2012 - INgeBEELD - by An Feyfer

  1. 1. An initiative of: In cooperation with: PLATFORM FOR MEDIAWISDOM
  2. 2. PLATFORM FOR MEDIAWISDOM Media wisdom = media literacy Why? Inspiration Guidance Examples of good practice Tools for using media in the classroom Who? Educators How? Bottom up ( trough a program in teacher training) 3 worlds
  3. 3. PLATFORM FOR MEDIAWISDOM“Media wisdom is the totality ofknowledge, skills and attitudes with whichcitizens can move consciously & critically in acomplex, changing and mediatized world. It isthe capacity for an active and creative mediause focused on societal participation.” From “conceptnota voor mediawijsheid” of Minister of Media Ingrid Lieten and Minister of Education Pascal Smet
  4. 4. PLATFORM FOR MEDIAWISDOM Knowledge Syntax Semantics
  5. 5. PLATFORM FOR MEDIAWISDOM Skills Technical skills Skills to read a medium Determine reliability Use in a creative way Building skills by DOING!
  6. 6. PLATFORM FOR MEDIAWISDOM Attitude Awareness of responsibility Use in a socially adjusted way Awareness of the effect and power of media Knowledge of royalties Life long learning  leads to a new way of communicating
  8. 8. PLATFORM FOR MEDIAWISDOM“Zelf doen” do it yourself = ACTIVE:Why first? Learning in an intuitive way ‘good practice’ examples: ⁻ Teacher training program ⁻ Other (VRT, Dynamo3, …)
  9. 9. PLATFORM FOR MEDIAWISDOMProject “Verwoord/verbeeld”Based on the novel“Stitches” by David Small
  10. 10. PLATFORM FOR MEDIAWISDOM• Teacher training program: – Project on media wisdom: learning how to use media in the classroom – Support by multimedia lab by BAM(No financial support!): • Creative • Technical – 2 ways: • Short: only within teacher training • Long : internship (dynamo 3 support of 1500€ for school) – Video report – 5 themes: • War and peace • Language, literature and promotion of reading in a digital culture • Subject related propositions • Specific ways of media literacy : Projects on photography, film, television, advertising and games. • Conscious use of the virtual world of the internet.
  11. 11. PLATFORM FOR MEDIAWISDOMCollaboration Flemish Agency for Educational Communication and BAM Multimedia lab Editorial team Technical support Flemish Institute for visual, audiovisual and media art
  12. 12. PLATFORM FOR MEDIAWISDOMCollaboration Flemish Agency for Educational Communication and VRT Open up archive for the educational field: Use of archive material in teacher training program  Media wise content
  13. 13. PLATFORM FOR MEDIAWISDOM “KRITISCH gebruiken” Use CRITICAL Discovering the relation between media and the world Understanding the importance of the language of media Knowledge of the history of media. Knowledge on how to read media-content The ability to (self) reflection Use media strategically Metier
  14. 14. PLATFORM FOR MEDIAWISDOM “BEWUST hanteren” handle CONSCIOUSLY Discovering the influence media has on our view on ourselves and of the world Impact on our brain Social and ethical aspects Intention of information and communication
  15. 15. PLATFORM FOR MEDIAWISDOM login procedure (only for educators) • Uploading of films • Access to VRT archives • Access to material in Ingebeeld • To be explored: virtual editing (later phase)
  16. 16. PLATFORM FOR MEDIAWISDOM TIPS: Implement media in all courses Don’t let limitations guide you, JUST DO! Become media wise together, let student educate you!
  17. 17. Literature:• “Cultuur in de spiegel” Barend van Heusden• “The visual literacy white paper” Dr. Anne Bamford• “Conceptnota mediawijsheid” Flemish Minister of Media Ingrid Lieten and Flemish Minister of Education Pascal Smet• “Audiovisuele vorming in het Vlaamse onderwijs” Annemie Goegebuer