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Media and learning 2012 - Historiana: your portal to the past - by Geert Kessels


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Media and learning 2012 - Historiana: your portal to the past - by Geert Kessels

  1. 1. From Policy to Practice Multiperspectivy Global Dimension Transversal Competences
  2. 2. European Association of History Educators EUROCLIO supports the Development of Responsible and Innovative History and Citizenship Education by promoting Critical Thinking, Mutual Respect, Peace, Stability and Democracy.63 Independent Member Associations of History and Citizenship Educators from 46 countries. 15 Associated Members from 12 countries
  3. 3. A growing interest intransnational historyeducation.
  4. 4. Towards a digital solution In 2007 Joke van der Leeuw-Roord, Director of EUROCLIO, had the idea to develop and test a flexible, multi-media tool for history educators based around: “a framework of windows for educationalpurposes..without losing a plurality of perspectives and intra- and inter-state diversity”. In 2009, dr. Robert Stradling, author of the CoE guide on multiperspectivty, agreed to become the editor-in-chief of Historiana.
  5. 5. Historiana – Your Portal to the PastAn international online educationalprogramme on European history and heritage.It offers the opportunity to compare andcontrast various experiences, consequencesand perceptions of the past.Historiana is the alternative to the idea of acommon European history textbook.
  6. 6. The target group Students in History, Heritage and Citizenship (aged 14+) History educatorsExamples of other users
  7. 7. A unique cross- border cooperation • More than 35 countries! 20 History Educators Associations 10 Museums and Archives 9 Universities and Research Institutes 5 European Associations 1 Web designerPartners of the first project
  8. 8. A Thematic ApproachHistoriana is organisedaround 7 themes thatappeal to students from allbackgrounds and bridgelocal-, regional-, Europeanand international histories.
  9. 9. A Multiperspective Approach Experiences & public attitudes key historical Critical figures meetings Mass the Marshall media Plan Historians’ interpretations
  10. 10. History Education Beyond the Textbook Videos, Sound, Animated Maps and Timelines can be used to help students acquire key competences. A partnership project with Europeana to develop online learning activities is now being negotiated with the EU.