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M&L 2012 - Flying start - by Lizzie Caperon


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Published in: Education
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M&L 2012 - Flying start - by Lizzie Caperon

  1. 1. Flying Start Media and Learning Conference 2012For further details contact:Carol Elston & Lizzie
  2. 2. • Welcome• Brief overview of Flying Start• Dissemination• Site statistics• Feedback and evaluation• Future
  3. 3. Project overview - background Roll-out (2012/13): University Teaching Fellowship funding Arts (All schools)Pilot (2011/12): Biological SciencesHistory Project team: (All schools)FrenchLinguistics & Phonetics Skills@Library ESSLTRS (All schools)SPEMEMAPS (5 schools) MAPSMedicine (All schools)= 11 sub-sites Medicine & Health (All schools) = 34 sub-sites and over 40 schools Supported by: Links to existing sites: International Student Office LUBS Language Centre Earth & Environment University-wide VLE and Portal teams Collaborative Communications = 2 sub-sites project
  4. 4.
  5. 5.
  6. 6. Dissemination• Responsibility of each School or department to send out the link to their new students.• Remind students about the site whenever possible
  7. 7. Site statistics• Google Analytics• Inserted in pages and activities• Report at the end of the 4 weeks
  8. 8. Feedback and evaluation• Usage statistics• Survey built in to site• Student focus group• Staff focus group
  9. 9. Next year?• Future depends on evaluation• WordPress allows for easy editing• Basic training can be given• Schools update their own sites?
  10. 10. The site can be accessed at: reports can be found at: