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David Fincher


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David Fincher

  1. 1. David Andrew Leo Fincher
  2. 2. General facts • Born 28th August 1962. • American film and music director. • Known for his dark and stylish thrillers. • His thrillers include violent content, resolutions, dark colours/tonnes and low angles. • Unique and Iconic features in his films. • Inspired by the film ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid.’ • He began making movies at the age of eight with a 8mm camera. • Fincher joined video-production company ‘propaganda films’ and started off directing music videos and commercials before moving on to feature films. • ‘Zodiac’ – best reviewed film of the year. • ‘Fight Club’ – best of the year.
  3. 3. Famous Thriller Films • Panic Room • Seven • The game • Fight Club • Zodiac • Alien 3 • The girl with the dragon tattoo
  4. 4. Trade Marks • Wide shots • Low angles • Downbeat endings • Backstories filled with flashbacks • Films often end in suicide attempted or successful • Silhouettes – frequently had characters in the shadows where you cannot make out their faces – examples; ‘Seven’ (1995) and ‘Fight Club’ (1999)