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Presented by Annie McAndrews: July, 25, 2017

Everyone is searching, but who knows exactly what they’re looking for? Paid search allows advertisers to step in and help point users in the right direction. In this class, we’ll discuss how paid search works and why it should be a part of your client’s digital strategy. We’ll also review the different ways advertisers utilize paid search to help us find the object of our desire, be it shoes, burritos, or even a college degree.

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  1. 1. Search 101
  2. 2. Annie is a 28-year-old Cancer who was once called “a cool boss.” The person quickly took it back, but no backsies on that. It’s already out there. If this doesn’t establish credibility, I don’t know what does. 2 Meet Your Professor
  3. 3. i. How Search Works ii. How Do Ads Show Up? iii. Building a Search Campaign i. Keywords ii. Ad Copy iii. Ad Extensions iv. Day-to-Day Management v. Troubleshooting: Where’s My Ad? vi. Things To Always Remember 3 Agenda
  5. 5. 5 SERP: Search Engine Results Page QUERY ORGANIC PAID RESULTS
  6. 6. Paid Search Pay per click Instant results Once investment stops, ads stop SEO (Organic) Clicks are free Gradual process of improvement Residual benefits and results continue after initial investment Paid Search v. SEO
  7. 7. Increased Visibility Branding Instant Results Flexibility Control Data Benefits of Paid Search
  9. 9. 9 Paid Search…In a Nutshell Select relevant keywords and ads Users search on selected keywords Engines rank ads through an auction Winning ads serve Pay only when ads are clicked
  10. 10. Quality Score - How Are Ads Ranked? Quality Score CTR Ad Relevancy Keyword Relevancy Landing Page Historical Performance
  11. 11. 11 Why is Quality Score Important? ELIGIBILITY Determines whether your ad is eligible to enter the auction for that query POSITION Determines the relative position of your ad in relation to the other ads on the SERP TOP SLOT Only high quality ads are eligible to appear above organic results (position 1-4) with full extensions PRICE A better quality score reduces the bid needed to maintain a given position
  13. 13. 13 Paid Search Campaign Structure Keywords Match type Bids Destination URL Ad Group Keywords Ad Copy Campaign Daily Budgets Language Targeting Location Targeting Footwear Sneakers Low-top sneakers High-top sneakers Boots Rain boots Desert boots
  14. 14. KEYWORDS
  15. 15. Keywords: Best Practices 15 Relevant Specific Variations Negatives Optimized For Performance
  16. 16. Keywords: Best Practices 16 Have Variations Be Relevant Expand Negatives Be Specific Optimize for Performance
  17. 17. Keywords: Best Practices 17 Keep keywords short-tail (up to 4 or 5 words maximum) • Keywords that are too long will not generate high traffic volume Include different keyword match types to expand reach • Match types include, broad, broad match modifier, phrase, and exact match
  18. 18. Exact Match: Only matches exact term and close variations of exact term (plurals) Matches exact term and close variations of exact term (plurals) Keyword: [cat food reviews] Query: cat food reviews Query: cat food review Query: best cat food reviews Query: cat food
  19. 19. Phrase Match: Must contain phrase or close variations of the phrase Query must contain complete phrase or close variations of the phrase Keyword: “cat food reviews” Query: best cat food reviews Query: 2017 cat food reviews Query: cat food brands Query: wet cat food
  20. 20. Broad Match: Includes misspellings, synonyms, related searches, and relevant variations 20 Matches to misspellings, synonyms, related searches, and relevant variations Keyword: cat food reviews Query: best reviews for cat food Query: 2017 cat food reviews Query: cat food brands Query: wet cat food
  21. 21. Broad Match Modifier: Append a “+” to individual words in a keyword phrase, that “+keyword” (or very close variants) must appear in the query 21 Matches to misspellings, synonyms, related searches, and relevant variations Keyword: +cat +food +reviews Query: best reviews for cat food Query: 2017 cat food reviews Query: cat food brands Query: wet cat food
  22. 22. AD COPY
  23. 23. Pricing Offers Holiday Greetings Flash Sales Local Messages Ad Copy: The Art & Science AdWords Ad Copy is an opportunity to reach out to new and existing customers so put your best foot forward
  24. 24. 24 New Format: Expanded Text Ads Expanded text ads are designed to maximize presence on search results Headline 1 – 30 Characters Headline 2 – 30 Characters Display URL – removed, now auto extracts domain from final URL Description Line – 80 Characters Character Restrictions: Example:
  25. 25. Ad Copy Building Best Practices 25 Make sure the ad copy is relevant to all keywords in the ad group Feature a strong, direct headline • Having the Brand name in the headline, “Official Site,” or asking a question can help draw attention Include a clear and succinct Call-to-Action. i.e. “Watch,” “Listen to,” “Read,” or “Subscribe now” Ad copy should accurately reflect landing page content to ensure that users have a positive experience and consistent messaging
  27. 27. 27 Ad Copy Extensions: Sitelinks and More Sitelinks allow advertisers to include additional links and information in a standard text ad at no additional cost Rating extension Social extension Customer rating extension Promote new content Include navigational links to parts of your site Sitelinks are just one ad copy extension, here are some other examples: Review extension
  28. 28. Callout Extensions Add descriptive text to your ad to help people learn more about what you have to offer
  29. 29. Click To Call Let people click a button to give you a phone call
  30. 30. Click To Download Show a link below your ad text that sends people to the app store or begins downloading your app
  31. 31. And More! Seriously, They Keep Coming. Visual Sitelinks* Price Extensions Promo Extensions* *Currently in beta
  33. 33. Daily Alerts 33 A few examples of alerts we receive from our Search Management tools include: • Campaign budgets: When our budgets reach their daily caps, we are prompted by the publisher to increase budgets to take advantage of additional traffic • Ad Copy Disapproval: When ads are disapproved our publishers will alert us with details as to why our ads are not showing (most commonly, due to broken destination URLs)
  34. 34. 34 Account Monitoring & Troubleshooting Troubleshooting tools within publisher interfaces provide insight into keyword and ad copy delivery
  35. 35. Account Performance: Bid Optimizations 35 Increase bids • Budget available • Low rank/low Impression Share • Low traffic • High engagement/low CPCs • Low CPA/high ROI Decrease bids • Low budget • High rank/high Impression Share • High traffic • Low engagement/high CPC’s • High CPA/low ROI
  36. 36. Account Performance - Monthly 36 Ad Copy Performance • Use monthly data to assess ad performance, rotate in new variations, and remove poor performers Competitor Insights • Competitor tools allow us to track activity over time (i.e. – how often are we outranked, which competitors overlap on our terms) Quality Score Distribution • QS moves slowly and trending should be reviewed monthly
  38. 38. Audience Capabilities 38 Google, Bing, and Yahoo offer unique audience overlays to refine traffic • Use Similar Users to reach users similar to your current audience • For DR campaigns target users similar to converters • In-Market Targeting reaches users in a purchase mindset • E-mail Audience Overlays comb Yahoo’s email inventory and allow you to target users conducting searches on Yahoo who receive emails from specific domains you outline • Demographic Targeting allows you to bid on or exclude specific ages and genders
  39. 39. We See You…Sometimes 39 What We Know • What search terms our ads are showing for (Search Query Reports) • Phrase and Broad/BMM allow modifiers to be pulled in with the keywords so we can see how users are searching for us and adjust the keyword set accordingly • What competitors are serving at the same time as us (Auction Insights) What We Don’t Know • What competitors are serving in auctions we are not in • What Organic Searches are going to our site • As soon as you click on an Organic listing advertisers cannot see what the search was due to encrypting measures • The workaround? Paid tools such as BrightEdge.
  40. 40. • Currently accounting for long tail searches with different keyword match types • 20% of Google searches are now via voice • Accuracy of voice search is now 92% • Mobile voice searches are 3X more likely to be local than text searches Voice Search: The Next Frontier
  41. 41. WHERE’S MY AD?
  42. 42. • Did you try searching in incognito mode? • Has the budget been depleted? • Have you checked the 2nd page in the SERP? • Are you searching from within the geo targeting? • Is day parting enabled? Remember – Every auction is unique! Where’s My Ad?
  43. 43. YOU’D LIKE WHAT?
  44. 44. • Forecasting for an existing campaign? – Base metrics on historical data and whether you are limited by Budget • Forecasting for a new campaign? – Base KPIs on a comparable campaign (if available) – No similar campaign? Use Google’s Keyword Planning Tool to get forecasting for a specified keyword set. • This involves building a keyword set from scratch so can be very time consuming depend on the ask • Heavily caveat that Google does not factor in your Quality Score and these numbers are purely a benchmark. How We Approach New Campaign Requests
  46. 46. Things To Remember Success Be Relevant Right Content Right Keyword Right Message Be In The Moment