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Adblock and Do-Not-Track in the Digital Media Landscape


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What is Adblock and Do-Not-Click, and what does it mean for digital advertising? This presentation explains.

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Adblock and Do-Not-Track in the Digital Media Landscape

  1. 1.  Should  we  be  worried  about  Adblock  and  Do  Not  Track?   3.1.2013  
  2. 2. Purpose   We  will  go  over  the  trends  around  Adblock  and  Do  Not  Track  -­‐   the  two  most  popular  browsers  extensions  that  disable   tracking    to  better  understand  how  they  work  and  why  they   matter  to  us   2  
  3. 3. Browser  Market  Share   US  Only  Desktop   Browser  Share  Jan  2013 Global  Desktop   Browser  Share  Jan  2013 3% 3% 8% 14% Safari   31% Safari   41% IE   IE   Chrome   Chrome   25% 37% Fire  Fox   Fire  Fox   21% 17% Source:  StatCounter   over  in  the  next  2-­‐3  years  at  the  current  pace   Chrome  has  seen  the  largest  growth  overall  in  the  past  couple  years   The  top  browser  extensions  on  Chrome  and  Fire  Fox  are  adblock-­‐related   Fire  Fox  announced  it  will  block  third-­‐party  cookies  by  default  as  of  April   5th,  2013  when  version  22  rolls  out     3  
  4. 4. The  Rise  of  Adblock   ad  used  to  be  here   goal of Adblock Plus is not to hurt providers of free content. By putting users in control over the ads we want to make sure that bad ads (e.g. misleading messages that sneak through or malicious apps, etc.) are eliminated and good ads that focus on a positive user experience will gain a competitive advantage. So we are not preventing e-commerce websites from making money if they use responsible and controlled types of adverts Till Faida, co-founder of Adblock keyword  query  interest  2004  -­‐  2012  ad  used   ad  used   to  be   to  be   here   here   3.5%  of  all  US  Internet  users  have  Adblock  Plus  installed  according  to  NYTimes       (Jan  2012)   Approximately  8.6MM  US  Adblock  users   Estimated  150K  downloads  each  day  worldwide   4  
  5. 5. How  Adblock  Works   1) Adblock-­‐enabled  browser  scans  the   page  that  is  about  to  load         2) Flash  files/image  files/iframes  that   come  from  ad  servers  are  filtered  out       X       3) Website  loads  ad-­‐free   5  
  6. 6. Adblock  Accessibility   Adblock  is  the  most  popular  add-­‐on  for     Firefox  users  with  3,000+  reviews  and   15.2MM  users  worldwide     All  major  web  browsers  (Chrome,  Firefox,  IE,  Safari)  have  Adblock  available  as  an   add-­‐on  and  it  is  the  most  popular  extension  across  all  browsers   Enabling/disabling  Adblock  is  as  simple  as  clicking   on  the  icon  embedded  in  the  address  bar   6  
  7. 7. User  Appeal   Adblock  Disabled   Adblock  Enabled   Users  are  drawn  to  Adblock  because  it  offers  an  ad-­‐free,  clean  web   experience  that  often  loads  a  lot  faster  as  well   Most  content  providers  rely  on  third-­‐party-­‐ad-­‐driven  revenue  to  keep  their   sites  running  and  are  looking  for  ways  to  counter  Adblock     7  
  8. 8. Websites  React   Some  websites  simply  black  out  content  when  users  try  to  avoid  ads  via  Adblock   Users  are  forced  to  disable  these  extensions  for  normal  web  experiences   8  
  9. 9. What  about  Do  Not  Track?   Do  Not  Track  trending  via  Google  2004  -­‐  2012   Do  Not  Call  (2003)   Do  Not  Track  (2009)     users  activate  the  feature,  and  8%   hunt  down  the  on  switch  for   desktop  editions.  This  might   sound  low,  but  when  you   compare  this  to  other  features     9  
  10. 10. How  Do  Not  Track  works   Once  Do  Not  Track  is  enabled  in  browsers,  the  browser  sends  a  signal  to  websites  that    this  does  NOT  disable  ads,  but  simply   disables  tracking  so  behavioral  ads  do  not  work  properly   Once  the  add-­‐on  is   installed  on  a  browser,   the  Do  Not  Track  icon   shows  how  many   tracking  cookies  are   present  on  the  visited   site   When  the  icon  is  clicked   on,  a  window  appears   and  displays   tracking  you  while  also   presenting  the  option  to   allow/block  tracking   10  
  11. 11. How  Real  is  Do  Not  Track?   Do  Not  Track  Supporters   The  whole  process  behind   the  Do  Not  Track  method  is   not  entirely  transparent  and   it  is  difficult  to  tell  whether   the  request  is  being   accepted  or  not  since  ads   will  still  trigger   The  Federal  Trade  Commission  (FTC)  is  pushing  to  sign   Do  Not  Track  into  law,  but  there  has  been  numerous   setbacks  due  to  disagreements  between  advertisers,   browsers,  and  privacy  advocates   11  
  12. 12. Should  We  Be  Concerned?   Not  yet.   These  two  options  are  still  far  from  being   adopted  by  the  mass,  especially  when  browser   extensions  are  still  not  widely  spread  within  the   internet  community     However,   Mobile  security  is  the  hottest   topic  as  its  rapid  growth  has   also  been  accompanied  by   ever-­‐growing  malwares   The  FTC  will  likely  turn  their   attention  to  mobile  security   before  addressing  desktops     It  will  be  difficult  for  the  FTC  to  force  anything  into  law  as  online  advertising  is   what  makes  most  online  content  widely  accessible  and  free   KBS+  will  continue  to  closely  monitor  progress  and  provide  updates  along  the   way     12  
  13. 13. Thank  you!  Questions?  Today   20??   13