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Media haka: company overview 2012

  1. 1. media hakaindependent innovatorsCompany Overview
  2. 2. media hakaWho What Mission Company OverviewWe are a group We design and build We want to contributeof creative researchers Living Networks to make a betterpassionate for digital communities. and sustainable world,by new media promoting knowledgetechnologies. Our tools and platforms and technology transfer, are inspired by on a global scale. the principles of the complex systems theory.
  3. 3. media hakaSectors and Key Actors Company Overview Emerging Technologies Innovation places, Intelligent Cities Science Parks, Health & Welfare Incubators New Media Our products and Research centres ICT services are designed Mobile for the global Universities Green innovation ecosystem Public and Private Energy Institutions Agriculture Technology based Biotech companies Nanotech Art & Culture Innovation Networks
  4. 4. media hakaProducts and services Company OverviewInnovation Sky Open Innovation Live Innovation World Tour Education and trainingMembership MembershipA set of tools and services A set of Innovation The annual Media Haka’s We design learningmainly oriented to Journalism formats itinerant event. networks. A set ofvisibility, networking, designed for events. The team travels the educational formatsinternationalization, The goal is to give a world visiting science based on new mediaknowledge and digital extension to parks, innovation events, technologies:technology transfer. fairs, conferences and creative companies learning objects andThe members have a meetings, using advanced and inspired people. blended workshops.full access to the open communication models. The solutions andinnovation programs technologies of thepromoted by our members are added to a“Living Networks cognitive communicationPlatform”. pattern presented during the main venues of the tour.
  5. 5. media hakaProducts and services Innovation Sky Web platforms infrastructure Company OverviewOn 33 daily updated Global Editions www.innovationsky.orgplatforms, we share our Digital Humanitiespassion with a giant, www.hypermediapunk.orgglobal and profiled Europe Editions of innovators, www.anthropologize.orgsegmented by location www.promonic.organd topics. Local Editions Future of Africa Editions Smart Cities Latin America Editions Asia Editions
  6. 6. media hakaProducts and services Innovation Sky Languages Company Overview
  7. 7. media hakaProducts and services Innovation Sky Social media infrastructure Company OverviewAll of our platforms havea social media identity onthe main networking sites.We spread the voice ofinnovation through 270social media ambassadors.
  8. 8. media hakaProducts and services Innovation Sky Benefits Company OverviewAn Innovation Place can use Innovation Sky to create a Living Network and... to get the following services: to be part of: - International Visibility Innovation Sky - an Open Innovation Market Place - Digital Identity Optimization a global network - a Dynamic Innovation Database - Brand Reputation Monitoring of innovation networks - Social Media Marketing to generate and evaluate: - Business Opportunities - Cooperation Opportunities - Internationalization Processes - Knowledge and Technology transfer - Best Practices Exchanges
  9. 9. media hakaProducts and services Open innovation Live Formats Company OverviewWe can expandan innovation event using:Innovation Journalism Media Performance- Content Curation - Interactive Installations- Video Production - Data Visualization- Instant Blogging - Real Time Networking- Social Media Dynamization - Alternate Reality Actions- Database generation- Ebooks production Roma 2010. Interactive Installations combining web contents and immersive ambients
  10. 10. media hakaProducts and services Open innovation Live Examples Company OverviewSoMeS - “Social Media Sculpture” Mobile World Congress 2012 - BarcelonaIs a site specific interactive installation based on - Instant blogginga software which enables to create and energize - Videotagginga network in real time, mapping the connections - Social media dynamizationbetween people and displaying it in Data Art. - Production of two instant ebooksThe software was presented on 16th June - Mobile Industry trend media watchingat SonarPro 2011, Barcelona.
  11. 11. media hakaCalendar Open innovation Live Selected Events Company Overview2012/05/16 / Forum PA / Roma2012 /05/05/ B/art Conference / Barcelona2012/04/24 / Tech Demo Day / Barcelona2012/03/23 / Codemotion / Roma2012/02/27 / Mobile World Congress / Barcelona2011/11/25 / BeMyApp / Bari2011/11/7 / Global Forum / Bruxelles2011/10/20 / Systemica Complexitiy European Symposium / Bruxelles2011/10/19 / SMAU / Milano2011/09/15 / CCCB 2.0: de la interacción a la co-creación / Barcelona2011/06/17 / 20th EBN Congress / Toulon2011/06/16 / Sonar Pro / Barcelona2011/05/04 / TecArtEco / Lugano2010/12/01 / Festival dell’Innovazione / Bari2010/11/06 / MyMedia / Firenze2010/10/23 / Festival della Creatività / Firenze2010/10/09 / Ten 10 / Roma2010/06/16 / HIT / Barcelona
  12. 12. media hakaProducts and services Innovation World Tour Company OverviewThe members get thebenefits of an intensiveopen-innovation digitalprogram developedin a 90 days route.2013 Tour Stages:StockholmRio de JaneiroSão PauloLos AngelesTokyoMaputoBarcelona
  13. 13. media hakaProducts and services Education and Training Company Overview- elearning- learning objects- edutainment- educational performances- blended formats- ebooks- videotrainings- mobile appsKey Products:- Digital Kamate: social media training.- CLC (Complex Learning Context):digital extension of a traditional course. Manga rapresentation of Deriva Cat and- NIC (Natural Interface Conference): Ippocrate Pop: two CMC3D educational media performance made with (cross-media characters) used by Media Haka formotion capture technology. educational formats
  14. 14. media hakaPartners and Customers Company OverviewConsortium LICIT (Living City): City Administration of Nova Key Partners: CRS4 (Center for AdvancedGARR (The Italian Accademic & Gorica Barcelonactiva (Development Studies, Cagliari)Research Network) City Administration of Embres Agency of the City Council of Think! Foundation (InnovationPostdam Institute for Climate et Castelmaure Barcelona) Knowledge Foundation)Impact Research ISIA Design Florence Creamedia (Public start-up Sardegna 2.0 (SardinianAccademia della Crusca FakePress (Creative Company) program from the media and Business Network)(Institute on the Italian creative sectors in Barcelona) Urban Experience (Territorial Public Art Lab (Research Lablanguage) Berlin) Tecnopolis (Tech Park, Bari Italy) Innovation Network)University of Nova Gorica Fraunhofer FOKUS Institute for Sardegna Ricerche (Tech Park,University of Edimburg Cagliari) Open Communication SystemsSenate Department for Urban BerlinDevelopment, City of BerlinCity of Florence, counselor toInnovation
  15. 15. media hakaMilestones Company Overview2012 Tech Demo Day - in the 100 best tech startup of Barcelona area. 24 April Barcelona [Spain]2011 Global Forum - Digital communities dynamization in the innovation ecosystem. 7-8 November Brussels [Belgium]2011 Systemica Complexitiy European Symposium - Remip: eHealt smart network building. 20-21 October, Brussels [Belgium]2011 SMAU - in the top 100 smart enterprises of the italian start-up scene. 19-21 October Milan [Italy]2011 SonarPro - SoMeS “Social Media Sculpture” . 16 June Barcelona [Spain]2011 20th EBN - the DigiBic Award winners - Category “Creative Marketing, breaking the rules fast” 15-17 June, Toulon [France] .2010 Creamedia Barcelonactiva - program for creative industries. 16 November, Barcelona [Spain]2010 Foundation, 10 august. Barcelona [Spain]
  16. 16. media haka Team Company Overview Fabrizio Palasciano media performer, co-founder and CEOnd CEO Monica Mureddu history passionate, co-founder and managing director Fabrizio Zippoand managing director code passionate. IT director Paola Micalizzi cross-media maker Ira Vovos philosopher and researchereraction design
  17. 17. Media HakaC/ Balmes 167, 3°2°08008 Barcelona (Esp)+34