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Assignment 47 (final draft)


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assignment 47

Published in: Education
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Assignment 47 (final draft)

  1. 1. Assignment 47- Costumes and Props (FINAL DRAFT)
  2. 2. Costume The twin cannibals will wear a ripped white t-shirt that is covered in blood and mud to emphasize how long they have been in the forest and how many victims they have killed. This embraces the stereotype of cannibals and killers as there’s lots of blood and dirt The main fisherman will wear boots with trousers and a Gillette to match what a typical fisherman would wear.
  3. 3. Props The fake hand will be used for when the fisherman finds it in the river and it could also be used for the missing hand of his friend. This will add to the story and make it seem more scary. It will be purchased from amazon. The fisherman will also be carrying the fishing chair, net and rod at the start when he arrives to the river.