(20)13 Things to Think About


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On Human Technology, Internet Culture
and Communication: 13 things for 2013.

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(20)13 Things to Think About

  1. 1. 2013 THINGSTO THINK ABOUTOn Human Technology, Internet Cultureand Communicationby @inahill @MediaFront for #breakfastforward
  2. 2. 2013 THINGSTO THINK ABOUTOn Human Technology, Internet Cultureand Communicationby @inahill @MediaFront for #breakfastforward
  3. 3. Forecasts are successfulif they make you just a littlebit more confident in yourgrasp of culture@kholetrends
  4. 4. 1. Reputation is branding2. The 10 second rule3. Head VS. Heart4. Hazy shopping VS. Thoughtful purchasing5. The Kids of the Tumblr-generation6. Internet (popular) culture7. Hashtags, meme’s and GIF’s8. Communities find themselves9. The Cultural Calendar10. Be relatable11. Humanity doesnt change, but our technologies do12. Human technology13. The job starts when you go live!#googletrends#McDStories#love#sharingeconomy#keyboardcat#meme#hashtag#firstworldproblems#thehashtagkiller#matfördagen#jonathanharris#cowbird#stæmning
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  6. 6. I would start by trying to distinguishthe different dimensions of brand,because there aren’t an infinite numberof them. Reputation, for example,is a large component of brand.Malcolm Gladwell
  7. 7. Two-thirds of the conversationabout any brand in existencetoday is generated from outsidethe company that creates andmarkets that brand.Carla Hendra
  8. 8. #googletrends
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  10. 10. This world is instantaneous andubiquitous, and as a result,brand strategy and experiencemust be considered every ten seconds,not every ten years.Carla Hendra
  11. 11. #McDStories
  12. 12. Humanity doesnt change,but our technologies do.Jesse Darling
  13. 13. The content is the medium,the platform is not.Douglas Rushkoff, Present Shock
  14. 14. #love
  15. 15. 143,817,139photos tagged#love on Instagram
  16. 16. Our heads cultivate reason.Our hearts cultivate intuition.Our heads seek opportunity.Our hearts seek purpose.Our heads maximize utility.Our hearts give gifts.Our heads think of self.Our hearts feel connection.
  17. 17. Today, our technologies reflect reasonand utility and opportunity and self.But this may be an artifact of our time.We could equally imagine buildingtechnologies that reflect intuition andpurpose and gift and connection.Sep Kamvar and Jonathan Harris, Essays about Humans & Technology
  18. 18. Our material choices as consumersare no longer trivial. In a sense,everything we do [buy] casts a votefor a certain kind of world.Malcolm Gladwell
  19. 19. Brands must act as healers,not dealers.Jonathan Harris, Healers & Dealers
  20. 20. Consumers don’t do hazyshopping anymore, they dothoughtful purchasing.K-Hole #1: Fragmoretation report (download)
  21. 21. "Advertising has us chasingcars and clothes, workingat jobs we hate so we canbuy shit we dont need."Rachel Botsman
  22. 22. #sharingeconomy
  23. 23. xxx
  24. 24. The kids of the Tumblr-generationare nostalgic cyber-scenesters.They have migrated from MSNand MySpace to Tumblr,spawning a new subculture thatcrosses over from digital intoreality.
  25. 25. #keyboardcat
  26. 26. The cat is currentlythe most popular petin the world,and on the internet.Memes with meaning:why we create and sharecat videos and why it mattersto people and brands.Abigail Posner (read article)
  27. 27. We didnt encounter the Internet and thendecide we liked to share. Somehow,technological advances tapped into ourpre-existing need to express ourselves.Frank Rose, The Selfish Meme in The Atlantic
  28. 28. Thereasonwekeeprefreshingthewaysomany things look is because of ourceaseless race to leverage the feelings ofsafety and nostalgia this old thing imparts,while simultaneously injecting a sense ofnewness to seduce us into reengaging inthe experience.Seth Godin
  29. 29. ...thosescreaminggoatvideosaren’tjust amindless distraction;theyreflecta real human need to elevate theeveryday, make connections, andexchange energy.Abigail Posner, Google
  30. 30. #firstworldproblems
  31. 31. #history
  32. 32. What can a hashtag do for you?– add meaning– create findability– create connections– brand content– create engagement– see tracking and anlytics
  33. 33. Hashtagsallowscommunitiesto findthemselves.
  34. 34. TwitterGoogle+FlickrInstagramKickestarterPinterestYouTubeTumblrFacebookAftenposten, Kommentator Cecilie Asker
  35. 35. An element of a culture or behavior that may be passedfrom one individual to another by nongenetic means,esp. imitation.An image, video, etc. that is passed electronically fromone Internet user to another.Hashtags that become memes are far more likely to goviral.They are catchy, memorable and humorous, like a great tag line or slogan. Years later, you stillremember a meme, like a punchline to a great joke that you’ve forgotten.  Even if they seemto wander a bit off topic the very fact that they spread like quickfire is enough to make brandsand individuals take note. Memes strike a chord.What is a memeand how do they work?
  36. 36. Hashtags must possesscultural relevance to connectat an intellectual or emotionallevel before they can triggeractions, reactions, or transactions.Brian Solis
  37. 37. #thehashtagkiller
  38. 38. Hashtags arentto be branded,they are tobe relatable.Brian Solis
  39. 39. #matfördagen
  40. 40. #jonathanharris
  41. 41. Reimagine how we relate to our machines and to eachother by using computer science, statistics, storytellingand visual art as tools. Believe in technology, but makeit more human. Believe that the internet is becoming aplanetary meta-organism, and that it is up to you toguide it’s evolution, and to shape it into a space weactually want to inhabit – one that can understand andhonor both the individual human and the humancollective, just like real life does.Jonathan Harris
  42. 42. #cowbird
  43. 43. Our job doesn’t endwhen the work goes live;that’s when it begins.David Orlic, Volontaire
  44. 44. Start now, tap into the possibilites!#breakfastforwardThank you!@inahill @MediaFront
  45. 45. Further reading?The Dark side of user experience: Dark Patterns + ArticleDazed Digital #hackyourfutureK-Hole trend reportsMemes that made into adsThe useless webHashtag trendsThe new normal, The Gen C youtube-generationPlease explore other articles and links from each slide, and if I missed any reference tweet me @inahill.