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MediaEval 2012 Opening


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Published in: Technology
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MediaEval 2012 Opening

  1. 1. ediaEval 2012Mul$media  Benchmark  Workshop   Sante  Croce  in  Fossabanda   Pisa,  Italy   4  October  2012  
  2. 2. Overview•  What  is  (who  are)  MediaEval?  •  Where  are  we  now  in  year  five?  •  What  to  expect  today?  
  3. 3. The MediaEval Benchmark…•  …evaluates  new  algorithms  for  mul$media   access  and  retrieval.    •  …emphasizes  the  "mul$"  in  mul$media:   speech,  audio,  visual  content,  tags,  users,   context.    •  …innovates  new  tasks  and  techniques  focusing   on  the  human  and  social  aspects  of   mul$media  content.  
  4. 4. MediaEval Tasks 2012•  Placing  Task  (6)  •  Social  event  detec$on  Task  (5)  •  Affect  Task:  Violent  Scenes  Detec$on  Task  (8)  •  Spoken  Web  Search  Task  (9)  •  Visual  Privacy  Task  (3)  •  Tagging  Task  (5)  Number  of  teams  crossing  the  finish  line  this  year  is  in  parentheses.  
  5. 5. Working Notes Papers60  50  40  30  20   2011  10   2010   0   2010   2011   2012   Black:  Par$cipant  papers;  Grey:  Task  overview  papers  
  6. 6. MediaEval Organizers 2012  
  7. 7. Workshop Organizing Committee•  Proceedings  Chairs:  Sebas$an  Schmiedeke  and  Pascal   Kelm,  Technische  Universität  Berlin,  Germany    •  Prac00oners  Chair:  Xavier  Anguera,  Telefonica,  Spain    •  Awards  Chair:  Mohammad  Soleymani,  Imperial  College   London,  UK  •  Mul0media  Chair:  Florian  Metze,  CMU,  USA  (Supported  by   Babak  Loni,  TU  Dele)    •  Logis0cs  Chair:  Saskia  Peters,  TU  Dele,  Netherlands  •  Local  Organiza0on  support:  Alessio  Bazzica,  Università   degli  Studi  di  Firenze)  •  General  Chair  and  contact  person:  Martha  Larson  (TU   Dele,  Netherlands)  
  8. 8. MediaEval History  •  MediaEval  was  founded  as  VideoCLEF  in  2008.  •  Ran  in  2008  and  2009  at  the  Cross  Language  Evalua$on   Forum  (CLEF)  and  became  MediaEval  in  2010.  •  Ran  in  2010  and  2011  as  an  independent  benchmark   under  the  sponsorship  of  the  PetaMedia  Network  of   Excellence.  •  In  2012,  ran  as  a  completely  “boiom-­‐up  benchmark”  with   no  parent  project.  
  9. 9. Where are we now in year five?  •  Wider  MedialEval  community  has  grown:  148   people  took  $me  to  fill  in  the  2012  survey.  •  From,  2008-­‐1012  we  have  generated  100   papers  (VideoCLEF  +  MediaEval  Working  Notes   Proceedings  plus  other  workshop,  conference   and  journal  papers  that  use  MediaEval  data).  •  We  now  have  a  new  “Brave  New  Task”  track  to   incubate  promising  tasks  and  allow  them  to   mature  to  full  tasks.  
  10. 10. Where are we now in year five?  •  Wider  MedialEval  community  has  grown:  148   people  took  $me  to  fill  in  the  2012  survey.  •  From,  2008-­‐1012  we  have  generated  100   papers  (VideoCLEF  +  MediaEval  Working  Notes   Proceedings  plus  other  workshop,  conference   and  journal  papers  that  use  MediaEval  data).  •  We  now  have  a  new  “Brave  New  Task”  track  to   incubate  promising  tasks  and  allow  them  to   mature  to  full  tasks.  
  11. 11. Brave New Tasks•  User  Account  Matching  (1)  •  Search  and  Hyperlinking  (6)  •  Musiclef:  Mul$modal  Music  Tagging  (1)  Brave  New  Tasks  is  an  “incuba$ng”  track  that  serves  to  breed  new  tasks.   Flickr  Mads  Boe  
  12. 12. Familiar from past years•  Wireless  internet  not  reliable  •  We  are  recording  audio  (Florian).  •  Consent  forms  for  recorded  audio  (Babak):   Please  sign  and  return  your  form  •  T-­‐Shirts:  Nearly  random  •  The  restroom  is  across  the  courtyard.  
  13. 13. Familiar from last year•  Short  (10  minute)  presenta$ons:     –  Please  respect  the  bell.   –  Please  load  your  presenta$on  in  the  break  right   before  your  session.   –  The  Pillory:  What  happens  if  you  run  over  your   $me  slot  •  The  caterer  expects  us  to  keep  on  schedule.  
  14. 14. Multimedia@MediaEval 2012  •  We  not  only  analyze  mul$media  we  create  it.  •  Please  take  photos:  Babak  Loni  will  collect   them  on  the  final  day  and  upload  them  to  the   Mediaeval  Flickr  account.  
  15. 15. More multimedia 2012  •  John  N.A.  Brown  is  our  filmmaker  this  year.  •  To  join  us  he  takes  a  break  from  his  ‘other  life’  working  to   finishing  his  PhD  in  Erasmus  Mundus  Joint  Doctoral   Programme  in  Interac$ve  and  Cogni$ve  Environments.  •  He  may  ask  you  to  say  a  few   words  about  MediaEval  in  front   of  the  camera.  
  16. 16. Keynote Speakers•  Invited  Talk  by  Jana  Eggink,  BBC  Research  and   Development,  UK  •  Invited  Talk  by  Nicola  Ferro,  University  of  Padova,   Italy  (PROMISE  Co-­‐ordinator)  •  MediaEval  Code  of  Conduct,  Invited  Talk,  by   Adam  Rae,  Yahoo!  Research,  Spain  •  The  Virtual  Kitchen  for  benchmarking:  Invited   Talk,  Florian  Metze,  CMU,  USA  •  Special  appearance  by  Carol  Peters,  ISTI-­‐CNR,   Italy  (Co-­‐ordinator  emeritus  of  the  CLEF  Cross-­‐ Language  EvaluaCon  Forum)  
  17. 17. Looking back; looking forward•  Collec$ng  ideas  for  MediaEval  2013     Please  fill  out  and  return  the  form  to  Gareth  •  Pitch  ideas  for  new  tasks  for  next  year  at   Lightening  session  (3  min.)   –  Many  current  tasks   –  The  2012  BNTs   –  Bogdan,  Jana,  Alberto,     Chritoph     Flickr  Echoes89    
  18. 18. Poster Session: Today 18:30•  Crowdsourcing  Social  Fashion  Images:  a  Pilot  Study   –  Authors:  Maria  Menendez,  Babak  Loni,  Martha  Larson  et  al.  from  the   CUbRIK  project   –  Ins$tutes:  University  of  Trento,  TU  Dele,  Politecnico  die  Milano  •  Enhanced  Seman0c  Similarity  using  Seman0c  Web  Technology   Authors:  Tom  De  Nies  et  al.   –  Affilia$ons:  Ghent  University  -­‐  IBBT  -­‐  Mul$media  Lab  and  KAIST  -­‐  IVY  Lab  •  Axes:  Access  to  Audio-­‐Visual  Archives   –  Authors:  Shu  Chen,  Robin  Aly,  Gareth  Jones,  Roeland  Ordelman   –  Affilia$ons:  Dublin  City  University  and  University  of  TRent  •  Distant-­‐speech  Interac0on  for  Robust  Home  Applica0ons   –  Authors:  Alberto  Abad  at  al.  from  the  Dirha  project   –  Affilia$ons:  INESC-­‐ID      
  19. 19. Group Photo: Before lunch Friday
  20. 20. Santa Croce in FossabandaCiao!   Flickr  Marius  B