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Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. ediaEval 2012Mul$media  Benchmark  Workshop   Sante  Croce  in  Fossabanda   Pisa,  Italy   5  October  2012  
  2. 2. Less is more•  5  runs  •  2  pages  •  10  minutes   The  “less  is  more”   philosophy  forces  us  to   choose  what  is  most   important  and  focus  on   the  essen$als.    
  3. 3. As Ye Go Forth from this Place•  MediaEval  is  a  group  of  people  with  ideas,  and   the  dedica$on  to  make  them  work.  •  Together,  we  focus  our  efforts  on  tasks:   –  compete     –  collaborate     –  advance  the  state  of  the  art.  •  We  push  forward  the  fron$er  of  mul$media,   with  focus  on  how  people  produce  and  use   mul$media  in  their  daily  lives.  
  4. 4. MediaEval 2013•  In  January,  please  respond  to  the  survey  •  Mid-­‐February  the  2013  tasks  are  announced  •  May-­‐June  release  of  data  •  Mid-­‐September  turn  in  runs  •  October:  Workshop  
  5. 5. Thank you.Flickr  Marius  B