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Jacob paris Serious Games


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Published in: Education
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Jacob paris Serious Games

  1. 1. Serious Business
  2. 2. Rafael Fejardo ~Crosser~
  3. 3. 9/11 Survivor
  4. 4. Luc Bernard Imagination is the only Escape
  5. 5. FACEPALM
  6. 6. “Getting over that barrier (of being viewed as a children’s pastime) is the hardest part about being heard by people”
  7. 7. “The interactivity of a video game certainly has an effect on the message— perhaps even more so, it is a significant method of delivery for that message. To passively watch a film about school shootings, for example, allows the viewer a kind of calculated, voyeuristic distance from the acts of violence. To play a game about school shootings, however, thrusts the player into a posi- tion of moral accountability and authorial control. The effect is as different as watching a drag race from the sidewalk and drag racing.”
  8. 8. I have a hat now “This is really more a question of what gamers want from their gaming experiences. If gamers decide that they want more than escapist entertainment from their consoles, it is possible that the demand will increase; commercial games may someday of- fer the equivalent of a Michael Moore documentary as well as the standard array of what amount to Mi- chael Bay flicks.”
  9. 9. The End Still by Jacob Paris.