2012 olympics games wrap up


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Septembre 2011 - Ce qu'il faut retenir des prises de parole des marques à l'occasion des Jeux Olympiques.

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2012 olympics games wrap up

  1. 1. 1WHAT HAPPENEDDURING THEGAMES?Moments after his historic win in the men’s 200m, Bolt snatched a Nikon D4 from pro snapper Jimmy Wixtrom.
  2. 2. 22What’s this document ? This document aims at highlighting some of the finest initiatives taken during the 2012 Olympic craze. Carefully selected by the MediaCom insight team, the following examples won’t catalogue everything but curate only the best cases in order to take out a clear understanding of this marketing climax and inspire our everyday idea storm. NB : click the image to access content.
  3. 3. 33What’s the story told here? In order to provide you with the clearest wrap-up possible, we decided to write this synthesis following a chronology. The metaphor used here is the party. Olympics were a party, brands were attendees. As in every social gathering, some brands sent invitations, some were invited, some crashed in. Here is a quick timeline of the event.
  4. 4. 44The Olympics timeline After the Before the party During the party party
  5. 5. 55Key takeout As shown in the coming slides :  An event as the Games isn’t a single blitz but the acme of a running comms strategies.  You don’t have to be a leader to splash out  Creativity often comes from constraints : the most delightful initiatives hijacked LOCOG rules
  6. 6. 6BEFORE THE PARTYPeople taking pictures and live streaming with their mobile phones the great Olympics Torch Relay.
  7. 7. Before the party 77 Every party has rules  From the announcement of LOGOC (London Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games) rules, brands guidelines were crystal clear : legal restrictions are drastic and official sponsors will benefit from special privileges. Ambush marketers will be severely punished.  In fact, each sponsor has special following its statuts : worldwide partner, official partner, official supporter or official supplier and provider.  Since official sponsors helped the Games leveraging £2Bn, they asked for counterparts :  “No, you probably would not be walking in with a Pepsi T-shirt because Coca-Cola are our sponsors“ said Lord Coe - LOCOG CEO – as a good avatar of the sponsoring vision of this Games.
  8. 8. Before the party 88 The official kick-off  From the engagement of official sponsors a couple of years ago, brands quickly endorsed the Olympics movement.  Procter, Visa, Samsung or Coke kicked-off their campaigns months before the blazing of the Olympics flame. P&G Visa Samsung Coke
  9. 9. Before the party 99 The unofficial brand kick-off (1/2)  Several brands anticipated LOCOG restrictions by sponsoring athletes or national teams.  Among thousands of other cases :  Nissan started a partnership with Usain Bolt in June,  Allianz sponsored the French Team,  Puma extended its Jamaican support (notably by launching a pop up apparel collection in London)  Wet-Bix came along with the Kiwi team. Nissan x Usain Allianz Puma pop-up collection Wet-box x NZ team
  10. 10. Before the party 10 10 The unofficial brand kick-off (2/2)  In France, among a lot of not-so-interesting content, we managed to spot a nice low latency print/interactive OOH campaign by Eurostar displaying messages related to daily competitions. A print visual Digital billboards
  11. 11. 11DURING THE GAMESA swimming amateur recording a race with his iPad.
  12. 12. During the party 12 12Every ceremony starts with an opening  Before we tell you how the party went, this document couldn’t forget to mention the main brand promoted during the Games : Great Britain.  Both the opening and the closing ceremonies were a great tribute to Brit features : the industrial revolution, the culture, the innovation… and the sense of humor of course.  Here is a sneak peak at one of the greatest moment of the Dany Boyle’s OC :
  13. 13. During the party 13 13How official sponsors behaved (1/2)  Among a bunch of conventional copies (hosting a party doesn’t prevent you from being shy), some brands grabbed our attention :  Adidas customized 41 pairs of shoes (as the number of Olympics/Paralympics days of Games).  EDF created the worlds “first social media driven lightshow” : the London Eye lit up following the positive/negative nature of status posted during the day.  Coke created a web TV featuring athletes interviews, live performances at the Beat Bus (a mobile pop-up studio) and user generated tracks by the Beatmaker, a digital tool where people mixed musical track with the help of Mark Ronson samples.Adidas EDF Coke
  14. 14. During the party 14 14How official sponsors behaved (2/2)  We also noticed smart product integrations from BMW Group :  One Mini appeared during the Opening Ceremony as an iconic symbol of UK,  One “Mini Mini” was dedicated to pick up javelins during the competition,  A Rolls-Royce featuring a special badge appeared during the closing Ceremony.  Our favorite P&G initiative came from Gillette which launched its new razor with a funny in-store activation (a bit sexist though).  McDonald’s built the biggest restaurant in the world.  Allianz sponsored french radio shows covering the event.RR The “Mini Mini” Gillette
  15. 15. During the party 15 15How attendees behaved  Without properly ambushing the Games, several attendees bypassed conventions and caught the light. Huggies did a funny viral video as well as Vitamin Water, Kalari (DVD renting service) or Old Spice.  We also loved this live prints from Getty, telling the brand capacity to sell hot baked photo shots. Huggies VW Old Spice Kalari Getty
  16. 16. During the party 16 16Here comes the ambushers…  A great party can’t avoid crashers, especially in the country of streakers (you know, those fools running naked on sport fields)…As expected, ideas blazed.  Booky Paddy Power told stories avoiding the forbidden words,  Wine merchant Oddbins offered 30£ coupons to people wearing non-sponsors goods (Nike trainers, Vauxhall car keys, RBS MasterCard…).  It goes without speaking of this brilliant Tourette charity fund billboard stunt. Paddy Oddbins Tourettes
  17. 17. During the party 17 17Ambusher old medal : Nike  Nike was the perfect example of a party crasher : great media pressure and amazing ideas raised the brand on the top.  The “Find Your Greatness” campaign talked to every sport amateurs, smartly insinuating official sponsors were elitists (as Windows did with its “I’m a PC” campaign when bullied by Apple).  Nike also offered a yellow pair of shoes “designed for TV”, a “style guide” to its team explaining them how to get the most of their outfits and announced race results though sponsored tweets. Find your greatness Find your greatness Style guide The fluo Nike Volt
  18. 18. During the party 18 18Ambusher silver medal : Beats  The second greatest ambusher was the trendy Beats by Dr Dre headphones.  Prior to the games, they sent flag colored products to athletes (then a golden one to US gold medalists).  The magic happened, athletes wearing Beats were hundreds…
  19. 19. During the party 19 19Ambusher silver medal : Beats  The Beats success summarized by Marketoonist Tom Fishburne :
  20. 20. During the party 20 20How people reacted ?  Talking about brands without alluding to people reactions would be vain.  As for every big event, millions of memes emerged :  The funny diving faces  Unimpressed Queen Elizabeth  McKayla Maroney is not impressed
  21. 21. 21AFTER THE GAMESCelebrities instagramming themselves during the closing ceremony (here is the Spice Girls and the rapper Tinie Tempah).
  22. 22. After the party 22 22After the games  As with every parties, host and guest are welcome to send a thank you note :  Gatorade and Usain Bolt congratulated themselves,  Channel 4 and Samsung announced Paralympics,  Visa hailed Phelps speed  Vuitton gathered Phelps and the former record women of Olympics medals : Larissa Latynina, 77. Visa x Phelps Gatorade x UsainChannel 4 Samsung Paralympics Vuitton x Phelps
  23. 23. 23FACTS AND FIGURESUsain bolts winning gold in the 100 meters.
  24. 24. 24 24TV overview in France Following GroupM media analysis, Olympics were an audience blast for France Televisions. During Olympics weeks, France 2 and France 3 observed respectively +6.7% and +5.8% in their SOV, at the expense of both national and DTT channels. Source : Médiamétrie (traitement MMW)
  25. 25. 25 25Men at their finest Audience splitting by age reveals a great increase among men (+11.1% on 15+ all channels included), especially compared to France 2/France 3 average audience : +13.7% on 15+. 1S 2012 - TTV 1S 2012 - Moy F2 F3 55,1 56 2012 Olympics audience profile % / Consolidated audience 27-07 au 12/08 - JO (F2/F3) 49,1 44 44,9 45,7 34,1 32,1 28,8 25,0 24,9 25,3 22,1 21,7 20 19,9 18,7 13,3 16,2 15,2 15,7 12 8,4 7,6 6,5 8,9 Hom 15+ Fem 15+ 4-14 15-24 25-34 35-49 50-59 60 + Hom 15-49 Mén 15-49 CSP+ CSP- Inactifs Source : Médiamétrie (traitement MMW)
  26. 26. 26 26Despite the audience burst,FTV lost money For a total cost of 55M€, Olympics earned 14,6M€ gross (see split below), an usual balance facing this kind of event. Gross channel budget - M€ Budget split Budget split Budget split 8,09 5,59 2,36 2,79 2,49 1,16 0,23 2,59 3,95 Ecrans classiques Parrainage Sponsoring Traditional screens Source : Kantar Media (Adexpress)
  27. 27. 27 27Top 10 advertisers in France Coca-Cola SOV outpaced by far other advertisers. The Soft drinks category took a 15% SOV, followed by Hygiene/Beauty and Food with each 10%. NB : 5 advertisers of 10 this top ten were not official sponsor. 2012 Olympics : Top 10 Advertisers (trad screens + sponsoring) Gross budget (K€) 1856 Total share in % 12,7% 5,3% 4,4% 4,1% 3,8% 3,4% 3,2% 3,1% 2,8% 2,0% 769 644 599 555 503 472 451 404 290 Source : Kantar Media (Adexpress)
  28. 28. 28 28A few worldwide social media figures To close this Olympics wrap-up, here’s a few social media figures, regarding that London 2012 were the first fully digital Olympics Games (every competition was live streamed) :  116M Olympics related messages were posted on Facebook  150M Olympics related tweets were sent (10M about the Opening Ceremony )  12M Brits watched the Olympics on their phone (1/4 of the total reach)  Olympics had a total 4,7M followers (Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Google+)  650,000 photos were uploaded to Instagram with #Olympics  Regarding official sponsors, 82% shared their Olympics campaigns on Youtube, 73% tweeted related content, 36% created a dedicated hashtag. All in all, 4,9 billion people watched at least one hour of the Games.
  29. 29. 29LINK INDEXIlluminated Tower Bridge during the Games
  30. 30. 30 30 Link index Procter and Gamble : http://youtu.be/2zsUFMsll_U  Slate comparator : http://youtu.be/NScs_qX2Okk  Huggies : http://goo.gl/hpXc3 Visa Usain Bolt : http://youtu.be/EybLkpmsxWs  NYT Race : http://youtu.be/JZcKY9dux6Q  Vitamin Water : http://goo.gl/NKuvg Samsung : http://youtu.be/4X- http://youtu.be/5Sn57svAIkg  Nike find your greatness RjxwVJiE  Kalahari : http://youtu.be/_hEzW1WRFT Coca-Cola : http://www.theinspiration.com/ g + http://youtu.be/WFPN8k4ysqk 2012/08/kalahari-com-gold- http://youtu.be/LsXRj89cWa0 Allianz : medal-movie-olympic-broke-  McKayla is not impressed : http://youtu.be/9x92MEUJxws back-by-jwt/ http://mckaylaisnotimpressed.t  Old Spice : umblr.com/ Nissan x Usain Bolt : http://youtu.be/dJ1liVef2MI http://youtu.be/mSsn6I1BMYg  Funny diving faces :  Visa Michael Phelps : http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/ Puma x Jamaica : diving-faces http://youtu.be/w9S3sXMsAjI http://youtu.be/p9PZV1e9jks  GE World of Records :  Unimpressed Queen Elizabeth Opening Ceremony : : http://goo.gl/Sf5WU https://vimeo.com/46687821 http://visualization.geblogs.co m/visualization/records/  Gatorade ; EDF x London Eye : http://youtu.be/DAzbSR0nP3g http://youtu.be/5LYwVs7qwZY  The Guardian 8-bit : http://www.guardian.co.uk/spo  Channel 4 : Adidas customization : rt/interactive/2012/jul/23/could- http://youtu.be/kKTamH__xuQ http://youtu.be/ndbxogSTVHg you-be-a-medallist  Samsung Paralympics : BMW « Mini Mini » :  BBC size comparison : http://youtu.be/y5whWXxGHU https://vimeo.com/47018996 http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk- A Gillette in-store : 19050139
  31. 31. 31Contact MediaCom - @MediacomFR Françoise Fassin – Head of Strategy + Insights francoise.fassin@mediacom.com D +33 1 73 00 22 20 Jean Allary – Strategic planner Jean.allary@mediacom.com D +33 1 73 00 21 87 Feel free to give a call or drop a word, we’d be delighted to give you a live presentation of this deck.